What Is So Great About Mary?

Why Did God Use A Young Woman Named Mary?

Luke 1:26-48


I.      Introduction -


A.                Christmas is about great events that took place at the birth of Jesus

B.    Those great events are filled with the lives of great people: ie, the shepherds; the wise men from the East; John the Baptist

C.    Each one of these people are a wonderful study in themselves, but there is someone that stands out among them, and provides a great example - her name is Mary! Someone asks, “What about Mary?

D.    Lots of things said about Mary - especially in Ireland. Lots of wrong things. Let’s see what GOD says about this young girl from Nazareth, and why He used her - so that we can be used by God! The opportunity is for us to learn the ways of God in the lives of real people!


II.    Message - What Is So Great About Mary? (Luke 1:26-48)


A.    Mary’s Home-life (1:26,27) It was great in spite of humble beginnings


1.        Grew-up in a small village called Nazareth - not a fancy big city. Didn’t have all the “things” to do that people live for these days - just work, and family, and the Lord!

2.     She was a virgin - she had been raised by her parents to keep herself for her future husband - and had protected that commitment! She had proved her love by the greatest act a man or a woman can do for each other outside of “dying” for the other - living for the other - not for themselves! Think about that a while!

3.     She looked forward to marriage - not celibacy! She wanted to get married - not get a “house pet” or a “mechanic,” but a husband!

4.     She was engaged to marry a man named Joseph (Mt 1:18-24)


a.     A man also looking forward to marriage - marriage is good!!!

b.     A just man - justified, saved, believed God’s word and lived it

c.     A confused man (1:18,19) and hurt - who wouldn’t be!?

d.     A caring man (1:19) - his love was greater than his confusion

e.     A committed man (Mt 1:19) - his love meant beyond personal satisfaction - he would take care of her and protect her always

f.                A sensitive man (Mt 1:20,21,24) to God & obedient to His will


5.     Her name was Mary (1:27) - in Hebrew it was Miriam (ie, Moses’ sister). Her name meant “rebellious” - not “saintly”!


Principle: It doesn’t take a saint to live for God, and to be used of God. Even a rebellious girl can be greatly used by God, when her rebellion is surrendered over to God! Same goes for us guys!


B.    Mary’s Commendation (1:26-28) - Mary was about to be honoured


1.     By a high-ranking visit from the angel Gabriel- God’s spokesman


a.     Only a few “named” angels in the Bible: Gabriel, Michael

b.     There are a few demonic angels named: Lucifer, Abbadon


2.     She was highly favoured by God - A choice treasure (like being preferred), as was king David, Adam, Eve, Noah and his family

3.     The Lord was “with” her - as in “you may not realize it, but God is already working through your life, and going to do some great things”: as he did with Abraham, and Joseph (Gen 39:2), Joshua (Josh 1:9), Gideon, king Saul, and David, and Jesus (John 8:29)

4.     She was blessed among women - as was Jael (Judg 5:24). She was not “lucky” but the recipient of God’s blessings as everyone can be

5.     She was not “sinless” but flawed like you and me (Lk 2:48,49), and she needed a Saviour like you and me (Lk 1:47)


C.    Mary’s Purpose - Her God-Given Task was (1:29-33):


1.     To not be afraid - but courageous. Don’t see things in your life as reasons to give up living for God! Don’t see walls, but windows!

2.     To please God - make Him happy with her life - the greatest joy!

3.     To be used of God - to bring into the world JESUS - the Saviour! Messiah, the Promised Lamb of God! Mary was a channel, but:


a.     HE shall be great - NOT you Mary

b.     HE shall be recognized as God’s only begotten Son. He is not to be thought of as the Son of Mary, but the only son of God

c.     HE shall be King and rule on David’s throne - not you or anyone else! Otherwise, if God had Mary, why have Jesus?

d.     HE will make everything right - reign forever one day (1:33)


D.    Mary’s Struggle (1:34-35). You have to admit that this is all humanly impossible. That’s the way that you KNOW that you are dealing with God - when things are humanly impossible!


1.     She struggles to see how God’s promises are fulfilled without man - Sarah had this problem (used Hagar), as did Peter (used the sword because he didn’t think that Jesus would rise again)

2.     She struggles to yield to the work of the Holy Spirit


a.     Like with salvation - a work of God, not of man!!!

b.     Like with inner joy and satisfaction - a work of God, not your own! You cannot “grab” peace and joy like you would a gift off a shelf - It develops as you serve, not as you are served!


3.     She struggles to take-in the magnitude of what God was doing in her life - she probably just wanted the miracle of a normal baby


E.     Mary’s Surrender (1:36-38,45-47) - By becoming aware of God working in other people’s lives, the following things develop:


1.     She becomes available for God to use her (not just her sister or someone else) - she becomes a servant (1:38)

2.     She becomes a believer - that God can do anything, and will do anything with those that trust His words (1:45)! She gets saved!!!

3.     She becomes excited - has some joy in her Christianity, in her life (not hidden, but flowing out) - she starts praising God (1:46,47)


She gives God her LIFE, her SOUL, and her HEART!!! Great gifts!


III.        Application/Conclusion - What is So Great About Mary?


A.    Her Homelife. What’s your homelife like? Maybe it’s time to get it in line with God. Mary wasn’t born the way we find her here in Luke - she was raised that way, and had made some decisions to stay that way! God give us some folks who will determine to do the same!!!

B.    Her Honour. Every person in this room MUST one day stand before God and will hear one of three things:


1.        Well done thou good and faithful servant - I am proud of you!

2.        Thou wicked and lazy servant - I am ashamed of you!

3.        Depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angel


There are NO exceptions - which one will you hear?


C.    Her Purpose. God presents everyone with a purpose, task, job to do in life - have YOU found that design? Discovered HIS will for you?

D.    Her Struggle. Are you prepared for the struggle - not of life itself, but to trust the Lord, and rest in HIS work both on you and through you?!

E.     Her Surrender. The key is “SURRENDER” - the reason we are not like Mary is stubbornness of heart!


1.        Surrender your life into the hands of the Lord Jesus

2.        Surrender your sins into the blood of the Lamb of God

3.        Surrender your heart to praise Him for the wonderful things He does