Section THREE Test

The New Testament Church

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                                                                                                        SCORE: ______________


The following questions will help you identify how much you have learned in your Bible Study time. Answer as many as possible, and take your time so that you can think and remember the answers. Most answers are obvious. Some questions however will be hard. All questions come from the material in the First Principles Study Course. God bless you as you examine what you have learned, and become confident in knowing and growing in Godís wondrous word!


1.        Prayer is simply talking with _____________.

2.        Jesus said that God hates what kind of prayers? __________________

3.        Prayer is the only way to get the power of what in your life? _______________

4.        There were three places of prayer in a Christianís life. Name one of them: ____ ________________________________________________________________

5.        There are three ways to pray given in Matthew 7:7,8, one of them was ďasking.Ē What were the other two? 1) ________________, 2) ________________

6.        To get an answer from God, you must pray according to whose will? ________

7.        List one hindrance to God answering your prayer: _______________________ ________________________________________________________________

8.        What is Godís measure of success in a personís life? (concerning the will of God) ___________________________________________________________

9.        A Christianís actions are not to be driven by self-will, but by ______________

10.     It is not as important to know Godís will for your life as it is to _________ it!

11.     Will Godís will for your life ever contradict His word (His revealed will)? ____

12.     According to Proverbs 3:5,6, list the most important thing you must do to find Godís will daily? _________________________________________________

13.     According to Colossians 3:9,10, our old nature is referred to as _____________

14.     Give a reason why a person still sins even after they have become a Christian? ________________________________________________________________

15.     How does God view sin? ___________________________________________

16.     How does God view a Christianís sin? ________________________________

17.     Whose fault is it when a person sins? _________________________________

18.     Romans 13:14 says that we are not to make ___________ for the flesh to sin.

19.     Psalm 119:11 commands us to do what with Godís word so that we wonít sin against God? __________________________________________________

20.     Every person has three parts. Name them: 1) ____________, 2) ____________ 3) __________________

21.     List one of the Godís five purposes of marriage (one was for us to be ďfruitful and multiplyĒ): ___________________________________________________

22.     Describe Godís view of marriage: ____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

23.     Instead of Dating, what is the godly approach to finding a marriage partner called? ______________________

24.     Give one of the principles of a happy marriage: _________________________ ________________________________________________________________

25.     What is the most important role that a husband and father has _____________ ________________________________________________________________

26.     What is the most important role for the wife and mother: _________________ ________________________________________________________________

27.     What are children (according to Psalm 127:3) __________________________

28.     Can a child be saved at an early age? _________________________________

29.     Children in Ephesians 6:1 are commanded to ___________________________

30.     Who is our example of how to correct and train our children? ______________

31.     Is chastening supposed to be easy and pleasant? _________________________

32.     Biblical correction will deliver a childís soul from what? __________________

33.     What is the root of all evil? _________________________________________

34.     God has designed four purposes for money. Name one: ___________________ ________________________________________________________________

35.     Name a problem with money: _______________________________________

36.     Name something that money cannot buy: ______________________________

37.     Tithing is the giving of our __________________ to God.

38.     Is tithing by our choice or by Godís command? _________________________

39.     How much is the tithe? _____________________________________________

40.     When a Christian does not tithe, what are they really doing to God? _________ ________________________________________________________________


How are you doing?


Have you been born again? Yes, No.  When? ____________

Have you been baptized? Yes, No.  When? ____________

Have you read your Bible all the way through yet?  Yes, No.  What Book are you reading currently? ________________

Have you memorized the two memory verses listed so far?  Yes, No.

How many Scriptures have you memorized so far? _________

Are you faithful in church (every Sunday possible)?  Yes, No.

Are you praying every day (Yes, No), Is God answering your prayers? Yes, No.

Is your home life developing, and becoming more Christian? Yes, No.

Are you tithing? Yes, No.


Well Done!

You have now completed Section THREE, and its test. Hand this test in to your Discipler, and it will be quickly graded. The results will only be known by you, your Discipler, and the Course Administrator. After going through this test, knowing what you donít know, and maybe donít understand, you may want to go back over certain portions of the Course before going on to the next Section. Otherwise, press on, and keep growing!