Section TWO Test

Fellowship With Other Believers


NAME: _____________________________                        DATE: ______________

                                                               (Each mark = 2 points)  SCORE: ______________


Congratulations on completing Section TWO of the First Principles Bible Study Course! This test will help you evaluate how much you learned in your study time. Please take your time, and think about each question so that you remember what the Bible taught!


1.        According to the Bible, in 1 Corinthians 6:19,20, a Christianís __________ is the temple of God.

2.        The New Testament church can be best described as _____________________ _______________________________________________________________

3.        Write out word-perfect Hebrews 10:25 ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

4.        The final authority of the church is? __________________________________

5.        According to the Bible, what is a Bishop? ______________________________ ________________________________________________________________

6.        What is a deacon in a church? _______________________________________

7.        A church meeting is mainly for: worship, preaching, or prayer? (circle one)

8.        Not only does Christ have His church, but so does whom? _________________

9.        List a way that a person can identify false religion _______________________ ________________________________________________________________

10.     Bible study is incomplete if a person is only a hearer of the word and not a ______________________

11.     When memorizing Scripture, make sure that you memorize not only the words of the verse, but also the ___________________________

12.     Theology is the study of ________________

13.     List one of the three ways that God has revealed Himself to humanity: ___________________________________________________________

14.     List the address of a verse that teaches that God is a tri-part being (a trinity) _____________________________________________________________

15.     The name JESUS means ___________________________________________

16.     The name EMMANUEL means _____________________________________

17.     Jesus was born without a human _____________________

18.     Throughout Jesusí entire life, He never ___________ at all!

19.     According to 2 Cor 5:21, God made Jesus Christ to be __________ for us.

20.     Not only did Jesus die, and get buried, but also _________________________

21.     1 John 5:7 says that there are three that bear record (stand together in testimony) in heaven, the Father, the Word, and ______________________

22.     There are nine fruits of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. Name three: 1) ____________, 2) ____________, 3) ________________

23.     The primary purpose of a personís salvation is to ________________ God

24.     There are three kinds of attitudes that a Christian can have toward the Lord: Hot, _______________, and Cold.

25.     Instead of being filled with wine, the Christian is to be filled with __________

26.     In order for the Christian to best serve the Lord, they are told in Romans 12:1 to present themselves a living ______________

27.     Godís will is summed up in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, that in everything we are to give ____________

28.     Describe what Family Devotions are: _________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

29.     Is there a difference in the kinds of music a Christian should listen to, as opposed to what the world listens to? ______________________

30.     What is a church ordinance? _______________________________________

31.     Name the two ordinances: 1) __________________, 2) __________________

32.     When a Christian participates in the Lordís supper, they are remembering what event? _________________________________________________________

33.     The breaking of bread pictures the breaking of Christís _________ at the cross

34.     What kind of bread is to be eaten at the memorial of the Lordís Supper? _____________________________________

35.     What kind of wine is to be drank in the Lordís supper? ___________________

36.     The important thing to have when participating in the Lordís supper is a clean what? _____________


How are you doing?


Have you been born again? Yes, No.  When? ____________

Have you been baptized? Yes, No.  When? ____________

Have you read your Bible all the way through yet?  Yes, No.  What Book are you reading currently? ________________

Have you memorized the two memory verses listed so far?  Yes, No.

How many Scriptures have you memorized so far? _________

Are you faithful in church (every Sunday possible)?  Yes, No.


Well Done!

You have now completed Section TWO, and its test. Hand this test in to your Discipler, and it will be quickly graded. The results will only be known by you, your Discipler, and the Course Administrator. Its results will not be made available to ANYONE else. After going through this test, knowing what you donít know, and maybe donít understand, you may want to go back over certain portions of the Course before going on to the next Section. Otherwise, press on, and keep growing!