The Goodness of God

Let me tell you about the Lovingkindness of God!

Psalm 107:8
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April 28, 2013 AM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.       Introduction (Ephesians 4:32)


A.    It is absolutely wonderful when someone is kind, and compassionate towards us

B.     Examples of Being Kind:


1.      The Good Samaritan


a.       Jesus taught us about loving our neighbour through the parable about the Good Samaritan

b.      He was not a Jew. He generally was not welcome in Jerusalem

c.       But when he saw the Jewish man, beaten and hurt, he showed powerful and even life-saving kindness


2.      A teacher asked her class “What is loving-kindness?”


a.       A child jumped up and said, “Well, if I was hungry, and someone gave me a piece of bread, that would be kindness”

b.      He paused for a moment, and then said, “But if they put a little jam on the bread, that would be loving kindness!”


3.      A man named John Wesley wrote these words as a rule for his life


a.       Do all the good you can,

b.      By all the means you can,

c.       In all the ways you can,

d.      In all the places you can,

e.       At all the times you can,

f.       To all the people you can,

g.      As long as you ever can!


4.      A Gospel preacher named Dwight Moody was in New York City one time, and was helped considerably by a fellow pastor during his trip. When he was leaving by train, he said to the man that had been such a help to him, “If you ever get to Chicago, call o me; and I will try to return all your kindnesses!” In reply, the man said, “Don’t wait for me; do it to the first man that comes along”

5.      I have heard many stories this week of people just being kind to everyone they met

6.      I know it has made the difference in my life when someone was just kind to me – especially when I didn’t deserve it!


C.    But the truth is, We aren’t very good at being good – there’s only one who’s always good

D.    Let me tell you about Him, and HIS lovingkindness!


II.    Message


A.    Things we Forget (Jeremiah 2:32)


1.      That we are not an accident (Acts 17:25)

2.      That WE are to Blame for all the Messes in Our Lives – OUR sins ruin our lives!


a.       Not God – He started us off right, He is constantly pulling us back on track

b.      It is NOT our genes that are to blame

c.       It is not everyone else who is the fault

d.      It is ourselves! Our own selfish, hard-hearted, sinful ways of living!

e.       We forget this!


3.      That God is Good to us Anyway – better than we deserve! (Psalm 145:9; Matthew 5:45)


B.     Things We Need to Remember


1.      The Mercies of God (Lam 3:21-23)


a.       Mercy is lenience – not getting in trouble when you should be in trouble

b.      It is because God is MERCIFUL that we are not all in hell this morning


1)      We are all in trouble with God

2)      You may seem all nice, and sweet on the outside, but you KNOW that you are a sinner on the inside, and have broken most if not all of God’s laws- at least the spirit of them!

3)      And deep down, if you will admit it, you know you deserve God’s judgment

4)      And yet, God is good to you!!! He is patient with you!


c.       God’s compassions don’t fail, give out, wear out, or grow old

d.      As a matter of fact, they are NEW every single morning


1)      He is not like us – He is not like brakes on a car that slowly wear away and then are gone! He is not like you or me that have very short fuses!

2)      His mercies are always there, always fresh, always strong, always new!

3)      That’s why He is PATIENT with you! Because he starts over every day!


e.       GREAT is God’s faithfulness towards us!

f.       Are YOU unfaithful, inconsistent, unreliable, fickle, up and down?

g.      Well, thank God that HE is NOT that way!


2.      The Blessings of God (Psalm 103)


a.       Listen to king David as he prays! He asks for nothing… he just is sitting there and remembering how GOOD God is!

b.      Remember all God’s benefits – goodnesses, kindnesses towards HIM!

c.       Forgiveness (Psalm 86:5) – He is so ready to forgive, if only we would humble ourselves and ASK for it!

d.      Health, and healing (103:3) – thank a doctor for all he or she does, but realise, they are only working WITH the great Physician!

e.       Safety – kept back from serious disasters, destruction

f.       Crowned with lovingkindness and tender mercies!


1)      If YOU were ALMIGHTY GOD, and tried to help someone, wouldn’t it be all to easy to CRUSH them with your attempt to be kind?

2)      But GOD is tender – all His strength and power is under control!


g.      Blesses you with good things

h.      Renews your youthfulness (103:5) – joy, excitement, like no drug or drink ever could

i.        Perfect forgiveness (103:10-12)


1)      He overlooks a load of sins – things even we aren’t aware of

2)      He doesn’t punish us like we deserve

3)      His mercy is larger than the universe!!!

4)      All because He takes our sins, and completely removes them – He doesn’t hide them, and then bring them back up again later when it suits Him


j.        God is very good to us


1)      To everyone (Psalm 145:9)

2)      But especially to those that fear Him, and obey Him (Psalm 103:17-18)

3)      God is very good to everyone in this room this morning, but His kindness only lasts if you get born again! Otherwise, the mercies and love of God end at death!


3.      The Love of God (Ephesians 2)


a.       What God Had to Love (2:1-3) – this is who God loved!


1)      Those who are dead – spiritually dead!

2)      Those who are worldly, not heavenly – very different

3)      Those who are demonic – was driven by the prince of the power of the air – Satan

4)      Those who are full of lusts, desires of the flesh and of the mind – wicked imaginations

5)      Those who are by nature, the children of wrath, not children of God!


b.      What God Had to Do (2:4)


1)      He loved us anyway – with GREAT love! It takes great love to love us!

2)      He quickened us – resurrected us inside

3)      We were born in sin – born wrong. Born spiritually dead

4)      God had to not only be merciful, but show GRACE


a)      Mercy is God NOT giving you condemnation that you deserve

b)      Grace is God giving you life and forgiveness, when you don’t deserve it


5)      He saved us (2:5,8,9)!


a)      He didn’t come and die to make us church members

b)      Or to make us nice people

c)      He came to seek & to save that which was lost & on their way to a devil’s hell


6)      All because of Jesus Christ (2:5-7)


a)      Not because of our own feeble attempts at good works

b)      Not because we were even worthy of God’s kindness

c)      But because of what Jesus Christ did for us


1.      His resurrection power can resurrect your dead spirit (2:5)

2.      His grace can save you from God’s coming wrath on sin (2:5)

3.      Because Jesus is now seated in heaven, so are WE (2:6)

4.      And it is only the beginning (2:7) – because of Jesus, God will never run out of awesome things He will want to do for us throughout all eternity!

5.      It is kind of like a new son-in-law or daughter-in-law, being welcomed into the family and shown such love and kindness


a.       Not because they are so wonderful

b.      But because they are now part of the family because they married your son or daughter!


4.      The Grace of God (Titus 3:3-7)


a.       What We All Were – if only we were honest


1)      Foolish – acting like there is no God to worry about, no devil, no sins – only mistakes, and religions

2)      Disobedient – not just of people, but against God

3)      Deceived – duped, tricked, conned by all the TV and friends, into thinking it doesn’t matter how we live

4)      Serving (in bondage to) many lusts and pleasures – that is all we lived for and wanted out of life

5)      Living in malice – meanness, nastiness

6)      Envy

7)      Hateful and hating one another

8)      No amount of good works could save us


b.      Then came GRACE


1)      Kindness and love of God – towards such unworthy sinners like us

2)      When we really deserved judgment and punishment


c.       What God Can Do


1)      Save us – salvage us

2)      Justify / Pardon us

3)      Make us heirs of God


d.      How?


1)      By NOT leaving us as we are!

2)      But by washing us – cleaning us up on the INSIDE

3)      By renewing us – start over with us

4)      By regenerating us – to regenerate is to give life again

5)      By the Holy Spirit of God in us

6)      Through Jesus Christ in us

7)      And God does it abundantly


III. Conclusion


A.    I think God has been very good to us. Shown such great kindnesses towards each and every one of us


1.      Maybe not like we want

2.      But certainly in ways that truly matter

3.      In eternal ways, and priceless ways


B.     Never allow yourself to Forget…


1.      The Mercies of God (Lam 3:21-23)

2.      The Blessings of God (Psalm 103)

3.      The Love of God (Ephesians 2)

4.      The Grace of God (Titus 3:3-7)


C.    Don’t ever despise the goodness of God (Romans 2:4).


1.      By neglect it – ignoring it – thinking it doesn’t matter

2.      Maybe someone was kind & good to you this week – made a huge difference in your life

3.      Maybe someone invited you to church this morning

4.      Maybe this is the first time you have ever really heard about GOD’S loving kindness


D.    God has given you another opportunity to know Him and follow Him (2Cor 6:2; Hebrews 3:7-11)


1.      He could have left you to the devil’s devices – he is a liar and a murderer

2.      But instead, God works tirelessly, drawing all men unto His Son, Jesus, so they can be saved, born again, forgiven!


E.     Will you take the opportunity to do one of three things right now?


1.      Accept the grace of God, by faith – offered to you as a free gift, at Christ’s expense!

2.      Thank God for His constant mercy and grace! Every day!


a.       That He has not rewarded us like we DESERVE

b.      That He is constantly being kind and good towards us, BETTER than we deserve


3.      Live a life of grace and kindness from now on, no longer only for yourself!