The Blessing of Little Things

We Often Despise God’s Little Things in Our Lives – But We Shouldn’t!

Zechariah 4:10


Oct 14, 2012 PM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.       Introduction (Zech 4:10)


A.    Often, we think of small things as unimportant, not valuable, as things to be ignored or quickly replaced with “greater” and “bigger” things: Ants, Dust, Pennies

B.     I believe most people do not care about the unborn because they see the baby as too small and not really a life – and so they have no problem murdering!

C.    But God thinks small things are great!


1.      Did you know that this earth is SMALL compared to the entire universe? Yet He created everything just for us!

2.      Mankind certainly is small compared to all other life on this planet, yet man is the apex of creation!

3.      King David was thrilled that God took notice of him and actually LIKED him (1Chron 28:4) “He liked me”

4.      Concerning the ants that we easily crush under our feet, God commands us to learn from those very ants!

5.      Speaking of the smallest dust in our homes, God reminds us that He made us from dust

6.      And a mite (1/4th of a penny)? Well, to Jesus 2 tiny little mites were an amazing amount of a gift from that widow woman in the Temple!

7.      Do you realize that Jesus did not need a great Stallion, or a jumbo jet to ride into Jerusalem? All He asked for was a donkey to ride on, and her small colt – the foal of an Ass, to ride along side Him!


D.    I have recently noticed a lot of small things, little things in the Bible – dozens of small things

E.     We can’t look at all of them, but, let’s remind ourselves about some small things that ought to be great in our eyes!


II.    Message


A.    The Blessing of a Little Flock (Luke 12:32)


1.      Build your life and schedule around this little flock

2.      To this group, is where Jesus comes – steps down from heaven!

3.      Just two or three is enough to get His special attention!

4.      Don’t ignore or despise the smallness of this little flock – Jesus doesn’t!

5.      This congregation, this assembly of believers is a great congregation! Even though little! It has always been great – from the time we started with two visitos that first Sunday, all the way until now (Dt 7:7,8)

6.      As we grow, and buy our building, lets keep little in our view of ourselves!

7.      Saul started out with this view about himself (1Sam 15:17)

8.      We need to keep this view too!


B.     The Blessing of a Little Thorn (2Cor 12:7-9)


1.      Thorn – discomfort, aggrevation, something that has to be removed! Yet won’t go away!

2.      God blessed Paul with a thorn


a.       Affected his body

b.      Satan had control of it

c.       It had the ability to accomplish the opposite of what Satan meant for it to do!


3.      To keep us humble

4.      To keep us dependent upn the grace of God instead of the power of God

5.      To help us comfort those who are hurting

6.      What should have turned into bitterness, actually made Paul sweeter – because Paul leaned upon God’s GRACE instead of on his own strength

7.      Remind yourself throughg every trouble that that trial is a blessing since it is reminding you that you need to draw on Christ’s grace and HIS strength, every moment of every day!


C.    The Blessing of a Little Faith (Mt 17:20)


1.      I want to have great faith, strong faith, unshakeable faith

2.      But there is a blessing in using what I have (even though it may be small) instead of doing nothing because of what I don’t have!

3.      You and I cabnnot use the faith we don’t have, so why waste time only wishing for greater faith! USE THE FAITH YOU DO HAVE!

4.      It will always be enough to


a.       Move mountains

b.      And more importantly, move the heart and hand of God towards our need!


5.      If you have been born again, it is because you had a little faith! And it worked!

6.      Enjoy your little faith, and feed it and keep it growing!


D.    The Blessing of a Little Child (Mt 18:2-5)


1.      God loves children – says they are a gift!

2.      There is such a blessing just being one

3.      Then, Blessing one

4.      There is a great blessing Nurturing and training one – or more!

5.      Suffer yourself to allow little children to come to Christ and follow Him!

6.      Let’s keep our emphasis as much on children as we do on adults!


E.     The Blessing of a Little Sin (1John 2:1,2; Rom 7:18,21; 1Cor 6:11)


1.      Instead of a life full of sin!

2.      You and I will never be empty of sin as long as this heart beats in us… But we can make sin small and less powerful in our life


a.       By exposing it and confessing it to someone you are accountable to

b.      By wrestling it under the dominion of Jesus Christ

c.       By not feeding it – cutting off wicked TV and internet, and bad friends

d.      By replacing it with the Book, and busyness doing the will of God


3.      Again, you will never erradicate sin out of your life, but you should be having the victory over sins!

4.      The mature Christians in this church rejoice over the ever smaller effects of sin in their lives! It’s a blessing to live in victory now, instead of constant defeat!


F.     The Blessing of a Little Miracle (Ex 16:14)


1.      The Jews wanted big miracles – they had seen plenty

2.      But God gave them a small, white, clump of dewy dough that they called Manna

3.      It was a miracle

4.      Every day it appeared on the ground, and was collected by 1 ½ million people

5.      And then on Frida mornings, TWICE as much manna would lay out on the ground!

6.      Never ignore the little miracles that come our way, every day!

7.      Every answered prayer is a miracle

8.      Every work of faith in your hard, stubborn, selfish heart is a miracle!

9.      Every soul won to Christ from a life of sin and bondage is a miracle (Luke 10:17-20)

10.  Let’s enjoy the little miracles instead of wanting only the “big” ones that don’t often come our way!


G.    The Blessing of a Little To Do For God (1Cor 1:26; John 4:34)


1.      Don’t worry about trying to do some great thing

2.      When you haven’t succeeded at doing the little things well (Luke 19:17)

3.      See what you are doing as great


a.       Mothering

b.      Labouring on a rotten job for your family – providing for your own

c.       Creche work

d.      Sunday School teaching

e.       Pianist

f.       Classwork, studies

g.      Reading your Bible through, page by page

h.      Praying for the needs of people – qietly, passionately, consistently


4.      Just put out a Little Effort (Luke 19:2-4; Eccl 5:12)

5.      Just make sure you go a Little Further (Mt 26:39) – never quitting!

6.      Never being lazy, or only putting out a little effort

7.      You might not have much strength, but you and I need to use it all (Rev 3:8)

8.      Even a small amount of effort will pay off


H.    The Blessing of a Little Progress and Growth (Ex 23:30)


1.      The Blessing of a Little Learning (Isa 28:9,10)

2.      Faithful, consistent learning what jesus taught us (Mt 28:20)

3.      Every day, listening, watching, questioning, understanding, applying (James 1:22)

4.      Don’t worry about being a rocket-scientist, or theologian

5.      Just learn and live what you learn – little by little and God will be pleased!


I.       The Blessing of a Little Chastening (Isa 54:7,8; Heb 12:6-8)


1.      It proves God loves you

2.      It changes you, and betters you

3.      Let the Lord humble you and correct you as often as needed!


J.      The Blessing of a Small Attitude (1Pet 3:4)


1.      We usually have great big bad attitudes

2.      The Lord loves it when we empty out all of our frustrations and cares, and just have small, simple, humble attitudes about people and problems

3.      That’s what a meek and quiet spirit is

4.      Angry men are dangerous – don’t hang around them

5.      Angry women are scary (Pr 21:19)

6.      Moses was a meek man, yet was strong and firm in conviction and successful

7.      Jesus was a meek man, but was not weak at all!

8.      No woman needs to act and feel weak to be meek – just don’t fight for your rights and attention! Keep a small attitude about yourself! Without anger, and bitterness and wrath!


K.    The Blessing of a Little Gift (John 6:9)


1.      God doesn’t need our money

2.      He doesn’t need our abilities

3.      He just needs us to give – the tithe, a small gift – what we already have will always be enough!

4.      Remember, a Little Cruse of Oil, when given to Elijah was greatly blessed (1Kg 17:8-16)


L.     The Blessing of a Small Voice (1King 19:12)


1.      Quiet time with God

2.      Listening to His voice from the Bible

3.      Don’t let the roar of the world’s activity drown out that still, SMALL voice of the Holy Spirit


M.   The Blessing of a Little Book – the Bible (Rev 10:2; James 1:25)


1.      I have been in the Library of Congress in Washington DC – it  contains 838 miles of book-shelves, containing 23 million books.

2.      The Vatican Library contains only 75,000 books

3.      Canon law requires a good catholic to know and trust the contents of about 135 volumes of books including the anti-nicean and post-nicean fathers, as well as the writings of hundreds of other authors

4.      Yet God saw fit to put into this small Book of books, all that a believer needs to kn ow to enjoy life and have enternal life!

5.      This little Book is a blessing!


a.       66 books

b.      1189 chapters

c.       About 1,500 pages from start to finish!

d.      31,000 verses – lines of text

e.       You can hold it all in your ONE hand!

f.       People have memorized the entire New Testament, others have memorized the entire Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament) – it is not too big!

g.      If you sat down and just read it from cover to cobver without stopping, it could be finished in less than 72 hours – just 3 days!


6.      It has done more good than all the books ever written, than all the movies ever made, than all the magazines every printed!


a.       The Bible has been of more benefit to humanity than any other book in history.

b.      Whether you consider the rule of law, property rights, the rights of all individual citizens, education, charity and charitable institutions, education and the abolition of slavery—all these marvelous benefits to mankind are based on the Holy Scriptures.


7.      This one Book holds answers to


a.       Who God is, how to know Him, how to please Him, how to follow Him

b.      What happens after death

c.       Why bad things happen to good people

d.      How to be saved from the wrath to come

e.       How to love Ghod and enjoy God all your life

f.       And 10,000 more questions more!


8.      This Book of books is a blessing – to own, to read, to memorize, and meditate on


III. Application and Conclusion


A.    How can I wrap this up? What is the conclusion, the summary truth?

B.     Never again can we think of small things as unimportant, not valuable

C.    God thinks small things are great


1.      A Little Flock – love the brethren; love and protect what we have here

2.      A Little Thorn – don’t hate your thorn; let it drive you to praise

3.      A Little Faith – use what you have and watch it grow

4.      A Little Child – Treasure our homes and our efforts to protect and raise them right

5.      Little Sin – less and less sin

6.      Little Miracles – thank God more for the smaller things

7.      A Little Progress and Growth – keep growing, even when times are slow

8.      A Little To Do For God – be a finisher; work hard, even when it is never enough

9.      A Little Chastening – endure it, and thank God for it

10.  The Blessing of a Small Attitude – keep it small – don’t let it become a monster

11.  A Little Gift – be a giver – there is such a blessing in giving

12.  A Small Voice – be a listener

13.  A Little Book – the Bible – treasure and love this old Bible


D.    Wouldn’t It Be GREAT to Have Just a LITTLE of Those Things?

E.     You probably already do, but don’t appreciate them!