The Spiritual Gift of a Teacher to the Church

God’s Spiritual Gifts to Believers at the Beginning of the Church Age

Ephesians 4:8-11


I.         Introduction


A.      The RECOGNITION of spiritual gifts.


1.        Jesus gifted the believer with special abilities, to minister to other people

2.        But He also gifted the whole church with leaders to guide and protect the believers

3.        Three groups of Spiritual Gifts – there are lots of Spiritual Gifts – but it is important to see them in their proper groups!


a.        The Lord separated the gifts into three specific Scriptures: 1Corinthians, Romans, and Ephesians

b.       They each have a specific focus


Sign Gifts

Servant Gifts

Service Gifts

Miraculous Gifts

Men Gifts

Ministry Gifts

1 Corinthians
12:1-10, 28

Ephesians 4:8-11

Romans 12:3-8

Word of wisdom

Word of knowledge



Working of miracles


Discerning of spirits


Interpretation of tongues









All other people are of their own accord

Prophecy – Preaching

Ministry (helps)




Ruling (governing)



All done in Love…

For Reaching the Jews
(1Cor 1:22)

For the Church to do the Work of the Ministry

For All People to Reach All People


B.       Two groups of Servant Gifts


1.        Those that were available at the start of the Church Age


a.        Apostleship and Prophets

b.       Which have passed away

c.        As well as Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers


2.        Those still available today


a.        Evangelists – Church Starters (so needed)

b.       Pastors

c.        Teachers



C.       Tonight we will look at Teachers

D.      We will look at them more when we look at the Service Gifts


II.       Message


A.      Teaching and Teachers


1.        Teaching is part of normal people’s lives (Col 3:16; 2Tim 2:24)

2.        A Teacher is specifically gifted by God to edify the body of believers called the Church

3.        Everyone teaches by their lives about God in some way, but Teachers are called by God and enabled by God to teach sinners the Bible specifically


B.       Definition of what a Teacher is (1Cor 4:15) – an instructor, a coach, a tutor, trainer, mentor – he is someone who influences others for good, and for God


1.        A teacher is a Spiritual Gift to the Church (Rom 12:7)

2.        A teacher is more important than tongues (1Cor 14:19)

3.        A teacher helps the Pastor train a church to do the work of the ministry (Eph 4:8-11) – that the whole body of believers work together for souls!


C.       Biblical Examples of Teachers who were called by God to teach:


1.        Moses (Exod 18:20)

2.        Old Testament Priests – Samuel (1Sam 12:23), Ezra (Ezra 7:10; 1Chron 15:3)

3.        Parents (Dt 6:7; 11:19)

4.        Pastors (1Tim 3:2; 4:12)

5.        Jesus (Mt 4:23; Jn 3:2)

6.        The Holy Spirit (Lk 12:12; Jn 14:26)

7.        Older people (Titus 2:3,4)


D.      The Training of the Teacher – How does God prepare teachers to teach?


1.        Learn the basics yourself – discipleship (Heb 5:12)

2.        Learn from your Pastor

3.        Get as much materials as you need to do the job you need to do


a.        Every one of us belong in some corner of a field

b.       Working with some age group, so problem group

c.        Get the know-how to help those people! Become a specialist


4.        Make sure you learn from your own life and your own relationship with God – these things are not fables, or fairy tales


E.       Restrictions on Teachers


1.        In a Church, they must be MEN (1Tim 2:12; Rev 2:20). Ladies can teach children, but God ordained it that MEN teach adults


a.        Teaching is an office of authority, and the woman must not usurp authority over the man, but is to be in silence.

b.       However, godly women are supposed to teach their children at home the principles of religion. Timothy from a child had known the holy scriptures; and who should teach him but his mother and grandmother? (2Tim 3:15). Aquila and his wife Priscilla expounded unto Apollos the way of God more perfectly; but then they did it privately, for they took him unto them, (Act 18:26).


2.        Teach ONLY the Bible (2Tim 3:16) – there is nothing better to teach!

3.        Teach no other doctrine (1Tim 6:2-4; 2Pet 2:1) than what the Bible teaches – this is where cults come along!

4.        Love your class (1Cor 13) – Christ died for that group of people that he has called you to teach and instruct


F.       The Work of the Teacher


1.        Support the Pastor – help him feed the flock, and teach people the way of the Lord

2.        Explain God’s ways and word (Neh 8:1-8)

3.        Hold people accountable to living right (Ezek 44:23)

4.        Teach everything the Bible says and commands (Mt 28:19,20; Act 20:27)

5.        Teach in spite of reaction (Acts 4:18; 5:25,28,42)


G.       How Can You Know you are Called to Teach, or not?


1.        Starts with a love to see people learn God’s word

2.        Develops into a desire to learn HOW to convey God’s truth to the next generation (Ps 71:18)

3.        You find that you can’t enjoy anything else (Jer 20:9)


III.     Conclusion


A.      Every church needs a pastor

B.       Every church needs loads of teachers who help the pastor train the believers in that church

C.       Needs aren’t the best reason to teach – a calling is

D.      But without people answering God’s call, volunteers are still welcome!


Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church

Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland