Investing In the Economy of God

Learning to Give BY Faith

Matthew 6:19-21

April 6, 2014 AM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.      Introduction


A.     We are learning all this year about Living by FAITH, and not by Sight. (GRAPHIC)


1.       That means doing everything we do, by FAITH, by trusting God, and trusting that HIS way is best! Instead of by how we FEEL, or whether everyone else is doing it or not!

2.      That includes the way that we handle our money – we are supposed to spend IT by faith as well!


B.     A few weeks ago, I taught you two things:


1.       About Giving by Sight  - it means the Tithe. Something we are supposed to do!


a.      You LOOK at what you earned, and you pay God back 10%

b.      That’s what a tithe is – it is the giving back to God 10% of what He has given us!

c.       Tithing Meets the Needs of this Church – we have bills to pay! None of this free!

d.      Tithing is an Obligation / Duty of every Christian. Not just of rich people, but all believers!

e.      Tithing Honours God (Proverbs 3:9)

f.        A Christian tithes because he or she loves God (John 14:15)! It is not just a “have to”


2.      Secondly, About Giving By Faith – it means Giving to Missions


a.      You give not because you HAVE the money, but because you just want to give!

b.      It Meets the Needs of Others.

c.       A JOY (Acts 20:35) / Opportunity

d.      Pleases God (2Cor 9:7)

e.      Because we love souls (Rom 10:1)


3.      I then asked you all Two Questions:


a.      “Are You Tithing?”


1)      God deserves the 10% that He asks for! And He deserves it FIRST, ahead of!!!

2)     We all accept that Tax Evaders are Law-Breakers – not paying their fair share

3)     It is the same with tithing – we all are supposed to tithe- whatever our income


b.      I then asked you “Are you Giving as well?” – they are different!


1)      Tithing is what we have to do according to what we earn

2)     Giving is what we want to do, according to our love!

3)     Giving meets the needs of others

4)     And we focused all last month on THE greatest need of people – the need to hear about Jesus Christ, and that anybody can get saved from the wrath to come (Rom 10:13)

5)     But “How are people going to hear and believe the good news about eternal life without preachers, missionaries, church planters telling them?

6)     And, How shall they preach, except they be SENT?

7)     People who cannot go somewhere far away, SEND someone who can!

8)     That’s where GIVING comes in


4.      I want to focus more of our attention on GIVING this morning!


II.   Background


A.     We will start with THE economy


1.       NOT the Irish economy, or the UK economy, or the EU economy – all are broke!

2.      But the economy of GOD!


B.     Earth’s Economy Stinks (Matthew 6:19)


1.       Moths eat everything we collect

2.      Rust ruins everything we think is precious

3.      Thieves break in and steal what is valuable to us

4.      And the more “global” our economies get, the bigger the failures, and the more they all move toward control by the antichrist as predicted in the Bible in revelation 13!

5.      The amount of debt people are in is incomprehensible


a.      Ireland spends 117% of all the income in a year – we all go 17% more in debt every year than we all take in

b.      Italy is spending 127% of their GDP  - they are seriously in debt

c.       Iceland is 97% of their GDP in debt

d.      Greece spends 157% - that means they still are spending 57% more than they are earning in a year!


6.      Poverty is not going away


C.     Heaven’s Economy is in Great Shape (Matthew 6:20)! You see, In the Economy of God:


1.       The buildings are made of Gold. (Rev. 21:18)

2.      The city gates are made of a single Pearl.(Rev. 21:21)

3.      The earth is the Lord’s and all it contains. (Psalm 24:1)

4.      Water turns into wine. (John 4)

5.      5 loaves and 2 fish feed 5000 people. (Mark 6)

6.      There are no moths that eat away at everything we have

7.      Things don’t rust there

8.      Thieves cannot break in and steal

9.      God can take care of absolutely every last man, woman and child on this planet (Philp 4:19)

10.   “One thing is for sure: God is NOT running out of money”


D.     The Question: How Does someone Tap into Such a Limitless Resource?

E.     You have to Invest in it! Instead of just spending your money here!


III.  Message


A.    The Truth About Money


1.       Everyone needs money


a.      Even Jesus did! Had to get Peter to go fishing to catch a fish with a coin in its mouth to pay their taxes

b.      You can’t live without money


2.      You must work to get it (Prov 10:4)


a.      It usually doesn’t just fall out of the sky

b.      God commands that everyone is supposed to WORK to get it – by sweat of your brow

c.       It is a shame that the past few generations of people have decided that money is provided by the government, and not by hard work!

d.      The truth is, You cannot give something away unless you have earned it first  (Act 20:35; Eph 4:28) – that is, unless you’re are a government minister, who is always only giving away OTHER people’s money!


3.      Money doesn’t last long here (Prov 27:24; 23:5)


a.      It gets passed on to others (Psalm 39:6; Eccl 2:18,19)

b.      The more you have, the faster it disappears (Eccl 5:11)


4.      Riches usually are trouble


a.      They overburden you so that you can’t sleep (Eccl 5:12)

b.      Money can give you false confidence (Prov 18:11)

c.       It can keep you from getting born again (Luke 18:24)


B.    The Best Thing to Do With Our Money is – INVEST IT


1.       People do it all the time


a.      Remember Eircom?

b.      Remember all the money invested in Irish Banks?


1)      At one time in 2006, they were selling at over €40 euros each

2)     Now Bank of Ireland shares are selling at €0.32 each!!!


2.      Investing means:


a.      To lay out money with the view of obtaining an income or profit

b.      Bible word is Sowing, Planting

c.       Best word is Laying it Up, storing it up somewhere where it won’t disappear – and that does not mean in your mattress!


C.    Giving Starts with tithing – 10 percent of our income


1.       10% of what you made this week


a.      €200, means €20 tithe

b.      €85, means €8.50 tithe

c.       €1,200 means €120 tithe

d.      It is not that hard!


2.      It is only then that we can actually start investing


a.      It is like paying your bills first

b.      Before you start saving some money away

c.       It is NOT right to save your money and NOT pay your electricity bill, or your house mortgage!

d.      Same is true with our tithe


3.      Four Reasons why people do not pay their tithe:


a.      People do not know about tithing… ignorant

b.      People forget to tithe… lazy

c.       People are afraid to not have all their money under their control...

d.      People are greedy...  “the ________ of money is the ________ of ALL evil.” (1 Tim 6:10)


D.   Then, We Can Give!


1.       Give to people’s needs

2.      We can Give out of love

3.      And we can give for souls to get saved!


E.    So, How do you transfer money into God’s Economy? How do you GIVE by Faith?


1.       Give first, and it shall be given unto you (Luke 6:38)


a.      Don’t wait until you have a load of money before you start giving

b.      Just start giving money, your time, and your love away


2.      Give Your Money Away


a.      Give money away to people that will never be able to pay you back (Luke 14:12-14) – that transfers that amount into heaven’s economy – and God makes sure the return is astronomical!

b.      Just give it away! (Proverbs 13:7; Matthew 19:21)

c.       Some of you are SOOOO stingy with your money


1)      It shows in your inability to forgive – the worst giver in this room is the bitter person who has lost the ability to forgive!!!

2)     It shows in your inability to be kind to people you don’t think deserve it – always judgmental!

3)     It shows in all the gadgets and things you collect around yourself! Selfish, self-centred

4)     So, you already have your rewards (Matthew 6:1,2), and it is gone!

5)     But “I” want a return on my money that lasts forever!


d.      Christ didn’t teach you that! Jesus gave everything He had away (2Cor 8:9)


1)      Born poor (Luke 2:7)

2)     Nowhere to lay His head (Luke 9:58)

3)     Even gave His life up (Mt 20:28)


3.      Most of all, Give for souls to get saved, and for nations to be changed for good!


a.      Not just feed the poor, but save the poor from the down ward cycle of sin

b.      Give so that men and women, real people can afford to go to the uttermost parts of this world, and tell someone how to be born again (GRAPHIC)

c.       Missionaries, church planters, soul-winners

d.      THAT is investing your money in a SURE investment!


IV. Are You Ready to GIVE?


A.     By Faith – trusting that God will give you money to give away!

B.     As a Promise – to God that you are going to be a GIVER and not a taker anymore

C.     For Souls - To Missions and Missionaries, no matter where they are!


V.    Conclusion – Do Something Right Now


A.    Receive THE Gift of God (Romans 6:23)


1.       Jesus did what you NEVER could do!

2.      Let Him save you from your sin!

3.      What shall you give in exchange for your soul?

4.      I need you to come and meet with me and I will get someone to pray with you and answer all your questions, so that YOU can pray and receive the forgiveness of all your sins, and become born again yourself!


B.    Get right with your Saviour – right now!


1.       Admit you have a hard, unforgiving, UN-giving heart

2.      Ask God to forgive you for holding onto such a attitude

3.      Ask God to make you into a GIVER – a glad giver!


C.    Fill in your commitment card, right now please!

D.   Come back tonight – we are going to learn about CHARITY!