Rights Concerning Modifying the Contents of this Discipleship Programme


The First Principles Study Programme was developed and written by Pastor Craig Ledbetter, and is copyrighted symbol 227 \f "Symbol" 1994-2007. But any portion of this Study may be copied in part, but not in its entirety without the written permission of the publisher (Romans 13:7 XE "Romans 13\:7" ) and as long as there is no charge except for the cost of production.

The Study is available for download from the internet at www.biblebc.com in both HTML and Adobe PDF file formats. For information concerning these and other publications, please contact by Email.  It is also available on CD upon special request.

The entire MS-Word document is available for sale to churches only upon special request. The MS-Word document is provided to churches with the following conditions accepted by both the author and the purchasing church:


1.                  The programme shall always be called The First Principles Discipleship Course.

2.                  The Course can be modified to meet the needs of the purchasing church in any way deemed necessary without further permission by the author. No other individual, or organisation is allowed to modify the contents of the Course without prior written permission by the author.

3.                  Neither the course, nor the modifications made by a purchasing church may be sold on to another church without prior written permission by Craig Ledbetter, or the Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig, which holds the rights to the content of the Study Course.

4.                  The contents of the official First Principles Discipleship Study Course can and will change without prior notice. All previous editions will continue to be made available upon request, but the most recent edition will be the one supported by the Creator, and the International Discipleship Coordinator.

5.                  Any errors in the First Principles Discipleship Course may be due to printing problems, or may just be unintentional. The content is up for review regularly, and any suggestions are welcome for needed changes.


Any further questions about content, modification rights, or support can be directed to the International Discipleship Director.