Why Are There So Many Churches?


The Bible warns that not only does God have His church (Matt 16:18), but so does Satan (2 Cor 11:13-15). It is called "religion" and it is not Christianity. Satan's "church" is full of: False prophets (Matt 7:15); False believers (Matt 7:21); Traditions (Col 2:8); and doctrines (Jude 3,4).

When comparing "Religion" with Christianity, it is important to find out whether it is founded upon what God said (the Bible), or what man said (tradition, see Mark 7:1-9).

What follows is a brief History of “Churches,” and church traditions beginning with the New Testament Church, and ending up today with almost total confusion!


33 AD The Crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and His sending out His disciples into all the world to preach and establish Christianity by getting people to repent and believe!

65        The apostle Paul says that all of the then known world had heard about Jesus Christ! New Testament style churches were spread throughout the Roman empire in every major city!

95        The apostle John finished writing the Revelation, and completes the Bible - no more prophecy!

...         Intense persecution against Christianity by the Roman Empire for over 200 years!

313      The Roman Emperor Constantine gives in, and organises a central state-church in Rome with him at the head. This becomes known as the ROMAN CATHOLIC Church.  He becomes the first POPE! Before that time, all "churches" were local, independent, and illegal. After this time, only the “baptistic” churches were illegal.

375      The use of "images" was introduced along with the veneration of saints and angels – the catholic church  just borrowed all the images of the pagans and made them into “Christian” symbols (idols)! God forbid in Exodus 20 the veneration of ANY image or picture!

394      Mass” was accepted as THE method for salvation. They made the crucifixion into a ritual.

593              Purgatory was introduced as a temporary punishment of sinners. No other religious doctrine produced as much money for the catholic coffers than the teachings about “purgatory!”

850      Holy water is introduced as having special powers of healing and cleansing.

1054    The GREEK ORTHODOX church split from Rome over the issue of Papal authority. Now there were two “holy apostolic catholic” churches, neither of which follow the Bible!

1079    Celibacy of the Catholic priesthood was made mandatory. Before then, most members of the clergy were married.

1090    The rosary was adopted as a method of praying - it was also borrowed from the pagans. The Hindus and the Buddhists also have rosary beads.

1190    Sale of indulgences (paying a priest for your sins in money) began. It allowed people to pre-pay for sins that otherwise would have to be paid for in purgatory.

1215              Confessions to Roman priests started, and was made mandatory to all people for salvation. The gift of Salvation was just constantly being added to!

1525    Martin Luther broke away from the Roman Catholic Church - started the Lutherans. Martin was a good monk, but wanted to get the Bible into the hands of the common people – he found he had to leave the “church” in order to live by the Bible.

1534    Henry VIII took the English church away from Rome and started the Church of England.

1541    The Presbyterian church was formed by Christians breaking away from Church of England. They made a big step in attempting to return to Biblical Christianity – but still carried a lot of “baggage” from Catholicism and the church of England.

1791    The Methodist church broke away from the Church of England - by John Wesley. They for the most part went back to Biblical Christianity.

1827    The Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints) began "their church" (with their own "Bible").

1854    The Immaculate Conception of Mary (not of Jesus) was declared.

1896    The Jehovah's “Christian” Witnesses were organized (with their own "Bible").

1950    The Assumption (ascension into heaven) of Mary proclaimed as doctrine.

And then there are the 7th Day Adventists, Christian Scientists, Church of God, and a host of others! Every year there are new “cults” and flavours of “faith” for people to choose from. Bible believers (from the time of the apostles on) have never been a part of the religious "system" listed above, but have always been separate from it, and required anyone who believed the Bible to separate themselves from it (2 Cor 6:14-18). Whenever the religious system caught a Bible believer, they tortured and burned them at the stake for their beliefs (Acts 8:3; 9:1; 24:14)

The answer to why there are so many churches lies in the fact that people believe that there can be so many different approaches to God and the Bible, which is not true (Rev 22:18,19; John 14:6). People must take God’s word literally and completely, and come to God, only God’s way - the Bible way. Religion has no authority other than itself, instead of the word of God. Therefore, religions are constantly changing, while in Biblical Christianity, believers are always anchored to the unchanging words of the living God!

So, How can a Bible believer identify false religions?


1.      They have another authority besides the Bible. Either it will be in place of the Bible (Book of Mormon, Koran), along side with the Bible (having equal inspiration), or they will produce their own translation!

In the Catholic church, the authority is in about 135 volumes of church traditions and writings, along side the Bible.

In other churches, the authority is in visions, or secret revelations.

2.      They require blind obedience to a human – like a pope, or charismatic leader, or miracle worker.

3.      They have a history of killing and suppressing those who do not agree with them (i.e., Islam, Catholicism in the Dark Ages, religious wars).

4.      They usually emphasize obscure passages in their Bible instead of clear ones (i.e., Matt 24:13 and Acts 2:38 instead of Rom 10:13).

5.      They emphasize secret societies and special revelations from God that cannot be verified! (Mohammed’s visions, Fatima, Joseph Smith, etc.)

The Bible believer promotes an honest and clear revelation from God in the form of a Book that can be tested, and verified as authentic!