Behold the Man!

Why We Know Jesus was More than Just a Man

John 19:5


I.      Introduction (John 19:5) - Who IS this “Man” called Jesus? How do we know He is the promised Messiah - the only way, the truth, and the life!? How do we know?


  1. It has been asked before: Prov 30:4; Mt 26:63 - I want to answer that question!
  2. Take a good long look at the Jesus in the Bible - you will clearly discover that He is more than just a man - Let’s take a look at the evidence!


II.    Message - Behold the Man! (John 19:5)


  1. Never a Man Lived Like This Man - His Walk (John 1:1,14) - From the moment of His conception, this Man was different than any other!


1.        He lived among sinners - everybody I know is trying to get away from people, move away, up - yet Jesus moved into OUR neighbourhood (Heb 12:3)

2.        He lived for us - for others - not Himself (Mk 10:45) - not normal!

3.        He lived for righteousness sake (Mk 11:15-17) - never sinned - unlike the modern idea that He was a trouble maker until His baptism (Jn 19:4-6)

4.        Never owned anything more than clothes on His back - yet always paid His taxes and always had something to spare for others at own expense

5.        The LIFE of this special “Man” was amazing to behold (John 21:25)!


  1. Never a Man Spake Like This Man - His Words (John 7:43-46)


1.        Spake with authority - as if He was right

2.        Spake with urgency - “Ye MUST be born again!

3.        Spake with confidence - nothing was impossible when He spoke (Mt 8:8)


a.        Calmed the fiercest storm - “Peace, be still!

b.       Called the dead back to life - “Lazarus, come forth!

c.        Cured the most impossible diseases - “I will, be thou clean


4.        Spake with substance - never an empty, idle word from Him - always something you could hold onto, and trust - every promise!

5.        That’s why people, all over the world follow Him - not because of all the miracles, and the blessings, but because of HIS WORDS (Luke 4:22)!

6.        Truly, the WORDS of this Man have no equal! And so we treasure and protect them, and believe them fully!


  1. Never a Man Died Like This Man - His Work (Mk 15:37-39) - Lots of injustices - lots of innocent people have died in history, but not like this Man!


1.        He was Mocked (Mk 15:16-20)


a.        Captured in the middle of the night by an angry mob like a criminal

b.       Put through 7 trials desperate to find something He had done wrong

c.        Crowned and mocked with thorns instead of gold


2.        He was Marred - brutalized beyond recognition (Isa 52:13-15)


a.        Whipped and beaten by the Pharisees, Herod’s, and Pilate’s soldiers

b.       Crucified on a rough wooden cross


3.        He was Mute - silent through it all - no defence (Isa 53:4-6)

4.        You have to agree, the DEATH of Jesus Christ has no parallel in history!


  1. Never a Man Now Lives Like This Man - His Worth (Mk 16:2-6) - Three days later, something happened - He lived again! Nobody touched Him!


1.        His Resurrection - the most well documented event in history!!!


a.        He had died, but death could not hold Him

b.       He had been buried in a tomb that was sealed by a two ton stone, but He walked right through that solid rock

c.        He had been guarded by four highly trained Roman soldiers, but they were knocked out cold

d.       Jesus had defeated death - was alive, and seen by over 500 witnesses


2.        His Life today - in two places (He is God so He can be two places at once)


a.        In heaven, in control of everything, interceding for sinners (Heb 10:12)

b.       In my heart (Eph 3:17,18) - in every believer’s heart, maturing them, filling, and directing them as they surrender to His word, and His will!


3.        That is why he is worth so much to me - because He has conquered all my enemies, and because He loves me, and gave me a life worth living!

4.        Thankfully, the LIFE He offers every sinner in this world is priceless!



III.   Conclusion - That’s Why He is Able to Save - His Will (Heb 7:24,25)


  1. So, what He offers to the worst sinner, and to the best citizen is Himself
  2. Because of only His perfect Life - a life I could not live
  3. Because of only His promises - He cannot lie
  4. Because of only His death in my place as full payment for my sins
  5. Because the life He offers is not a fix-up, but a whole new life!
  6. Jesus is able to save this morning - will you let Him? Go on! Today is the day!