Section ONE Test

The Word of God

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     (Each mark = 2 points) SCORE: _____ out of 43 total


The following questions will help you identify how much you have learned in your Bible Study time. Answer as many as possible, and take your time so that you can think and remember the answers. Most answers are obvious. Some questions however will be hard. All questions come from the material in the First Principles Study Course. God bless you as you examine what you have learned, and become confident in knowing and growing in God’s wondrous word!


1.        According to the Bible, who is the Author of truth? ____________

2.        Truth is provided to this world by what Book? ______________

3.        Write out word perfect, Matthew 4:4 __________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

4.        The word ‘disciple’ means what? ____________________________________

5.        What is the spiritual condition of every human? _________________________

6.        Give the reference of a verse that describes the penalty of sin? _____________

7.        Explain what ‘repentance’ means? ___________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

8.        According to Ephesians 2:8,9 a sinner is saved by God’s what? _____________

9.        If a person does not get “saved,” their eternal destiny according to the Bible is where? __________

10.     How many births are required for a person to get into heaven? ____________

11.     How many sins were forgiven at the cross when Jesus died? _______________

12.     Can a Christian be happy while living in disobedience to the word of God? ___

13.     If a person is saved by God’s grace, what is it that KEEPS a person saved? _______________________________________________________________

14.     When a Christian sins, what gets broken between them and God? Their Relationship, or their Fellowship (circle one)?

15.     Is there anything that can separate a Christian from the love of Christ? ______

16.     When a sinner gets saved, they become a child of who? ___________.

17.     What is it that actually “seals” (preserves) the Christian’s salvation for all eternity? _________________________

18.     List an obvious proof that a person has gotten saved _____________________ ________________________________________________________________

19.     What does the word ‘Baptize’ mean? _________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

20.     Should babies be baptized? ___________

21.     What must take place before a person can be baptized? ___________________ ________________________________________________________________

22.     Water baptism symbolizes three events. Please list them: 1) ______________, 2) _____________________, and 3) ____________________________.

23.     Does it matter whether a person gets baptized the right way or not? _________

24.     What is it that separates Bible Christianity from all other religions? _________ ________________________________________________________________

25.     According to 2 Timothy 3:16, “all scripture is given by _____________ of God

26.     Explain what does 2 Timothy 3:16 mean? _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________

27.     The Bible is a book that has how many smaller books in it? __________

28.     The Bible is divided into two main sections. List them: 1) ___________________________ 2) __________________________

29.     Not only is the Bible “inspired,” but it is also what? _______________________

30.     The Old Testament was written in what language? ______________________

31.     The New Testament was written in what language? _____________________

32.     Write out word perfect 2 Timothy 2:15 _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________.

33.     What source did Jesus use to defeat the temptations of the devil? ___________

34.     Describe the Christian’s Quiet Time _________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

35.     What does the word ‘Apocrypha’ mean? ______________________________

36.     What is one of the differences between the text of true Scripture, and the Apocrypha? __________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

37.     Satan’s primary attack has always been against whose word? ______________.

38.     How many basic groupings, or ‘sets’ of Greek Manuscripts are there? (not the total number of copies, but the different groups of copies) _____________.

39.     What verse is missing in Acts 8 in the “Wescott and Hort” Manuscript? _____.

40.     What difference does that verse make to a person’s salvation? _____________ _______________________________________________________________.


How are you doing?


Have you been born again? Yes, No.  When? ____________

Have you been baptized? Yes, No.  When? ____________

Have you read your Bible all the way through yet?  Yes, No.  What Book are you reading currently? ________________


Well Done!

You have now completed Section ONE, and its test. Hand this test in to your Discipler, and it will be quickly graded. The results will only be known by you, your Discipler, and the Course Administrator. After going through this test, knowing what you don’t know, and maybe don’t understand, you may want to go back over certain portions of the Course before going on to the next Section. Otherwise, press on, and keep growing!