Wrong Ways to Win Souls - Part 1

Getting to Know Myself

Acts 5:42

DATE: 4 Mar, 2001   PM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (Acts 5:41-6:1)


A.     I am not against inviting people to church. I am not against membership campaigns that churches may carry out. However, I do want you to notice that Bible does not say that the early church endeavored to multiply the number of the disciples. What it does say that every day, publicly and privately, they told people about Jesus Christ. The result, as we find from the next verse, was that "the number of the disciples was multiplied."

B.     One of the mistakes of church building is that church growth should not be the primary goal. We should not wait until we get enough good workers to start a soul-winning program. We should be winning souls no matter how many people we have in our churches.

C.     There are a number of other wrong ideas people have when the subject of soul-winning comes to mind. Let me give some truths about soul-winning this morning that will correct some of those misconceptions.


II.     Message


A.     Soul-Winning Is A Command, Not A Spiritual Gift (Mt 28:19,20)


1.       We should carry out the command


a.      It is not a suggestion to consider; it's a command!

b.      You don't need to pray about whether or not you should do it. You just DO it!


2.       We should coach our converts


a.      Look at Matt. 28:20 -- teaching THEM to observe ALL things whatsoever I have commanded YOU -- that includes Matt. 28:19-20!

b.      A pastor in North Carolina told me in an email this morning that his people had NEVER had any training in soul-winning. Thank God, they are implementing our soul-winning training program at his church THIS AFTERNOON.

c.      Another pastor in Georgia told me that HE had never been trained to win souls. He has plans to start up a training program with our materials soon.


B.     Soul-Winning Is Chief, Not Secondary (1Tim 1:15)


1.       It was the motivation of Christ


a.      He came into this world to save sinners.

b.      He lived without sin so He could die as a sacrifice for sinners.

c.      He died on the cross for sinners.

d.      He rose again for sinners.


2.       It is the mission of the church (Mt 4:19; 2 Cor 5:20)

3.       It is the main emphasis of the church. Every ministry of the church is either to win souls or to strengthen Christians so that they are able to win souls.


C.     Soul-Winning Is Charity, Not Solicitation (Rom 6:23)


1.       Some businesses today try to forbid soul-winning on their promises with a posted notice against solicitation. However, soul-winning is NOT solicitation. To solicit is to ask for or plead for, especially in reference to receiving payment or money.

2.       We offer a FANTASTIC gift - Eternal life!

3.       We offer a FREE gift


a.      It is free, but it's not cheap!

b.      It was paid for by the most precious substance in the universe -- the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

c.      You can't buy it. You can't earn it. You can't work in order to get it.

d.      You can only get it by receiving it as a free gift from God by faith in Christ Jesus.


D.     Soul-Winning Is Cooperation, Not Single Effort (1Cor 3:6)


1.       We cooperate with our Saviour (1Cor 3:9; 6:1)

2.       We cooperate with other soul-winners (1Cor 3:6; Lk 10:1; Eccl 4:9)


E.     Soul-Winning Is Continuous, Not Sporadic (Acts 5:42)


1.       It should be daily. I'm for churches having a night for organized soul-winning visitation, but we should be winning souls every day!

2.       It should be deliberate


a.      Jesus told His disciples to follow Him, and He would make them fishers of men.

b.      People don't catch fish by accident; they catch them on purpose.

c.      The reason Christians don't win souls is that they do not make a deliberate choice and plan to do it.


3.       Let's do it! Let's go after sinners!

Dr. Jack Hyles went to be with the Lord almost two weeks ago. Years ago he wrote the following little poem:




Like a fire with no glow,

Like a winter with no snow,

Like a river with no flow,

Like a conviction without a "NO,"

Like an oar without a row,

Like a wind without a blow,

Like a scale without a do,

Like a pitcher without a throw,

Like a harvest without a sow,

Like a trip without a go,

Like a kneader without dough,

Like a Santa without a Ho,

Like excess without overflow,

Like a foot without a toe,

Like a gardener without a hoe,

Like a cock without a crow,

Like a con without a pro,

Like a high without a low,

Like a truth without a know,

Like a fast without a slow,

Like a buck without a doe,

Like an actor without a show,

Like above without below,

Like a to without a fro,

Like violins without a bow,



Jack Hyles