The Christian’s Helmet of Salvation

Wrestling With Another World – Part 7

Ephesians 6

Sept 8, 2013 PM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.       Introduction (Ephesians 6:10-18)


A.    How can any selfish, self-condemned sinner ever expect to resist the devil, except by a superior power - a superior force?

B.     With the Whole Armour of God!


1.      This armour enables the Christian to STAND (6:10-13), and not fall when under attack from any enemy - spiritual, or physical! Most “Christians” fall like rain under pressure and attack. We need so desperately to learn to stand!

2.      To fight Satan we must put on "the whole armour of God".  Not just a few bits and pieces, but the whole package, every day! Why? Because Satan looks for the weak spots in our life to hit at. 


a.       Every soldier is issued weapons and defensive gear


1)      They are tools to get the war won

2)      Every fisherman has tools to catch fish, every carpenter has tools to build homes, and every Christian has tools to defeat the devil!


b.      But all the training in the world wont do any good in battle if the soldier doesn’t PUT ON THE ARMOUR - doesn’t carry his weapons into the fight


1)      God is calling every Christian here to faithfully prepare for each day, and each battle by choosing to “put on” every piece of God’s armour!

2)      Don’t be like the idiot soldier that went to the loo, and was taken prisoner simply because he forgot to carry his weapon!

3)      Satan traps more Christians simply because:


a)      They never learn their weapon - how it works, how to use it

b)      They let someone else destroy their faith in their weapons

c)      They forget to use their weapons, and try fighting against tanks with sticks, rocks, and mud! You wont survive!


c.       Preparation is found in personal discipline - reading and studying your Bible, being in church, praying, exercising your faith - growing stronger!

d.      A Christian who is not ready, and prepared to live for God each day, is destined to wind up spiritually shot-up, and wounded and hurt! And probably even dead. There is NO glory in that!


C.     There are six pieces of armour the Christian needs to be wearing every day so to stand:


1.      The under-garment of God’s truth - wraps around us like a wide belt

2.      The breastplate of God’s righteousness

3.      The boots of the Gospel

4.      The shield and buckler of faith

5.      The helmet of personal salvation (forgiveness)

6.      The Bible (sword) of the spirit - the word of God


D.    We looked at the first two this morning, and the remaining four tonight!


II.    Message – The Spiritual Weapons of a Christian…


A.    The Weapon of Truth (Eph 6:14a). All our armour rests upon this

B.     The Breastplate of Righteousness (Ephesians 6:14b)

C.     Gospel Shoes! (Ephesians 6:15)

D.    The Shield of Faith (Ephesians 6:16)

E.     The Helmet of Salvation (Ephesians 6:17) – Eternal Security


1.      What is a HELMET, and what is it good for?


a.       A soldiers helmet was very ornate. It looked more like a piece of art then a helmet.


1)      It was decorated with all kinds of engravings and etchings. On top was a plume of bright colours made of feathers or horsehair.

2)      Usually it was made of thick bronze and designed specifically to protect everything from the base of the neck up, including the cheeks and jaws.

3)      It was very heavy and the inside was filled with a sponge to make it more comfortable for the soldier to wear.


b.      But it was not made mainly for beauty – it was made to protect


1)      Soldiers facing an enemy are supposed to wear protective armour capable of withstanding an attack!

2)      Now, up to this point in Ephesians 6, the Christian soldier is covered except for their heads - a pretty vital area to protect!

3)      So on comes the helmet. Usually a single solid piece of strong metal carefully shaped around the head with a portion of the front open for vision

4)      Soldiers wore it at all times because the enemy’s primary target was the head or the heart.

5)      If a soldier didn't have a helmet on, they would literally “lose their head.”

6)      Once on, the soldier’s helmet is intended to withstand direct blows by swords, rocks, arrows, and shrapnel from nearby explosions.

7)      Nothing could pierce this helmet.

8)      Without that helmet on, the soldier would last no time in battle!


2.      Why Do Christians Need a Helmet?


a.       Many people think their religion needs to be pretty and fluffy and showy.

b.      But God says it just needs to be worn – even though heavy, or ugly to the world

c.       Its main purpose is to protect our MINDS!


1)      If there is one thing that we need protection of today, it is our HEADS, MINDS! Our way of thinking that is different than the world and culture around us!

2)      You got a new mind when you got saved – a new way of thinking (1Cor 2:16)

3)      You need to protect that new mind – every day!


a)      God knows that we needs lots of protection with all our armour covering our hearts, our feet, etc

b)      But we also need a soundness of mind today with the constant barrage of evolution, the cults, life on Mars, no need for God, turn to your inner self, and money being screamed at you from TV, radio talk programs, zillions of magazines & newspapers!


4)      If our enemy can chop away at our thoughts, at our conclusions, at our beliefs, at our joys, then he wins!

5)      We must wear a strong helmet so the devil cannot chop away at our minds and try to steal away the joys of our salvation. He will try.


a)      He will hack away and tell you that you are not saved

b)      That you are no good

c)      And that you have failed one too many times, etc.


6)      Once Satan can wear down and defeat your MIND, then he has your HEART!


3.      How Does the devil attack our MIND?


a.       Folks… All armies use propaganda to demoralise the opposing army – propaganda does not have to be true to work! Same with the devil!


1)      He is a LIAR (John 8:44; Rev 12:9)

2)      He is the author of Confusion (1Cor 14:33)

3)      He tricks you – lures, tempts, deceives, snares

4)      But he has NO POWER against the truth of your salvation


b.      How does the devil attack our mind?


1)      Through getting you to believe false authorities – the TV, News, Radio, Music

2)      False doctrines

3)      Through wrong kind of fears (2Tim 1:7)

4)      Through feelings, senses, sights – all the gates into your mind, and into the control of your life

5)      Through “friends”

6)      Through failures in our past constantly being dwelt upon and grieved about


c.       Satan cannot force you to sin, but we can be persuaded to sin.

d.      And if we sin, then we are placing ourselves under the power of that sin (John 8:34; Cf 1Cor 6:12). The devil seeks to persuade us to sin because if we do, it will increase his power and influence in the world through our fall.

e.       Once we are wounded, the goal of Satan is to destroy our minds – enslave it


4.      So, the PLACE of the Christian’s Helmet is on the head, not on the shelf (Is 59:17)


a.       Most religions are hypnotic - they seek to disengage the mind from feelings and emotions of the heart. They discourage questions, and objective examination. Instead they focus the person on superficial conclusions that are only designed to get the person to blindly trust the leader instead of Christ!

b.      But God asks you to use your head (Isa 1:18) as a Christian – not just your heart – never just have blind faith!

c.       In other words, USE your head in battle - don’t go by feelings, or by fears - go by the BOOK!

d.      Learn this Bible like God told you to, and then dive into battle fully confident in all of it’s truths!


5.      Without that helmet on, no soldier would survive in battle - so, none of the Christian’s armour is expendable, or neglectable! So, Put them all on! Including this helmet!


6.      How to Wear the Helmet of Salvation?


a.       Settle your eternal destiny (2 Cor 6:1,2; 2Cor 13:5) – make sure you have obtained God’s gift of salvation! SETTLE IT once and for all!


1)      Settle that God did NOT lie when He said


a)      They “shall NEVER perish” (John 10:28)

b)      “That ye may KNOW that ye HAVE eternal life…” (1 John 5:13)

c)      Do you HAVE the gift of God which is eternal life (Rom 6:23)?


2)      The helmet of salvation is provided to us when we firmly believe who we are in Christ.

3)      His once and for all sacrifice has assured our Salvation from the wrath to come.

4)      It also secured our Sanctification. “With one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.” Hebrews 10:14


a)      He has perfected forever (positional sanctification)

b)      Those who are being sanctified (made holy) (progressive sanctification)


5)      We must have full understanding of our salvation or else we will be vulnerable to Satan’s lies. We must study our salvation – make it part of our mind, part of our thinking, part of our confidence.

6)      We have to know what Jesus' death and resurrection has purchased for us. Then it won't matter how hard the devil hits us with his lies because we know God's viewpoint.

7)      A person’s salvation (ie, their conversion from religion, and sinfulness, to possessing eternal life) does something for you - it protects you! Gives you confidence (Pr 14:26; Phlp 1:6), assurance, courage! It stops you from worrying about losing, and allows you to focus on defeating your enemy!


a)      When you faith is weak, your knowledge of the Bible is lacking, and your courage is gone, you had better know that there was a day where you fell on your knees and cried out to a holy and almighty God, acknowledging your sinfulness, and asking Him to save your lost soul!

b)      You had better know that you ARE SAVED! Do you!? (1 John 5:11-13)

c)      If you think that your religion, or your own goodness is enough to protect you against the wrath of God, then you are in for a rude awakening when you wake up in hell! People need to get SAVED! Saved from sin, and hell (Luke 3:7)

d)     The free Christian does not run off the field because they are free - but they engage the enemy (Satan, spiritual enemies, oppressions) and fight - they don’t have to worry whether their armour will hold up (especially covering their mind)!


b.      Put on your helmet – wear it proudly!


1)      Remember the day you got saved

2)      Never get over that day!

3)      Don’t take another step in your life until you have this helmet in hand, and ready to go on your head!

4)      It has to be worn every day. Draw your confidence from the work that Jesus is doing in your life BECAUSE of your salvation. Take inventory everyday - start off in dependence upon Christ, and thank Jesus every day for saving you! Never get over being saved!


c.       Deflect all attacks against the rock solid facts of the Bible (2Cor 10:4,5) – do constant headers!

d.      Rest in the Helmet’s protective armour (Isa 26:3)


1)      Understand that our sins are not concealed or diminished, they have been taken away forever!

2)      Your mistakes are lost in Christ’s perfection.

3)      No sin, no Satanic attack can rob you of your salvation

4)      Let your salvation discourage your enemy’s attacks – he will have to worker harder now that you have protection around your mind!

III. Conclusion - So, when you get up every morning…

A.    Rehearse a truth, and hang
your whole day on that truth!

B.     Thank God for Christ’s
righteousness, then decide to
live-out that righteousness!

C.     Put on your Gospel Shoes and be ready to give an answer to every man!

D.    Take up, and hold high your Faith like a shield, in spite of whatever the devil throws at you!

E.     Put on the new mind of Christ, and decide to think as HE thought, and resist all temptations by deflecting them with the strength of your salvation!