The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Jesus is Coming Again!

John 14:1-3



23 Jan 2011  AM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.       Introduction (Isaiah 66:15,16; John 14:1-3)


A.    Every book in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, describes a future event so big, and so cataclysmic, that Hollywood has YET to make a movie anything like it truly will be!


1.      Oh they have tried with


a.       Armageddon

b.      Independence Day

c.       2012


2.      These are just a few of the expensive disaster movies!

3.      You see, world-wide cataclysmic disasters make for big box office hits – because everyone loves watching (not experiencing) disasters!

4.      There is something inside of us that KNOWS something BIG is ahead for this world!


B.     There is coming a world wide disaster of epic proportions

C.     I am speaking of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

D.    God has a Timetable, a Schedule that He is working through


1.      It began at Creation

2.      It worked through the sinful fall of Adam and Eve – God was there

3.      God patiently worked through Abraham’s faith

4.      Through Israel’s time of slavery in Egypt

5.      Then through the Exodus and wilderness years, and then through all the kings of Israel, and the Babylonian captivity, and then Israel’s return home

6.      At just the right time, Jesus was born and came to seek and to save the lost

7.      We call that His FIRST Coming!


a.       There is no fact in history more established than the fact of the FIRST coming of Jesus Christ

b.      Our calendars testify to His coming 2,011 years ago

c.       The fact of Christianity, and churches all over the world testify that someone named Jesus was here and we are still worshipping Him

d.      The hundreds of thousands of people who gave their lives on the stakes, and in the coliseum, and in prisons, all for Jesus Christ, testify that Jesus came and was Lord of their lives

e.       The countless millions of marriages that have been restored, and millions of drunkards made sober, and millions of wayward children brought home, all by the life of just ONE MAN, Jesus, testifies to the coming of Jesus Christ 2,011 years ago!


8.      Well, everything is still on track, even 2,000 years later

9.      On track for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!


E.     Why TWO Comings?


1.      Because all the prophecies in the Bible about the Messiah have not been fulfilled


a.       Over 700 prophecies about the Messiah

b.      Only 100 were fulfilled by Jesus the first time He came

c.       There are 600 more to come!


2.      Because Jesus PROMISED to come again (John 14:1-3)


F.      The Second Coming is actually in TWO PARTS


1.      The Quiet Rapture of believers – will happen any time soon!

2.      The very visible Return of Jesus Christ to this world! Seven years later!


II.    Let’s Review


A.    What is the Rapture? (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)


1.      This is when Jesus Christ comes for His people. Those who have by faith completely trusted the eternity of their souls of His saving power with nothing else added.

2.      “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

3.      It happens when we least expect it

4.      In the twinkling of an eye

5.      And we are gone!


B.     The Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:29,30)


1.      The beast (the antichrist) will take charge of this entire world

2.      A false Peace will reign for the first 3 ˝ years. People will think the Messiah finally has come – but he will be a fraud!

3.      Then, for the last 3 ˝ years, in the time called The Great Tribulation, all of God’s judgment will be poured out on this world as the anti-christ, and the false prophet trick all of mankind in to turning against God and His Son.

4.      Revelation, chapter 16 records seven awful judgments poured out on a God-forsaking world and its Satanic leaders!


a.       Putrefying painful sores,

b.      Seas full of dead men’s blood,

c.       Rivers filled with blood,

d.      Epidemic diseases will plague man and animal.

e.       The sun will scorch the flesh of blasphemous man, and then disappear into the blackness of absolute darkness, as men gnaw their tongues for pain.

f.       God will send great earthquakes, deafening thunderings, and terrifying lightenings, as huge hailstones pound the remnant of earth’s inhabitants.

g.      All this time, the antichrist and the false prophet will gather all the nations together in a valley called the Valley of Megiddo for a big fight with God!


5.      Them the words, “It is done”, will thunder from heaven as God’s wrath is satisfied.




1.      And then, the second phase of Christ’s Second Coming transpires!

2.      “…the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all his saints.” 1 Thessalonians 3:13b.

3.      He comes and defeats the armies of the anti-christ.

4.      The Lord Jesus will then reign for 1000 years! The Millennium!


D.    I’m not telling a movie script! I’m just reading the Bible and warning everyone of the coming day of the Lord!

E.     Let’s Read About It (Luke 21:5-11, 20-28)


1.      Jesus gives a short term prophecy “the days will come”


a.       When the Temple was going to be destroyed – that was unbelievable

b.      But, it happened just 35 years later in 70 AD by the Roman governor, Titus


2.      That prophecy gets the disciples interested – keenly interested! “WHEN will this happen?”

3.      In a time the Bible calls, “The time of the Tribulation”

4.      Jesus then describes the events of that terrible 7 year time


a.       First part of the Tribulation (Lk 21:5-11)


1)      Religious deception

2)      More and more Wars and fighting (commotions) – don’t get terrified

3)      World wars – entire nations against nations

4)      Earthquakes all over the world, and everyone aware of them – modern communications

5)      Famines

6)      Pestilences – diseases on the increase – there are over 22,000 diseases that can affect our world, and the list is only GROWING!

7)      Disasters from the skies – asteroids, meteor showers


b.      Second half (Lk 21:20-28)


1)      Jerusalem surrounded by the armies of the antichrist

2)      Every Jew having to flee to the mountains

3)      The antichrist will sit down in the temple and demand the world to worship HIM

4)      The world will be in awe of the antichrist’s powers

5)      But then, all of God’s wrath and vengeance will be poured out upon everyone on this planet – disasters on a scale that no one can fathom yet!

6)      A time of great DISTRESS – Tribulation

7)      Horrific signs in the skies: asteroids, comets hitting the earth

8)      Distress and perplexity, as billions of people die

9)      Tsunamis all over the world– seas and waves roaring – no normal storm

10)  Entire islands just completely disappearing

11)  Great fear throughout the whole world


c.       And THEN shall ye see the Son of man (Jesus) COMING!

d.      And for some of us, it is something to look forward to!

e.       But for the world, it will be its worst night mare


III. Message


A.    Jesus Promised He Would Come Again (John 14:1-3)


1.      Acts 1:11 – angels reminded the disciples of this truth

2.      The return of Jesus is a good thing for those who love Him

3.      But a terrifying event for those who have no time for Him

4.      You had better think about that for a minute!

5.      If you have no time for Jesus now, he will have no time for you THEN!


B.     The Bible Describes His Second Coming. It is not imagined. It is described to the finest detail


1.      Isaiah 2:12

2.      Isaiah 13:6-13

3.      Isaiah 66:15,16

4.      Joel 1:15; 2:1,2, 28-32

5.      Joel 3:9-16

6.      Acts 2:14-21

7.      2Thessalonians 1:6-10

8.      Jude 14,15

9.      Revelation 1:7

10.  Rev 6:12-17

11.  Rev 19:11-21

12.  Every Jew has always been expecting this coming of the Messiah. That’s why they were so shocked by the first coming. Most of the Jews believed that it was the ONLY coming of the Messiah, yet all of the above is describing the SECOND of the Messiah to the earth!

13.  Compare the first and second coming




In the night, in darkness

In flaming fire

No one but a few saw Him come

Every eye shall see Him

As a baby

As a mighty KING

He came to DIE

He will come to REIGN

He rode on a donkey

He will come on a white horse

He laid down His life on the cross

He will never die again!

He came to SAVE Sinners

He comes to DAMN Sinners

If you reject His fist coming…

You will have to face His SECOND coming!


C.     The Purpose of His Second Coming.


1.      The Purpose of His FIRST coming (John 3:16,17)


a.       As a meek and lowly, humble SAVIOUR of eternal souls!

b.      To die in the place of sinful men and women so they wouldn’t have to die in hell

c.       To save a world from the coming righteous wrath of God


2.      The Purpose of His SECOND coming


a.       To be glorified – He was mocked and maligned and murdered the first time

b.      The second time He will be honoured (Philp 2:5-9)

c.       To judge the world


1)      Make every wrong right

2)      Bring to light everything hidden

3)      To finish pouring out the wrath of God on this world


d.      To judge the devil and his angels (Rev 19:20,21)


1)      The antichrist (2Thes 2:8)

2)      The false prophet

3)      All who follow them


e.       To REIGN as King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev 11:15)

f.       To undo sin’s effect on creation – by restoring all things back to the Garden of Eden (the Millennial Kingdom… see tonight’s Study)


D.    The Path of His Second Coming.


1.      The first time He came, it was through a womb of a virgin woman in a little village called Bethlehem. His path was slow, and humble, growing up in a Carpenter’s home, waiting for the day He would start His ministry and would teach multitudes and heal their sicknesses, and then he would willingly and freely lay down His life on a cross

2.      The second time He comes, it will be…


a.       From heaven


1)      The heavens will rip apart

2)      Jesus will race across the entire sky (Mt 24:27) – like lightning from the east unto the west (Superman tried to mimic Jesus)

3)      On a white horse

4)      Followed by His brethren - that’s us - along with countless angels (Jude 14,15)


b.      Come out of the North, across the field of the valley of Megiddo in Northern Israel


1)      Where the entire world will be gathered against Him, deceived into thinking they don’t need God, and can live their own lives any way they want and can even defeat the Son of God – oh there will be every military weapon pointed towards the heavens (X-ray lasers, nuclear weapons, heat-seeking missiles, massive cannons, fighter jets, radar jamming stations, … the whole works!


c.       He, in flaming fire will destroy the entire army of the antichrist in one sweep across that plain – the entire battle will be over in less than a few hours – it is called the DAY of the Lord, not the week or the month. Most wars take years to fight, but this one battle takes less than 12 hours!

d.      From there he will touch down on the Mount of Olives (Zech 14:4)


1)      where He was cruelly surrounded and captured like a criminal by the betrayal of Judas Iscariot

2)      Splitting the mountain into two halves


e.       He then blasts through the sealed Eastern Gate of Jerusalem straight into the Temple where the antichrist will be sitting

f.       He will take the antichrist and his false prophet and will cast them into the lake of fire for ever and for ever!

g.      And will destroy the Temple that was defiled

h.      And set up a new throne, HIS throne

i.        And then will begin the greatest kingdom of all time, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth


E.     The Bible Warns of Christ’s Second Coming!


1.      No one today knows the day or the hour (Mt 25:13)

2.      Yes there are signs, and indicators that we are very, very close

3.      But Jesus Himself told us to JUST BE READY for any day!

4.      So be Ready


F.      Sadly, People Don’t Believe It’s Actually Going to Happen (2Peter 3:3-9)


1.      Ignorers


a.       Like it was in the days of Noah

b.      And in the days of Lot

c.       Thinking things will always stay the same


2.      Scoffers/mockers (2Pe 3:3) “Where is the promise of his coming?”

3.      Willingly Ignorant (2Pet 3:5-7) Dumb on purpose!


a.       Ignorant of Noah’s flood – it came as promised

b.      Ignorant of the coming destruction – it will come, just as promised


4.      But you don’t have to be part of that mess (2Pet 3:8,9)


a.       God has been very patient

b.      He is not being lazy either

c.       But very particular, in waiting for people

d.      He does not want any to go through such hell on earth

e.       He sent His Son to die under His wrath, so no one else would ever have to


5.      Today is YOUR chance to repent


IV. Conclusion


A.    You don’t have to wait for the second coming to have to fearfully face the God of heaven!

B.     If you died today, you will stand before God almighty (Heb 9:27). THAT will be terrifying enough, if you are not forgiven


1.      I didn’t say, If you are not a Baptist

2.      Or If you are not a good person

3.      Or, If you are not baptized

4.      But if you have not experienced the mercy of God and been born all over again, but this time, by the Holy Spirit of God, bringing you into the family of God, simply by child-like faith in the perfect and finished work of Jesus Christ in your place on the cross!


C.     God is not willing that ANY should perish (should have to face His judgment), but that all should come to repentance and be saved from the wrath to come!



1.       “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out,” Acts 3:19a

2.      “…Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” Acts 16:31b

3.      “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:” Ephesians 2:8