Purchase Plans

for the
Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig, Cork
Our History as a Church Our People We have looked into purchasing land
The above building is a 6,600 square foot building that is for sale here in the Ballincollig area. We are preparing to put a substantial bid on the building, for use as our Church Worship Centre and Church offices!

The building meets our needs in the following ways:

We need a structure that would currently accommodate our current average attendance of 90 people on a given Sunday.
We need to be able to grow and expand in the proposed building to 230 people.
We would need facilities for all the various Church related functions, which would include a main worship centre, a kitchen, several class rooms, and proper toilets, and a church office.
The site needs to be near to the main centre of population.
There needs to be protected space for the children to play in.
There needs to be sufficient parking both for the current numbers attending, and for the projected future growth.
There needs to be easy access to/from main roads.
We already have many children’s and teen programmes that are helping them and their families locally, and, depending upon future available space, would quickly develop those programmes into larger community-based programmes including camps and club-house activities for after-school, etc.
We need special facilities for our Addictions Recovery Programmes that we conduct each week

All of the above needs are met by the above Building.


Main auditorium: 4,100 sq ft
Ground Floor Offices: 1,200 sq ft
First Floor Offices: 1,200 sq ft

Monies Raised so far: 182,000
Monies Needed to get a mortgage: 190,000
Additional Monies needed for building modifications: 56,000

Current Status...

1.  Preparing to apply for the mortgage from the bank
2.  Applying for Charitable Status so that the purchase is tax exempt
3.  Continuing to take up offerings for the purchase

If you would like more information, or would like to help with this purchase, please contact:
Pastor Craig Ledbetter, Bible Baptist Church, Unit B, Enterprise Park, Innishmore, Ballincollig, Cork
021-4871234   or 011-353-872766764