The Treasures of Christmas

The little “babe” in the manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes so long ago, is an amazing event. It does more than just draw friends and family together, or put presents under the tree. It strikes us at the heart. And it tells the world that there are a whole host of “treasures” yet waiting to be opened and enjoyed by individuals who take the time to see beyond the shops, the toys, the debts, and the pressures. Treasures that are easily overlooked, and missed if a person is not careful.

Jesus Christ

God so loved... that he gave his only begotten Son” (John 3:16). When Jesus was born, several high-ranking scientists, called “wise men” came from Babylon and brought three priceless gifts to the King of kings. They, and only a few others realised, that this little baby Himself was the real gift - the real treasure of Christmas!

No Christian can approach the birth of Jesus without amazement that such sinners as we should receive such a priceless gift as Christ! In every way, Jesus is the “unspeak-able gift” - the unfathomable, and the boundless gift from God for all of mankind!

Being born into the most basic level of humanity, Jesus came to GIVE the greatest gift possible - the gift of HIMSELF. Jesus did not give this world pretty “things” to play with, but His life to trust in, and lean upon. A life that was lived under the same pressures and circumstances that we struggle with still today. A life that freely loved those who had no time for Him, and who freely died in the place of condemned sinners, all so that they could be saved - be born again - be forgiven of all sins!

The treasure of knowing, and trusting Christ far outweighs the value of all the riches and possessions this universe could amass! If your Christmas is without Christ, then of all people, you are most poor!


The Bible says in 1 John 5:12, “He that hath the Son, hath life.” What God did was wrap-up in Jesus Christ everything that is good, eternal, and satisfying. Once a sinner repents, and calls on Christ to save them from sin and hell, they not only get Jesus, but everything that He brings with Him - especially salvation! “The gift of God is eternal life” (Romans 6:23)! It is God’s gift to us sinners, and it is only available “through our Lord Jesus Christ” - not through a church, or a prayer, or through our own good efforts!

And this salvation is no ordinary gift. It is God’s intervention on your behalf to keep you from an eternity in HELL! No one just “opens” it, and toys with it for a while, only to throw it into the rubbish bin! It is something that never grows old because it is “new every morning” (Lamentations 3:22,23). Salvation is enjoyed fresh every day, as if opened for the very first time!

This Christmas, take a moment, and re-open your salvation, and enjoy it all over again! If there is no joy there, maybe there is no salvation. Maybe you never honestly, and humbly repented of your sinfulness, and received Jesus Christ into your heart! If not, don’t wait until the 25th - do it today!


Most people hurry along in their frantic schedules trying to obtain “treasures” and “things” that they think are of value. Yet they neglect some of the most precious treasures God has already given us - like our families! A wife or a husband is not “part of the furniture,” but central to the joy that God designed into life! And if you have children, these are not “curses” on your life, but most precious, and most valuable (Psalm 127:3)! Don’t pass-over the GIFTS sitting right in front of you, as you reach for the boxes under the tree!!!

The Word of God

I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil (treasures)” (Psalm 119:162). Finding a Bible, and opening it is compared to a child finding a present under the tree and opening it with great joy! If you own a Bible, faithfully open it, read it, study it, and love it. In your hands is God’s love-letter to this human race! Everything we need to relate to God, and to trust Him is found is in His word! Thank Him this Christmas for the wonderful, eternal words of our God to you!

A True-to-the-Bible Church

As you take inventory of the real gifts you currently have from God - even before you try and count the ones under your tree, be sure to count the “ones” (the people), that meet with you, worship with you, struggle with you, grow with you, and pray for you in a Bible-believing church! To have a Bible-believing, and, Bible-preaching church is rare today, and is a precious gift from God! Don’t take it for granted. This Christmas, get into, and enjoy a true-to-the-Bible church, and serve the Lord gladly in it!


Don’t be the fool that blindly blazes through life with no thought of the gift of strength, and health! Two legs are so unbelievably great to have - and yet are taken for granted so much! How about the ability to breath - have you realised just how wonderful that gift is? You get it as a gift each day! How about the ability to hug someone, and walk side-by-side with them? When you can no longer do that, and are confined to a bed, your heart will ache with the passion to just take a stroll in a park. You had better recognise just how good God’s gifts of health are to you!

How to Handle the Gifts of God

Appreciation and thankfulness is just as much a part of giving, as the gift is. If you are saved by the grace of God, then you got that “gift” freely from God - He gave it to you at the cross! Have you ever thanked Him for saving you? Are you treasuring His gifts, or are they lying dormant somewhere in the back of your life and schedule? So many of the presents so smartly wrapped under the tree will soon end up in the rubbish, or stuffed under a bed. God’s gifts are worthy of better treatment!

Don’t allow the “Christmas season” to replace the Christmas reason. Christmas does not occur on December 25th. It happens every time you cherish the gifts that God has given you, in Christ Jesus! Why not enjoy Christmas all year long? You wont want to wait anymore until December!