The Pastor's Days Before Christmas

Twas the days before Christmas, and all through the Church
The pews are all filling, as everyone perched.
The hands are all shaking, and greetings abound
Soon I'll go to the pulpit, prepared to expound.
I spent the whole week trying to hear what God's saying
Studying, reading, and earnestly praying
The choir has practiced and taken great care
Their singing this morning, for weeks they've prepared
We've had Christmas sermons of Angels and Wise men
Of Shepherds and mangers, no room at the Inn
I pray that this week, the message will do
The job of moving the folks from the pew
But I must keep it brief. I must watch my time
For at noon I will hear the watches all chime
This is a season so full of distractions
But we know that this world has no satisfaction
If we don't share the Gospel of Christ
Not just his birth, but His paying our price
If we speak of the manger, but not of the cross
The fullness of Jesus, somehow gets lost
This Christmas season, do Jesus a favour
Make it a season to share Christ the Saviour

by Pastor Don Procunier