Spiritual Rest

A Rest Unto Your Souls!

Hebrews 4:9

Nov 18, 2012 PM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland



I.       Introduction (Hebrews 4:9)


A.    There is a rest for the people of God!


1.      A rest that goes beyond the body

2.      A rest that every human being desperately needs, but only Christians can experience

3.      Everyone seeks this kind of rest, but will never find it unless they get born again!


B.     What kind of Rest?


1.      NOT the absence of troubles (John 16:3)

2.      But the ability to relax in spite of them (Mt 8:24)

3.      It is a rest that is relaxed, at peace inside – not uptight, or stressed

4.      Able to sleep, and enjoy life – no matter the storm raging around you!

5.      Because it occurs in the deepest part of our lives – in our spirit!


C.     Sounds awesome doesn’t it?!

D.    Unfortunately, very few believers ever experience it (Isa 30:15-17)!


II.    Message


A.    Different Kinds of Rest


1.      There is rest for your Body (Mark 6:31) – it is called SLEEP


a.       Some people sleep because they are exhausted

b.      But then wake up still “unrested” - unrefreshed


2.      Salvation provides rest for your Soul (Mt 11:28,29)


a.       No more wrath of God resting upon it

b.      This is where the mind is able to finally be at rest

c.       But few people actually allow their new walk with God to affect their mind


3.      The place we need the most rest is in our Spirit (2Cor 2:13)


B.     What Makes It Hard to Rest? Even for Christians?


1.      Not what you normally think! Two things that DON’T make it hard to rest:


a.       Not WORK – that is good for you! “The sleep of a labouring man is sweet”

b.      Not STRESS – all of life has pressure and stress - expectations


2.      Sin in your heart and life (Psalm 38:3; Isa 57:20,21)

3.      Stubbornness / Rebellion against GOD (Isa 28:12,13)


a.       An attitude that will NOT soften

b.      We have to have everything perfect before we bend


4.      Worries, Fears (2Cor 2:13; Jer 30:10) – your mind stressed out! Panic, fretting

5.      Bitterness (Eph 4:30-32; Heb 12:15; James 3:14-16) – Unforgiveness is killing Christians

6.      Laziness in the Home (Prov 29:17) robs families of their rest

7.      There are other causes, but these are the BIG causes of unrest


C.    How to Obtain Rest


1.      Harden Not Your Heart – Get Right with God (Heb 3:15-18; Isa 30:15)


a.       Start with getting all of the above fixed!

b.      Sin? Expose it and confess it, and forsake it! If you want to sleep again!

c.       Stubbornness? OBEY your authorities! Humble yourself! For YOUR sake!

d.      Full of worry and fear?

e.       Bitter at someone? You had better go to them and admit your bitterness and FORGIVE them!

f.       Laziness in your home? Take your home back and start doing what you know you need to be doing, and limiting!


2.      Believe God – Whatever He says (Heb 3:15,18,19)


a.       God had told Israel that the land of Canaan was THEIRS for the taking

b.      That HE would fight for them

c.       But when 10 spies told them it was impossible to conquer the Caananites, they believed THEM instead of God!

d.      Look Forward, Not Back (2Thes 1:7)


1)      No matter the trouble

2)      You CAN rest if you keep looking up, and forward – expecting the Lord to help, especially to come soon!

3)      Trusting God means waiting patiently on Him as He works on you and your circumstances


e.       Trusting God has a marvellous effect on the heart and the body of a Christian!


3.      Fear Losing Your Rest (Heb 4:1) – it is so delicate and can be stomped upon!


a.       Don’t throw it away because you are used to panicking, and giving up!

b.      God gives REST every day, just like He gives GRACE to help – just like he provided Manna – it can be ignored and missed!


4.      Allow Jesus to be your Rest (Heb 4:3,8; Isa 11:10) “My rest”


a.       His kind of rest is MARVELLOUS

b.      Remember, upon His shoulders shall be all the problems of government (Isa 9:7)


5.      Labour to Enter into that Rest - Moderate Your Life (Heb 4:11; 1Cor 9:27)


a.       Schedule your sleep time, your wake up time

b.      MAKE yourself eat healthy

c.       MAKE yourself exercise

d.      You are a sorry Christian if you can bring your body under subjection

e.       Make yourself be in church, and read your Bible through, and pray about every need

f.       It takes WORK to balance things out so you can rightly rest, and be at rest!


6.      Have a lot of grace with everything, even with yourself (2Cor 12:9,10; Eph 4:29; Col 4:6)


a.       That means, put up with – allow things to happen that shouldn’t

b.      You are not the Saviour of the world – you are not the judge of the world either!

c.       You CAN fall, and it will be okay

d.      People can fail you and it will be okay

e.       So, have grace with everyone – be kind! HARD

f.       If you do not show kindness, you will not be able to sleep without pills, and without stress, and without bitterness


III. Conclusion


A.    How to Obtain Rest


1.      Harden Not Your Heart – Get Right with God

2.      Believe God – Whatever He says

3.      Fear Losing Your Rest– it is so delicate and can be stomped upon!

4.      Allow Jesus to be your Rest

5.      Labour to enter into that Rest - Moderate Your Life

6.      Have a lot of grace with everything, even with yourself


B.     Let’s all be well-rested Christians!