Introducing Our Church


The Bible Baptist Church
of Ballincollig, Cork


The people of the Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig are in need of land that can be designated for the building of a Baptist Church in the Ballincollig area. We are a growing group of Christian believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.


We met for our first ten years in rented accommodation in Blarney, and now for the past almost two years in the Westgate Foundation in Ballincollig, and we are in need of property to build a permanent Church Building on.


We have been looking for property, and or suitable buildings for the last six years for us to meet in or to build on, but have met with exorbitant prices and found it nearly impossible to get planning permission on the sites that we have found.


As a Church, we provide a vital centre of vibrant worship for families and individuals in this day of pressures, stress, and personal problems. We have many youth-development programmes, and community enrichment activities. We also provide extensive help with drug and drink addictions. We have accomplished all this utilising only rented facilities, and subsequently had many problems meeting the demand.


This booklet is intended to briefly introduce our Church, and present our needs for land that could be made available for the building of a Baptist Church in the Ballincollig area to accommodate us and our needs.


Thank you for considering us.


Who We Are



What We Need


We need at least 2 acres, but could use more, so that the following church-related needs can be met:


  1. We are seeking planning permission for a single storey structure that would currently accommodate up to 150 people, which would include a main worship centre, a kitchen, several class rooms and proper toilets, and a church office.
  2. There needs to be easy access to/from main roads.
  3. The site needs to be near to the main centre of population (i.e., Ballincollig).
  4. There needs to be level green space for the children to play in, and for parking to be provided on.
  5. There needs to be sufficient parking both for the current numbers attending, and for the projected future growth.
  6. There needs to be room for additional buildings as the church continues to grow.
  7. We already have many children’s and teen programmes that are helping them and their families locally, and, depending upon future available space, would quickly develop those programmes into larger community-based programmes including camps and club activities for after-school, etc.




In summary, I am pursuing a site that can be used for the building of a Baptist Church in the Ballincollig or surrounding area. If you can help us with meeting this need, we would be immeasurably grateful, and we look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.


We have a good solicitor, an architect, and an engineer/surveyor that have donated much of their time to preparing for our future development. Our bank, Ulster Bank is favourable in lending us monies relating to the development of a Baptist church building.


If you would like to meet with the church leaders, or if you have any questions about this request, please feel free to contact me at the address below.



Craig Ledbetter, Pastor

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig

29 Westcourt Heights

Ballincollig, Cork

Tel: 021-487-1234

Mob: 087-276-6764


 Church Website:


We have an exciting and effective Children’s and Youth Ministry

Our Summer Bible Clubs and Youth Camps are packed out every year

We are a growing Church that loves people, and wants to help the community of Ballincollig know there is a great life personally knowing and following Jesus Christ!