The Bride of Christ

2 Corinthians 11:1-3

DATE: 31 Aug, 2003 PM          PLACE: BBC Blarney

I.         Introduction (Eph 5:27)


A.      The Lord Jesus compares the born again child of God to His Bride

B.       Instead of sinner, or even saint, we are invited to not just attend the wedding, but BE the BRIDE!

C.       The most intimate and close of relationships is that of a marriage

D.      The best love stories are about two people falling in love and living happily ever after

E.       Well, as much as we all know there is a wedding on Wednesday, there is a more important wedding in the near future as well. And I want to know, are YOU going? And not just going, but are you going to be IN it?


II.       Message


A.      Engaged to Jesus Christ (2Cor 11:1-3)


1.        Right now, the bride and groom to be are separated (Lk 5:35)

2.        Soon to be married

3.        She is to be making herself ready

4.        This time in her life, she is “spoken for” – nobody else should be in her life (2Cor 4:4), and she should not be playing games and living like the world

5.        Your parents have the responsibility to prepare you in the following ways:


a.       Prepare you for one mate – one husband – not for divorce court

b.       To KEEP you from ruining your purity – tells you to be home at a certain time, and to get rid of bad music, etc!

c.       So that one day, they can present you to your husband or wife, clean, and ready for a life together that is wonderful!


6.        The same is true with your pastor (Heb 13:17) That’s why preaching is WARNING and yelling, and making sure you understand the commands of God (Philp 2:16)!

7.        Example of and Engagement: Joseph to Mary


a.       They were Espoused to be married – which means they were ready to be married, just waiting on the day to come

b.       They were only for each other – At least Mary was a virgin, and probably Joseph was a virgin as well - kept themselves pure

c.       When Mary got pregnant it really upset Joseph because of Godly jealousy


8.        That’s what the Holy Spirit feels about US as we go through each day, struggling with sin, and end up committing it

9.        God hates three kinds of adultery – which includes the involvement with a person getting prepared for marriage!


a.       Physical adultery (Ex 20:14)

b.       Virtual adultery (Mt 5:27,28)

c.       Spiritual adultery (Jam 4:4) – whoring after idols and other gods


10.     It is time we Christians protected our lives from corruption, from being ruined from serving and loving the Lord


B.       Entirely Different than She used to Be.


1.        Used to be a soiled woman – sinful, like the woman at the well in John 4

2.        Abandoned by all her “lovers” (Lam 1:2; Jer 4:30; 30:14)

3.        Sought after by the Lord Himself (Ezek 34:11)

4.        Saved by her Suitor – just as Adam had to die figuratively to obtain his wife (when put to sleep), so also did Christ have to die

5.        Spotless in her Record now


a.       The virtuous woman  of Pr 31:10-20, is not just an individual

b.       It is a challenge to the whole church

c.       She is all glorious within (Ps 45:13,14)

d.       She is in love with her future husband (1Pet 1:8)


C.       Eager for the Wedding Day.


1.        He is eager (Song 7:10)

2.        She needs to be ready right now (Rev 19:7)

3.        She needs to be wearing the clothes of righteousness (Rev 19:8)

4.        She is busy inviting everyone to come along (Rev 22:17)

5.        She is beautiful (Song 6:10) Made beautiful by her soon-to-be husband (Isa 61:10)

6.        Her Wedding will be held in heaven (Rev 21:9-

7.        Followed by a Wedding Feast (Rev 19:9)

8.        Her home will be the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:9-27)

9.        And finally onto a new life on earth – the honeymoon


III.     Conclusion


A.      The Blessed Hope is for the Lord to come back to collect His bride (Tit 2:13; Jn 14:3)

B.       The task of every Christian is to keep themselves pure from the world (Jam 1:27)

C.       The job of a pastor is to help Christians do just that

D.      Are YOU going to the Wedding?



Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Blarney, Ireland