Section FOUR Test

The Ministry For Christ

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The following questions will help you identify how much you have learned in your Bible Study time. Answer as many as possible, and take your time so that you can think and remember the answers. Most answers are obvious. Some questions however will be hard. All questions come from the material in the previous Section of the First Principles Study Course. God bless you as you examine what you have learned, and become confident in knowing and growing in Godís wondrous word!


1.        Write out word-perfect Romans 12:11 _________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

2.        There are three parts to Christís Great Commission in Matthew 28:18,19. List them: 1) _______________  2) _________________  3) __________________

3.        There are many reasons why Christians are commanded to take the Gospel to this world. List one: _______________________________________________

4.        When you are witnessing to a person, what is the Holy Spirit trying to do in their heart? ______________________________________________________

5.        When you go soul-winning, list some things that you should have on hand: ________________________________________________________________

6.        What must the sinner realise about themselves before they can be saved? ________________________________________________________________

7.        What are the two things that a sinner must do in their heart to be saved? 1)______________________________ 2) _____________________________

8.        Concerning employment, the Christian is really, always serving who? _______

9.        Is it important how a Christians acts and reacts on the job? ________. Explain why: ___________________________________________________________

10.     Are there limits to what a Christian can be asked to do on a job (i.e., selling liquors, manufacturing idols, lying for the boss, etc.)? _________. Explain how you know where to draw the line? ____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

11.     Should you expect to draw persecution on the job when you hide your Christianity? __________

12.     Define ambition: __________________________________________________

13.     Can Christians have right ambitions? ____________________

14.     Define the word evolution: __________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

15.     What event do evolutionists believe started this universe? _________________

16.     There are many scientific laws that totally disprove evolution. Give one of those laws: ______________________________________________________

17.     How many days did it take to fashion this entire universe? _________________

18.     List something new that can be created right now? _______________________ ______________________

19.     How old is this earth, if we go according to the biblical record? _____________

20.     Dinosaurs are described best in what book of the Bible? ___________________

21.     List the three heavens: 1) _____________________ 2) ___________________ 3) _______________________

22.     A Christianís place in heaven is in a city called the _________ Jerusalem.

23.     Explain why did God create hell? ____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

24.     Give a brief description of hell: ______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

25.     What Scripture can best be used to describe hell? ________________________

26.     How long will the lost be in hell? ____________________________________

27.     What is the next event that the Christian is to be looking forward to? ________ ________________________________________________________________

28.     How long will the Tribulation last? ___________________________________

29.     Who are the 144,000 witnesses in the Tribulation? _______________________

30.     Explain the Judgment Seat of Christ: _________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

31.     The Second Coming of Christ is referred to as the Battle of ________________

32.     The Second Coming is also referred throughout the Old Testament as ďthe day of the ____________.Ē

33.     What period of time follows the Tribulation, and the Second Coming of Christ? _____________________________________________

34.     How long will the Millennium last? __________________________________

35.     Who will rule the world during the Millennium? ________________________

36.     At the end of the world, there is a final judgment called the Great __________ Throne judgment. Who will be there? _________________________________

37.     There will be three new things after the end of the world. What are they? 1)___________________ 2) ____________________ 3) __________________

38.     Once a person has been discipled, it is now their privilege and purpose to become a what? _____________________

39.     When Christ sent out his disciples, they basically turned the world __________ down. How many people had been discipled by Christ? ___________________

40.     If every born again Christian did their part in soul-winning, and discipling, is it possible to reach the world in our lifetime? ___________________________


Well Done!

You have now completed Section FOUR, its test, and the entire Study Course! Hand this test in to your Discipler, and it will be quickly graded. The results will only be known by you, your Discipler, and the Course Administrator. Its results will not be made available to ANYONE else.


Praise God! You have come a long way for Christ! Never stop!