Prayer Lessons from Daniel

Daniel 6:10

By Daniel Eberly

Bible baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


üIntro: Most of us here would probably be able to give a definition of prayer.  Right?


ü Background


            ü Daniel was a Jewish boy who was carried away to Babylon when ü Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem. ü We are told he and three friends whose Jewish names were changed to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were favoured. (Interesting “birds of a feather flock together”) 1:3-8 ü Fine qualities in these young boys were 1:4 – Not all of us have the same qualities – Young men were princes and Daniel a President ü but they show diligence!   ü This quality to excel is sorely lacking in Christians today!


ü Prerequisites to Daniel’s powerful prayer life…..


ü  Four lessons to learn from Daniel 6:10  That should be evident in our prayer life!


1.     ü Our prayer life should be Personal / Private

·        It was personal with Daniel - His house, His knees, His windows, his chamber Illus:


2.     ü Our prayer life should be void of Pride

·        Falling on our knees before God - Daniel 6:10 – A reminder of our place / position

·        How we come to God is important- 2Chron. 7:14 Humility is fertile earth

We come into His presence! We must humble ourselves. We think to highly.

·        Our recognition of Who He is – Ps. 18:2 – He is our Rock – Total dependence! Illus:

·        God is near to the contrite heart – Is.57:15 – Daniel knew he needed God- humbles you!

·        Prov.30:13 – That generation is today! Christians live like they don’t need / want God!

·        Moses, Solomon, John, and Daniel – Showed reverence, respect, fear, honoured God!                       

3.     ü Our prayer life should be Persistent / Consistent

Let your day spring from or revolve around prayer!



4.     ü Our prayer life should be Purposeful – Thankful & Specific!

A thankful spirit takes you a long way!  It Reminds  us of Who He is!  Keeps our attitude right.  A “Thank you Lord” blesses His heart. 


ü Conclusion:

          ü   Four things we learned from Daniel’s prayer life

1.      Our Prayer life should be Personal / Private – special time alone with God!

2.      Our Prayer life should be void of Pride – A humble attitude before God!

3.      Our Prayer life should be Persistent – Consistent, daily meetings with God!

4.      Our Prayer life should be Purposeful – Be thankful and specific in requests


ü  Concluding Thoughts


ü   Dan.6:18-23 –    ü Why was Daniel delivered from the lions?

1.     Believing prayer to his God!

2.     Humbled himself!

3.     Prayed in his closet  daily!

4.     God rewarded his request openly!


ü   Challenge - Do you want a prayer life like Daniel?

 Do you want a life that is guided by the power of your prayers?

Do you want a prayer life like Daniel? One that can shut a lion’s mouth?