The Gospel Shoes

Wrestling With Another World – Part 5

Ephesians 6

August 25, 2013 PM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.       Introduction (Ephesians 6:10-18)


A.    How can any selfish, self-condemned sinner ever expect to resist the devil, except by a superior power - a superior force?

B.     With the Whole Armour of God!


1.      This armour enables the Christian to STAND (6:10-13), and not fall when under attack from any enemy - spiritual, or physical! Most “Christians” fall like rain under pressure and attack. We need so desperately to learn to stand!

2.      To fight Satan we must put on "the whole armour of God".  Not just a few bits and pieces, but the whole package, every day! Why? Because Satan looks for the weak spots in our life to hit at. 


a.       Every soldier is issued weapons and defensive gear


1)      They are tools to get the war won

2)      Every fisherman has tools to catch fish, every carpenter has tools to build homes, and every Christian has tools to defeat the devil!


b.      But all the training in the world wont do any good in battle if the soldier doesn’t PUT ON THE ARMOUR - doesn’t carry his weapons into the fight


1)      God is calling every Christian here to faithfully prepare for each day, and each battle by choosing to “put on” every piece of God’s armour!

2)      Don’t be like the idiot soldier that went to the loo, and was taken prisoner simply because he forgot to carry his weapon!

3)      Satan traps more Christians simply because:


a)      They never learn their weapon - how it works, how to use it

b)      They let someone else destroy their faith in their weapons

c)      They forget to use their weapons, and try fighting against tanks with sticks, rocks, and mud! You wont survive!


c.       Preparation is found in personal discipline - reading and studying your Bible, being in church, praying, exercising your faith - growing stronger!

d.      A Christian who is not ready, and prepared to live for God each day, is destined to wind up spiritually shot-up, and wounded and hurt! And probably even dead. There is NO glory in that!


C.     There are six pieces of armour the Christian needs to be wearing every day so to stand:


1.      The under-garment of God’s truth - wraps around us like a wide belt

2.      The breastplate of God’s righteousness

3.      The boots of the Gospel

4.      The shield and buckler of faith

5.      The helmet of personal salvation (forgiveness)

6.      The Bible (sword) of the spirit - the word of God


D.    We looked at the first two this morning, and the remaining four tonight!


II.    Message – The Spiritual Weapons of a Christian…


A.    The Weapon of Truth (Eph 6:14a). All our armour rests upon this

B.     The Breastplate of Righteousness (Ephesians 6:14b)

C.     Gospel Shoes! (Ephesians 6:15)


1.      God knows we need armour on our feet


a.       Usually people put a lot of emphasis only on arm strength and upper body armour – and when pushed and shoved by the devil and the world, they slip and fall!

b.      These Gospel Shoes are more than just shoes, they are boots - army boots. They may be a bit uncomfortable to wear, but they are a very necessary part of our armour (Rom 10:15)!


1)      Boots - feet shod (covered) - enables a soldier to stand in all weather and conditions

2)      Preparation - ready to go, ready to stand, ready to fight

3)      The Gospel of peace: the words that make peace with God (at war with the devil) - most have it the other way around!


2.      God gave us these shoes, and we MUST wear them all day every day – not just when we feel motivated to wear them!

3.      Do you KNOW the Gospel?  What is the Gospel? Get this clear in your minds!


a.       Some think it is a book on an altar. Some think it’s all about the kingdom, miracles, signs and wonders! These are false Gospels (Gal 1:6-9).


1)      Like Mormons, JW’s, “prosperity” gospel promoters, social gospel ministers (feed the poor, etc), the liberation gospel fighters (free the oppressed minorities of the world)

2)      Some may be good causes, but are NOT the Gospel! There are “feel good” gospels (never offends), and “do your own thing” gospels - they are the devil’s poison


b.      THE Gospel is the good news about one Man, the God-Man, Jesus Christ! His death, burial, and resurrection in our place (1 Cor 15:1-4)! It is ONLY about Jesus! And that you can have eternal life - it is available to all who repent and receive Christ’s gift by faith ALONE!

c.       Believe any other “gospel” and you will go to hell as fast as a bullet!


4.      The Gospel does THREE Things for the Christian besides saving them:


a.       Knowing it Prepares us – for SPIRITUAL fighting

b.      Knowing it Protects us – from slipping

c.       Knowing it Propels us – to the farthest corner of the world


5.      The Gospel Prepares You for the Battle (Eph 6:15)


a.       Know this! Satan meticulously trains, and programs his army. So should WE!

b.      Part of your armour is actually the preparation to fight - you can have the best weapons at your disposal, and still lose because you do not know how to use them!


c.       The Gospel Prepares You To Stand - while serving, soul-winning, and under attack! It is like an army boot. How does the Gospel prepare a Christian to stand?


1)      Gives the person a reason to stand in the first place – for people’s souls!

2)      Provides the armour to enable the Christian to withstand attacks - in muck, mire, on slopes, slippery places - it provides firm support

3)      Expands our understanding of what is really at stake in this spiritual warfare we are caught up in - Gospel gives us a view of eternity - that the whole world is going to hell under a wicked, evil tyrant named Lucifer (no fairy tale) - and they must be freed!


6.      The Gospel Protects You IN battle.


a.       To stand against your enemy, you need firm footing. Psa 40:2  He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.


b.      The Gospel keeps you OUT of bad places!


1)      Psa 119:101  I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep thy word.

2)      Psa 119:105  Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

3)      The Gospel will keep you out of pubs, jails, discos, off-licenses


c.       The Gospel will keep you from slipping


1)      Into Calvinism

2)      Into Apathy

3)      Into laziness – people are dying and going to hell right now at almost 2 per second!

4)      Into filthy sin – that would ruin your testimony and send more people to hell


d.      It keeps us focused on the real battles! Paul worried most about how people messed with the Gospel. Once you mess with the Gospel, you damn people – period!


7.      The Gospel Propels You to the Battle – it is constantly in motion (1 Thes 1:5-9). It moves us to SAY something DO something in this messed up, lost world!


a.       The Gospel came to these Thessalonians in Greece (1:5)

b.      The Gospel changed those people - into followers of Christ (1:6)

c.       The Gospel motivated those new Christians to sound it out across the region: into Macedonia and Achaia (1:7,8)!


8.      That’s why God calls the Christian’s feet beautiful (Is 52:7; Ro 10:15)


a.       If your salvation didn’t affect your feet, and get you to taking the gospel to the lost, then something is wrong, and you need to get back right with God (too many are like the Dead Sea)

b.      Realize what you are getting into - spiritual warfare - over lost souls!


9.      The most victorious Christian is a witnessing Christian!