Judas Iscariot – Part 1

The False Apostle

DATE: 18 May, 2003  AM          PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (Mk 14:21)


A.      Judas is a prime example of a professing believer who thought only of his own plans, and missed the reason for Christ’s coming in the first place.


1.        For three years he followed the Lord with the other disciples.

2.        He appeared to be one of them. Presumably he thought of himself as a believer, at least at the outset.

3.        It is doubtful he joined up with Christ's band with the intention of turning against him. Somewhere along the line he became greedy, but that could hardly have been his motive in the beginning; Jesus and the disciples never had anything of material value (Matthew 8:20).

4.        Apparently Judas initially shared the hope of Christ's kingdom, and he likely believed that Jesus was the Messiah.

5.        After all, he also had left everything to follow the Lord.


B.       Yet, while the others were growing, Judas was quietly becoming a vile, calculating tool of Satan. Whatever his character seemed to be at the beginning, his faith was not real (John 13:10-11). He was unregenerated, and his heart gradually hardened so that he became the treacherous man who sold the Saviour for a fistful of coins. In the end, he was so prepared to do Satan's bidding that the devil himself possessed Judas (John 13:27).

C.       We always think of Judas as a monster; but what if we ourselves be-at least in possibility-as monstrous and as vile?

D.      Two Part Message


1.        First this morning about Judas himself

2.        Next Sunday evening we will see how he was the actual first coming of the anti-christ


II.       Message – The Apostle Judas Iscariot


A.      Judas was An Apostle (Lk 6:13-16)


1.        He was Already a follower, a disciple when we first meet Judas


a.       Interested in Jesus – more than can be said about most of the people in Ireland today

b.       Wanted to be with Jesus, and learn from Him


2.        He was Chosen – specially hand chosen by name by Jesus. Only thirteen men in all of history have had this privilege!

3.        He was Called – ordained to be the Apostle Judas Iscariot!

4.        That means Judas was Empowered (Mt 10:5-8)


a.       To Preach

b.       To Heal sick people

c.       To Cleanse the lepers

d.       Even raising the dead

e.       Casting out devils

f.        If Judas did not have these abilities as did all the other apostles, he would have stuck out like a sore thumb!


5.        He was Accepted by the other apostles


a.       He fit in with this group of mis-fits

b.       Didn’t go around snickering, and hideously laughing to himself about his plans to “take over the world”


6.        He was A friend to the Lord Jesus (Jn 13:18b; Ps 41:9)

7.        One the outside, Judas was everything that Peter, and John the Beloved were!


B.       Judas was An Eye-Witness.


1.        He saw everything Jesus did – not hidden in some corner

2.        Heard everything Jesus said – Jesus spake openly, and clearly to Judas

3.        He was part of “the twelve” that stayed with Jesus through those three and a half years – not an occasional meeting-up with Jesus


a.       He ate with Jesus

b.       He slept outside under the stars along side Jesus and the other apostles

c.       He walked alongside Jesus for miles and miles and miles!


4.        Judas Iscariot knew Jesus Christ. Really knew Him.


a.       He knew exactly what Jesus looked like, His height, His weight, the colour of His hair, and the sound of His voice.

b.       He actually talked with Jesus, face to face, countless times.

c.       He knew Jesus' favourite foods, the places that He liked to go to most often, His sense of humour, and all sorts of other personal traits because he was one of a very few who spent years actually working and travelling with Jesus.

d.       Judas witnessed Jesus' miracles firsthand - so to him, rock-solid faith should have been very easy.

e.       And yet, after all of his close experience with the Saviour, Judas betrayed Jesus to a cruel death. For a few silver coins.


5.        Faith is a funny thing isn’t it – because, seeing is not always believing!


C.       Judas was A Counterfeit (Mt 13:24-30)


1.        A counterfeit – a tare, only a follower, but not born again!

2.        Looked, smelled, sounded, and acted like a Christian.

3.        Clean on the outside, as were many of the Pharisees, but on the inside, he was filthy and wicked (Jn 13:10,11). The most dangerous kind of person, is the murderer that you can’t detect, or would expect to be one!

4.        None of the miracles, none of the words of our Lord Jesus, none of the love of the Lord Jesus made any difference in the life of Judas Iscariot


a.       His heart still held on to this world

b.       He never let Jesus change him

c.       He ever only thought of himself


D.      Judas was A Thief (Jn 12:1-6)


1.        Did you notice that the two other men on crosses next to Jesus were THIEVES!? Thievery is a wicked crime, just as much as murder!

2.        He thought thievery (stealing a few coins out of the bag) wouldn’t matter in the big picture


a.       We live in a wicked day – shoplifting, and thievery is rife!

b.       Have you noticed how many shops have to have security guards?

c.       CCTV cameras have to even watch employees

d.       Almost 10 Billion Euros every year are stolen from stores in Europe

e.       All of them think it doesn’t matter, and won’t be missed!

f.        The best thing is not to love money


3.        He thought the money wouldn’t be missed – Jesus was always more interested in people, than in the money-end of things

4.        Why did Jesus choose Judas, if he was of such character (Jn 6:70,71)?


a.       Better to ask, Why would Jesus choose YOU and ME? That’s a greater mystery!

b.       Is it because of OUR respectability? Is it because WE have no potential to sin against Him?

c.       It is simply because He came to SAVE, CHANGE, REDEEM SINNERS (Mk 2:17)!!!


E.       Judas was A Betrayer (Zech 11:12,13)


1.        What is a betrayer?


a.       to give away to the enemy; hand over or expose to the power of the enemy by treachery or disloyalty.

b.       to be unfaithful to; let down. Ex. She betrayed her friends by breaking her promise.

c.       to give away (a secret entrusted to one). Ex. to betray a friend's confidence.

d.       the act of betraying or condition of being betrayed; violation of trust or confidence.

e.       Truly, ALL OF US HAVE BEEN BETRAYERS of our Lord at times


2.        Why he did it


a.       A fast source of income – quick return on effort

b.       He believed Jesus would never allow Himself to be condemned


1)       Thought Jesus was above reproach

2)       Thought Jesus would just pass between them as He had done so many times before


c.       He believed that the Pharisees’ plan would fail, and Pilate would have to release Jesus

d.       He thought everything would just return back to normal afterward, but only Judas the wiser, and richer!!!

e.       And if it didn’t, then at least he has played both sides, and can choose sides based on the outcome – a double-agent


3.        Why did the Pharisees need a betrayer?


a.       Couldn’t capture Jesus out in the open – everybody would have rioted against them

b.       Jesus and his men disappeared every evening – didn’t stay in the poshest hotels

c.       They needed someone close to Him, to lead them TO Him, when everything was right for Him to be captured without a struggle


4.        How Judas betrayed Jesus (Mt 26:1-4; 14-25; 30-50)


a.       Not by surprise – Jesus was BORN to die, and knew it all along

b.       At the right time – when it was Christ’s time of choosing

c.       When the other disciples were not suspecting it (Mt 26:22)


1)       So important that we all examine ourselves

2)       Jesus did not point out clearly WHO would betray Him – because that would make it seem that some people are foreordained to sin

3)       Oh that we had the right attitude about ourselves, and OUR potential to sin, and need for such a Saviour!

4)       Think not, there was not only ONE betrayal for all time, and that it never can be repeated (2Tim 3:1-5)


F.       Judas was Lost (Mt 26:24) Don’t think Judas was lost because he wasn’t like you and me. He was lost to hell because:


1.        He Never really listened to Jesus, and believed ON Him


a.       Yes Judas believed IN Jesus – just as every demon of hell does!

b.       Just wanted the kingdom of God – instead of the kingdom of the Romans ruling over them

c.       Did not want the King though – Jesus made it imperative that the kingdom had to come through HIM, and His death on the cross

d.       Not through some great battle on the battle-field


2.        He was Completely open to Satanic attack and possession


a.       Peter was also open – not careful

b.       But Judas was possessed

c.       Started with the love of money

d.       Ended up helping to murder an innocent Man


3.        He Repented only to priests (Mt 27:1-10)


a.       This is where we go wrong. We are very sorry about our sins, but to the wrong persons – confess to priests, and to our friends, but never to the actual ones we hurt

b.       Judas should have gone straight to God, and surrendered to the mercy of God, and found forgiveness – even for such a betrayal!


4.        He Became Suicidal (Mt 27:5), and died a wasted death


a.       Not necessarily a sign of being lost

b.       But clearly a result of it – Satan is a murderer!

c.       Judas did not believe that the death of Christ was what would pay-off sin’s debt

d.       He thought that HIS OWN DEATH could atone for his sin – it couldn’t

e.       No amount of goodness, or best efforts – and especially, no form of death can atone, fully pay-off the sin-debt that we owe God

f.        That’s why Jesus, the perfect, sinless, Lamb of God came, and died in our place – any other attempt is only wasted effort (Isa 64:6; Eph 2:8,9)


1)       Judas wasted his life

2)       Priests waste their talents attempting to please God

3)       People waste their prayers

4)       Kings waste their monies trying to purchase what God has given as a gift on Christ’s behalf


III.     Conclusion


A.      Most people think  they are above being a Judas

B.       But, like we have seen with all the apostles, we are made out of the same flesh, and so often are TOO much like the bad aspects of the apostles – including even Judas Iscariot!

C.       Have you accepted the following truths


1.        You are a sinner of the same calibre of Judas?

2.        Your self-righteousness will drive you to ignore the words and spiritual work of the Saviour if you are not careful?

3.        Jesus died for wicked sinners like YOU?

4.        If you won’t let Jesus take your place on the cross, your loss at death will be eternal?


D.      That’s why Jesus came and preached, YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!


1.        Religion won’t save - Prayers won’t save - Good efforts won’t save

2.        Priests won’t save - Churches can’t save

3.        Only Jesus saves! When you call out in defeated prayer for Him to reach down into the muck of your life and SAVE you from top to bottom!


E.       Will you do that today? Tomorrow may be too late!

Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church
Blarney, Co. Cork
Mallow, Co. Cork

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