Stop and Remember


Christmas is not a computer, or a ceramic doll,

   nor some pretty picture hanging on a wall.

It is not made out of metal, plastic or clay,

   or with hands, or in big factories of today.

Christmas was born in Bethlehem,

   with flesh and with bones,

   He had left everything, including His throne.

To be like us, with all our troubles for sure,

   for us and for sin, He came to be the cure.


Came to live in a world of such woe,

   because only He could reach so low,

And find me buried in my life of distress,

   and offer me pardon, peace, and real rest.


I really don't fully understand,

   just why the world has no time for Jesus the Man.

They accept a baby in a hay-filled bed,

   but a Saviour? Well, they ask for Santa instead.

That cruel crucifixion, so long and severe,

   causes even the strongest to wince and to fear.

But for me, and any humble broken heart,

   Jesus gives the gift of a completely new start.

A life that's changed from deep within -

   a surrender, and a loss that results in a great win!

A win because an empty life gets redeemed -

   bought back by God, and now highly esteemed!


So, when people point to the baby in a manger,

   or to some Christmas tree or a gift,

You ought to stop and remember,

   none can quite compare, or uplift,

Like the Jesus of the Bible,

   who died on a tree,

   So that heaven could be the home,

      of sinners like you, and like me!


- Pastor Craig Ledbetter