The Battle for a Soul – Part 1

How to Fight the Good Fight

2Timothy 2

Pastor Craig Ledbetter                                          

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland

15 Mar, 2009  PM


I.       Introduction (1Timothy 6:12)


A.     We all know how to fight

B.     We spend almost ALL out times IN fights

C.     But we rarely pick up our spiritual weaponry, given to us by God, and fight the GOOD fight – the fight for souls!

D.     The New Testament type of Christianity is not primarily done in a church house, in formal church meetings, conducted by preachers. The truth is that in New Testament times there were no church houses (not a single one mentioned in the New Testament). The public meetings were informal and focused the main work of carrying the Gospel all over town, and, all over the world, speaking to individuals.

E.      THE WINNING of individuals by individuals in personal conversation is the main way to win souls.

F.      I’m glad for Gospel leaflets

G.     I’m glad for Internet Websites that present the Gospel

H.     I’m glad for Churches that still preach the clear Gospel of Jesus Christ

I.        But soul-winning, is one on one, person to person, heart to heart!

J.       He that WINNETH souls is wise! (Prov 11:30)

K.     We are actually Reconciling sinful man to an all holy God (2Cor 5:18-20)


II.    Message


A.     It’s a Battle We All Are In (2Timothy 3:12)


1.      It is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE – just as real as flesh and bones, bombs and guns

2.      You see, EVERY one of us Changed Sides when we got saved


a.       From darkness, to light

b.      From the family of the devil, to the family of God

c.       We are traitors, and our enemy is furious!


3.      This is no Joke – this is WAR (Matt 24:9)

4.      If you even attempt to live godly, you will suffer PERSECUTION

5.      What is a godly life? Clean, honest, fervent, evangelistic – not hypocritical or selfish

6.      If you try to live like Jesus, you will pay!

7.      That’s why you find it hard to stay faithful, to live Godly, to witness - because our enemy won’t let it be easy!


B.     It’s a Battle for Souls (Acts 26:18)


1.      This is not a battle for OUR freedom – we already have been made free


a.       We are already accepted in the beloved according to Eph 1

b.      We already sit in heavenly places


2.      This is a battle for the freedom of others – like WWI and WWII

3.      Let’s make it clear:


a.       No one is free who lives independent of God – Adam and Eve proved that

b.      No one is clear simply because they think they are good living, and have no real problems right now (Luke 12:16-20)

c.       There is no negotiating with God – He wins, hands down


4.      What is the soul?


a.       It is the part of you that is eternal (Mt 10:28)

b.      It is the real you that thinks, and feels, and aches, and loves, and wishes, and dreams

c.       Jesus did not to save your body – it has to die

d.      Jesus did not die to save your spirit – it is only on loan to you (Eccl 12:1,7)

e.       But Jesus died to save your soul – that is the part of you that was made in the image of God (Mk 8:36,37)


5.      Christians must start seeing all people as SOULS (Acts 27:37) that need to be saved

6.      You say, That’s fanatical. You say, That’s too much burden!


a.       Not if this Bible is true!

b.      Not if hell is real!

c.       Not if Jesus truly died, and was buried and rose again to save this world

d.      Not if Jesus commanded us to go and preach and turn our generation back to God

e.       Not if Jesus thought YOU were worth all the effort! Why would you think you can devalue someone else’s soul?


7.      Paul thought ONE soul was worth being whipped and thrown into a prison unfairly (Acts 16:23-31)

8.      Jesus thought ONE soul (on the cross next to Him) was worth dying on the cross!


C.     It’s a Battle That Costs (2Timothy 1, 2)


1.      Troubles (1:8; 2:9) – like we said, we are going against the god of this world, and he will throw everything against us that he can

2.      Training (2:15) – learn this Book!


a.       What a sin to be ignorant of this Book


1)      Ignorant of Genesis

2)      Ignorant of the holiness of God in Leviticus

3)      Ignorant of the miracles and wonders of God’s power in Exodus

4)      Ignorant of the lessons from the trials of Job

5)      Ignorant of the worship of David in the Psalms

6)      Ignorant of the simplicity of the Gospel

7)      Ignorant of the simplicity of the New Testament Church

8)      Ignorant of the power of prayer, and preaching, and witnessing


b.      It’s a shame for Christians to be more up on sports than the Scriptures

c.       It’s a shame when Christians don’t know what is right or wrong

d.      God help us all to be a people of the Book

e.       Every church meeting, is a Bible coaching session

f.       Every discipleship class is an intense training session

g.       Every ladies’ fellowship is a Christian training session

h.      Every time of prayer with your children is a training session

i.        Every page in your Bible is an instruction manual on how to live and react in this present evil world

j.        Get you extra books to read on soul-winning, on witnessing, on winning souls!


3.      Turning Away (2:16-23) – There are several things to turn away from


a.       From Profane and vain babblings – TV, the modern radio

b.      From false teachers, priests, religions – they are everywhere


d.      From things that are dishonourable – maybe not sinful, but not clean and honourable, and Christ honouring (2:20,21)

e.       From youthful lusts – like girlfriends, and boyfriends, from having fast cars, and loads of money

f.       From foolish questions – like “where did Cain get his wife?” and “Who created God?” – that is the mainstay of most publishing today


1)      The god Delusion

2)      Evolutionary “science”

3)      Psychological self-help books that tear down God and replace Him and the Bible with relativity and amorality


4.      Timidity (2:24) – as a SERVANT


a.       Not striving, or arguing

b.      This is not might makes right

c.       You must be careful you are not trying to win an argument, but a soul

d.      Do people see you as pushy, forceful, overpowering

e.       A servant feeds hungry people

f.       YOUR JOB is to get people hungry!


5.      Time (2:25) – patience


a.       Don’t be pushy to get responses and decisions

b.      Don’t write off people when they don’t respond like you think they should

c.       Don’t get a head of GOD


6.      Teaching (2:25)


a.       Instruct people – teach them about WHY they drink, and WHY they are so bitter, and WHY they hate, and WHY they run from God

b.      That’s what God was doing in the garden when he went after Adam and Eve who were hiding – he was trying to teach them they had listened to the wrong advice

c.       Teach folks. Most people just do not know


1)      The Gospel

2)      The truth about heaven or hell

3)      That God is there

4)      That all religions are not the same


7.      Tears (2:25,26)


a.       Care about folks

b.      People go to third world countries all the time to help hurting people – they care

c.       Can we not look at the same multitudes that Christ sees and cry?

d.      Can we quit fighting ourselves, and fighting our kids, and start caring for our world?


D.     It’s a Battle With Powerful Weapons (2Cor 10:3-5)


1.      Prayer

2.      The Truth

3.      Scriptures

4.      Testimony


E.      It’s a Battle That Wins (Rev 5:9-12; Acts 2:41; 4:4, etc)


1.      By believing it works – doesn’t work too well if you don’t expect it to work. So many Christians are SURPRISED that people get saved!

2.      By the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). Yield, and Go, and Speak-Up because the Holy Spirit WILL work

3.      By faithfulness – steadfastness


a.       No farmer just puts ‘1’ seed into the ground

b.      He puts all he has into a field

c.       Some seeds fall on stony ground, on thorny ground, but some on GOOD ground that produces much fruit!