The Spiritual Gift of a Pastor to the Church

God’s Spiritual Gifts to Believers at the Beginning of the Church Age

Ephesians 4:8-11

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I.         Introduction


A.      The RECOGNITION of spiritual gifts.


1.        Jesus gifted the believer with special abilities, to minister to other people

2.        But He also gifted the whole church with leaders to guide and protect the believers

3.        Three groups of Spiritual Gifts – there are lots of Spiritual Gifts – but it is important to see them in their proper groups!


a.        The Lord separated the gifts into three specific Scriptures: 1Corinthians, Romans, and Ephesians

b.       They each have a specific focus


Sign Gifts

Servant Gifts

Service Gifts

Miraculous Gifts

Men Gifts

Ministry Gifts

1 Corinthians
12:1-10, 28

Ephesians 4:8-11

Romans 12:3-8

Word of wisdom

Word of knowledge



Working of miracles


Discerning of spirits


Interpretation of tongues









All other people are of their own accord

Prophecy – Preaching

Ministry (helps)




Ruling (governing)



All done in Love…

For Reaching the Jews
(1Cor 1:22)

For the Church to do the Work of the Ministry

For All People to Reach All People


B.       Two groups of Servant Gifts


1.        Those that were available at the start of the Church Age


a.        Apostleship and Prophets

b.       Which have passed away

c.        As well as Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers


2.        Those still available today


a.        Evangelists – Church Starters (so needed)

b.       Pastors

c.        Teachers



C.       Tonight we will look at Pastors


II.       Message


A.      Definition of what a Pastor is (Lk 2:8) - A Pastor is the Primary Leadership in the church.


1.        The primary leadership in the church is provided by the Bishops (1Tim 3:1-5; see also Titus 1:5-9). A Biblical bishop is different from modern bishops.

2.        These are Shepherds, the Bishops, the Overseers of the “flock” of Christians that assemble in their local area.

3.        They have the primary job of leading the flock of Christians to serve God, and of protecting that flock from spiritual danger. They are “coaches” training Christians to shine as lights in this dark world!


a.        A bishop is a shepherd over a “flock” (1 Pet 2:25; 5:1-4). That is what “pastor” means. Pastor, Bishop, Shepherd, and ordained Elder are all the same thing. He is to minister, preach, care for, instruct, and equip the believers.

b.       Every church is to be lead by a pastor. If a church has no pastor, then its primary goal should be to pray for, and get one, and then follow him.


4.        They are mature believers – elders who earn the right to govern a church – so they become ordained elders (Acts 14:23)


B.       Jesus is THE Pastor, THE Shepherd, THE Bishop (Mk 14:27; Jn 10:11-16; 1Pet 2:25). Jesus is our best example of what we need our pastor to be like

C.       Every Church Needs a Pastor (Mk 6:34) – Every Christian needs a Pastor!


1.        People need teaching, and more than that, they need preaching (1Cor 1:17,18)

2.        Every church needs a ruling elder – a pastor (Tit 1:5)

3.        Without a pastor, the church is like a country without a government head. You can have loads of bureaucracy, but it cannot go forward without leadership! A pastor gives the needed leadership


a.        His vision

b.       His example (1Cor 4:15-17)

c.        His relationship with the Lord


D.      The Work of the Pastor - There is a Lot of Work Being the Pastor. A pastor/shepherd does the following (Acts 20:28-31)



1.        A pastor oversees (manages the growth and efforts) his flock, and spiritually care for those to whom he ministers (by living like them, among them, and for them)! He is not to dominate their lives, but guide, love, protect them, and if need be, give his life for them as Christ did!


a.        He heeds his flock - knows them; cares for their needs (Jam 5:14,15). This is where he keeps them in line with the Bible, and keeps them in motion, always serving the Lord.

b.       He feeds (teaches) his flock with the word of God (Bible teaching).

c.        He increases his flock – gets them soul-winning, and goes out soul-winning too

d.       He warns his flock - that is what preaching and teaching is for! He has a responsibility not just to the “flock” but to the Great Shepherd who called him to preach (Ezek 3:17-19; Col 1:28)!


2.        Christians are to obey the instruction and guidance of a godly pastor, knowing he watches for your soul, and will give an account to God for how you lived your life (Heb 13:7,17). God has given him the responsibility to instruct you as you grow, and to rebuke you when you don’t grow (1 Tim 4:12). Every Christian needs a godly pastor.

3.        One of the best jobs of pastors is to train more pastors (2Tim 2:2). Pastors come from within a flock. That is how God supplies men to go and reach the world with the gospel – through godly men training faithful men!


E.       Pastors must pass certain Qualifications  - The Qualifications for a Pastor


1.        A Calling from God (2Tim 1:1,2,)


a.        The pastor is not to be a ________ (1Tim 3:1,6), but an ________ (1Tim 5:17) - He should be mature in the Lord, and should be respected, and followed (2Tim 2:2; Jam 1:22). All pastors first are elders (mature Christians), but all elders are not pastors.


1)       Every young as well as older man in a church needs to be surrendered to the Lord if He should call them to be a pastor.

2)       If a man is called of God to preach, then his local church is his training ground to prepare him to pastor someday!



2.        A Desire (1Tim 3:1) – Jonah learned that he needed to agree with God’s call, and desire to fulfil it!

3.        A Gender (1Tim 2:11-14; 1Cor 14:34,35; 1Pet 3:1)

4.        A Lot of Character (1Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9)


a.        Blameless – above reproach

b.       Husbands of one wife – committed to his wife FIRST (the ministry is not his second wife)

c.        Vigilant – hard working

d.       Sober – mindful, careful about how he does things

e.        Good behaviour - godly behaviour

f.         Given (addicted) to Hospitality – addicted to being a blessing

g.       Apt to teach – ready, excited, trained and prepared to teach

h.       Not given to wine at all – no drink at all

i.         No Striker – not a fighter or Brawler

j.         Not Greedy of fast money – not covetous

k.        Patient – in the ministry for the long term benefits, not instant success

l.         Ruling his family well


F.       The Needs of the Pastor.


1.        Time alone with God (1Tim 4:11-16)


a.        For his own personal walk (Acts 6)

b.       For study (2Tim 2:15)


2.        Honour (1Tim 5:17-19)


a.        Respect – call him Pastor, and protect his office!

b.       Payment (1Cor 9:7) – it is right to pay men who have given their life to preach and teach God’s word


3.        Encouragement (2Tim 4:1-5)

4.        Prayer (Rom 15:30; 1Thes 5:25; 1Tim 2:1,2)

5.        Co-labouring – can’t do it alone – needs other mature Christians working along side (Philp 2:25; 4:3; Col 4:7)

6.        Grace – give him some lee-way

7.        People blessing his family – needs the people to care about his family, and care for them – without them, he is nothing!

III.     Conclusion


A.      A Pastor is the Primary Leadership in the church.

B.       He is following THE great example of Jesus, who is THE Pastor, THE Shepherd, THE Bishop

C.       Every Church Needs a Pastor

D.      There is a Lot of Work Being the Pastor

E.       Pastors must pass certain Qualifications.

F.       Pastors Have Needs – part of your Christian life is meeting those needs



Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church

Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland