The High Titles of Christian Servants

Colossians 4

June 26th 2011 PM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.       Introduction (Col 4:1)


A.    Christians are Servants


1.      Servants of God

2.      Servants of each other (Gal 6:10)

3.      Servants of anyone – like the good Samaritan

4.      We ARE servants – whether we like it or not!


B.     It is a good things to be a Servant as a Christian (1Tim 6:1-4) – to see yourself as a servant. Jesus was a servant (Mt 12:18)

C.     We Christians have a Master in heaven (Col 4:1)


1.      The Lord

2.      Someone who is in charge of:


a.       Our purpose

b.      Our time

c.       The use of our talents and abilities

d.      We are bought with a price (1Cor 6:19,20)


D.    God will reward us according to our labours – just and equal to our labours – terrifying thought isn’t it? Especially if you have done little to nothing for HIM!

E.     The world has its titles and awards of status


1.      The sports world has their titles – most valuable player

2.      The movie world has their titles – best actress, actor, etc

3.      Boxing has its titles – heavyweight champion, etc


F.      Well, what are the official “titles” that God bestows upon servants in His kingdom?


1.      I know, World’s Greatest preacher? No

2.      Greatest Soul-Winner? No

3.      Best Christian Singer and Song-writer? No

4.      Most Awesome Teenager? No!


II.    Message – The High Titles of Christian Servants


A.    Beloved Brother (4:7) – honoured with the great title of “Brother”


1.      It starts here – if you ain’t born again, you ain’t nothing!

2.      Paul and Tychicus were brothers in the Lord – spiritually speaking, not physically or nationally

3.      In the family of God

4.      Part of “the brethren” (Mt 23:8)

5.      Not just brother, but BELOVED brother!

6.      Beloved is someone that Paul loves – men can and should love each other


a.       Do you just “meet” with other Christians, or do you love them?

b.      Love as Christ loved us (John 13:34,35)


7.       “Beloved” is how we should see one another


B.     Faithful Minister (4:7) – honoured with the wonderful title of “Faithful”


1.      A minister is another word for servant

2.      But that word “faithful” is more important!

3.      Some people help out – but are not faithful

4.      They are not consistent – not dependable

5.      Tychicus could be depended upon by Paul


a.       When he was popular and effective

b.      And when he was in trouble, and in prison!

c.       Tychicus was right there serving with Paul, and doing whatever Paul needed done


C.     Fellowservant in the Lord (4:7-9) – Honoured with the amazing title of “fellow” - Equal


1.      The great “Apostle Paul” saw himself and Tychicus as equals

2.      Fellow Servants – equal titles – someone has to be in charge, but all serve together

3.      Just glad to serve alongside another fellow servant

4.      Tychicus was ready to find out what the Christians in Colosse needed and comfort them – that is the desire of a servant

5.      Every Christian should learn that there is great power and authority in being a servant (Luke 7:1-8). Jesus had great power AS a servant, not AS God. We should tap into that power!

6.      Onesimus was from Colosse and was also a faithful brother, and beloved brother


a.       This was what Paul called this runaway slave whom he had turned to Christ – see the Book of Philemon

b.      Another faithful brother!

c.       What is amazing is that Paul sent Onesimus back to his owner, and his owner freed him so that he could minister unto Paul – of his own free will! Onesimus made himself a servant now!!!


7.      Both Onesimus and Tychicus will fill the Colossians in on what was happening in Paul’s life


D.    Fellowprisoner (4:10) – Here was a man that was “Willing”


1.      Not everyone is willing to go where the Lord is taking you! A wife does, but here was another Christian named Aristarchus!

2.      Aristarchus was in prison with Paul – right with Paul. When Paul got in trouble, HE got in trouble too (Acts 19:29)

3.      Artistarchus stayed with Paul – served alongside Paul, through thick and thin (Acts 20:4; 27:2) even into prison in Rome!

4.      Fellow labourers work along side you doing the ministry

5.      Fellow prisoners sit along with you in prison, or just outside your prison cell – it is like someone staying by your bedside while in the hospital

6.      This is a high calling! Being a fellowprisoner!

7.      All the disciples should have been ready to be fellowprisoners with the Lord Jesus, but they ALL fled at the first threat of prison

8.      Aristarcus is not upset or bitter about being in trouble for preaching and church-planting – he “salutes” the Colossian Christians! Great attitude!

9.      Aristarcus was a good strong influence to John Mark who was easily discourageable!


E.     Fellowworkers unto the kingdom of God (4:11) – Here is a “Labourer”


1.      Jesus/Justus was a fellow Jew – converted to Christ


a.       It was a blessing to have someone of your nationality working alongside you

b.      Like Dan, Keith, Andrew Day, etc


2.      Servants in a church, working, labouring for each other, and for souls, are such a comfort to the church.


a.       There is no energy or joy in a church where no one does anything

b.      But when everyone is doing something, labouring for souls, then that church is alive


3.      The people Paul is listing here were such a comfort to him – Why? Because they were not all “talk”, but they put their back into serving alongside Paul!

4.      Look at all the fellowworkers that Paul could see and take encouragement from:


a.       Tychicus (4:7)

b.      Onesimus(4:9)

c.       Aristarchus (4:10)

d.      Marcus – John Mark (4:10)

e.       Justus (4:11)

f.       Epaphras (4:12)

g.      Luke (4:14)

h.      Demas (4:14)


5.      Paul doesn’t have zillions of people he called such close friends in the ministry, but these eight were sufficient to keep him going!

6.      He could count on them to work in the ministry!

7.      It is hard having a load of “supervisors”. It is great having a load of labourers!

8.      Fellow-Workers are such a blessing – so that you are not alone in the ministry


a.       It is not good to be alone, and especially in the ministry

b.      The loneliest ministry is the one with only yourself doing it – like John the Baptist. But after a while, even HE had disciples, and fellow servants!


F.      Servant of Christ (Col 4:12,13) “Servant of Christ”


1.      Epaphras was another Colossian that Paul was so honoured to know and work alongside

2.      Here he is honoured with the great title of “Servant of Christ” (Col 3:”3,24)

3.      Some of you are great servants of your employer, of your family

4.      But will you seek to be a Servant of the Lord Jesus”?

5.      It would be great to serve the President of the United States, the Taoiseach, a prime Minister

6.      But it is greater to serve the Lord of heaven! The God who made you and loves you

7.      And look at the service that Epaphras did:


a.       Loving his own people – saluting them

b.      Labouring in prayer for them – that they would succeed as Christians

c.       Passionate about Christians – in Colosse, Laodicea and Hieropolis


G.    Beloved Physician (4:14) – The title of “Helper”


1.      Luke was not a normal physician – he was a beloved one

2.      Here is probably Paul’s closest friend in the ministry – Luke

3.      Paul met him in Acts 16:1-11

4.      Luke was the last person to be with Paul before he died (2Tim 4:11)

5.      Everybody else was busy serving the Lord everywhere else

6.      And some abandoned Paul and their ministry


a.       Demas (2Tim 4:10)

b.      Archippus (Col 4:17) – hesitant


7.      Luke was special, beloved because he used his talent as a doctor and all his education to help Paul so that he could help others


a.       Kept Paul well in spite of all the disasters he kept getting into

b.      Kept a journal so that the Book of Acts could be written


8.      Are you willing to help me and others, so that we can help others?


III. Conclusion


A.    Now you know some of the official “titles” that God bestows upon servants in His kingdom


1.      Beloved Brother - “Beloved” is how we should see one another – like Tychicus and Onesimus

2.      Faithful Minister – we all need to be constant, consistent, dependable – like Tychicus

3.      Fellowservant in the Lord - Just glad to serve alongside another fellow servant – like Tychicus and Timothy, and Silas and barnabas

4.      Fellowprisoner - served alongside each other, through thick and thin, good and bad, success and failure! Like Aristarchus

5.      Fellowworkers unto the kingdom of God – Servants in a church, working, labouring for each other, and for souls, are such a comfort to the church.

6.      Servant of Christ – Hey! Our title shows our focus… Jesus Christ! Like Epaphras

7.      Beloved Physician – Luke used his talent to help Paul help others! Will you?


B.     God will reward us according to our labours – just and equal to our labours – terrifying thought isn’t it? Especially if you have done little to nothing for HIM!

C.     All the above heard a hearty, “Well Done!” when they arrived home in heaven!




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