Biblical Authority

Psalm 138:2

I.         Introduction


A.      This lesson will introduce you to the great truth of the absolute authority and power of the Bible!

B.       The Foundation is most important


1.        Example of House near coast during storm

2.        What is the foundation a church is built upon?


a.        The word of God

b.       A spiritual leader

c.        The Holy Spirit

d.       Jesus Christ – which Jesus? The one in the Bible!


C.       Why God Needs the Bible


1.        Example of an adult playing hide-and-go-seek – would usually do better than their kids, so they have to “sneeze” or “cough” to give them hints of where they are

2.        Same with God – sin has driven a wide gap between us and God

3.        He gave us His word, the Bible to reveal all about Himself

4.        With it, and with it ALONE, we can know the truth about


a.        Heaven, hell

b.       Sin, and forgiveness

c.        Eternity

d.       God – whether He is Allah or Jehovah!


D.      Baptists have always held the Bible above Pope, Prince, and Preacher

E.       Let’s look at why


II.       Lesson - Biblical Authority (1Cor 1:10)


A.      The Authority Established by God (Psalm 138:2) – His Own Words


1.        According to Jesus (Mt 4:4; Lk 24:25-27; 32, 38-47; John 17:17)

2.        According to the Bible itself (Psalm 119:160)


B.       The Authority of a Church therefore is:


1.        Not in apostles (Acts 17:1,2,11)

2.        Not in experience (1Cor 1:17-23)

3.        Not in its leaders

4.        It is ONLY in the words of almighty God (2Tim 4:1,2)


C.       What Other Authorities Does The Bible Say Exist? (Rom 13)


1.        Your parents

2.        The government – Garda, TD’s, councillors

3.        Pastors, Sunday School teachers


D.      What Do Baptists Do When Authorities Conflict (Acts 4:18,19)?


1.        We Stay by the Bible


a.        Won’t call a religious man “father”

b.       We don’t waste time trying to pray to Mary

c.        We dump idols and religious statues – dump them

d.       We love each other – even when it is hard to – because God says to

e.        We go out and tell a lost world how to get saved!

f.         And if it costs us our lives to obey this Book, so be it!


2.        We do what the Bible says over and above what the world says:


a.        Preach about heaven – not nirvana

b.       Preach about hell – not the grave, or a state of mind

c.        Preach what is right to do and what is wrong to do - wickedness

d.       Train up our kids to be like Jesus, not Madonna

e.        We aim to get hot, and stay hot – avoid lukewarmness!


E.       If You Have A Church That Has As Their Authority The Bible, The Following Will Be True:


1.        Every person in that church will have their OWN Bible

2.        Every person will be taught to BELIEVE their Bible

3.        Every person will be trained to identify religious hustlers, and reject them

4.        Every person will search their Scriptures and study them every day

5.        The Pastor has to stay on his toes to make sure what he preaches and teaches always matches what the Bible clearly and plainly says!


F.       If You Find A Church Like THAT, You Have An Old Time Baptist-Kind Of Church


III.     Conclusion – Next Week, the Autonomy of the Local Church