The Name of JESUS

Why CHRIST has to be the Centre-Focus of Christmas

Matthew 1:21


I.                     Introduction (1 Sam 18:30)


A.      David, when he was yet to be king, and fleeing from Saul, lived for a while among the Philistines. There he behaved quite wisely, and earned a reputation as a great man. So much so, that even though he was a Jew, an enemy of the Philistines, they held his name in great honour.

B.       Hmmmmm.  When you hear the name ‘Jesus,’ what do you think of?

C.       At this Christmas-time, what part does Jesus play?

D.      To so many, that name is the problem. Get rid of that name


1.        By making it a dirty, filthy word spoken by filthy mouths

2.        By demoting it to the level of a lie


E.       To a believer, that name ought to have some significance! It did to Mary and Joseph! The name of Jesus has some great things associated with it


II.                   Message - The Name of JESUS (Matthew 1:21)


A.      The Name Jesus Means Saviour (Mt 1:21; Jn 20:31) Its first, best meaning


1.        He is THE Saviour – there are no other saviours


a.       There have been lots of generals, kings, heroes throughout history

b.       But there is only ONE Saviour, who can SAVE!


2.        You see, Jesus had a job to do, and boy did he do it! Saves us FROM our sins, not IN our sins – thank God for the power of salvation!

3.        How does he save?


a.       By coming down to our level, reaching down

b.       By being our perfect substitute in life and death – paid off all our sins at the cross (all of them – think about it) SAVED us from the penalty

c.       By getting back up out of the grave – giving us back life

d.       By offering pardon to all, for all time!


4.        And it is still working today!

5.        Oh that people KNEW Jesus as Saviour – not just a NAME to know, but its MEANING and VALUE! We would have a different world!


B.       The Name Jesus Means Sovereign – Lord (Mt 2:1,2; Philp 2:9-11)


1.        King Jesus is His title folks! I need to park here for a while!

2.        He is the King that all kings should submit to (and will submit to)

3.        And He is the Lord whom all Christians should obey – I mean OBEY


a.       Lord means the One in charge, the Boss – the person in supreme power and authority

b.       Jesus is wimpy in our eyes – insignificant even in eyes of Christians

c.       Doesn’t anyone realise that one day soon, EVERY knee shall bow before the mention of that name? JUST THE NAME!

d.       We have the privilege of obeying such a worthy Master


1)       From this Book of clear instructions

2)       In all of life – not just bots and bobs that we find easy to do


4.        Why don’t we obey? We have the wrong attitude!


a.       Jesus is not “LORD Jesus” very much anymore – just ‘Jesus’

b.       Jesus doesn’t have the right over our wills and lives anymore

c.       Jesus is a great giver, but most don’t allow Him to be in command


5.        Get saved by such a Saviour. If you are saved, serve such a Sovereign


C.       The Name Jesus Means Son (Mt 1:2,23; 2 Jn 1:7; Jn 1:14)


1.        Jesus EARNED the title, LORD! By being as a Son! He didn’t show up and demand worship, or obedience, He earned it as a Son


a.       The Son of Man – of Mary, human body.


1)       He was obedient to His heavenly father’s will in everything

2)       He was obedient to His earthly parent’s will as well

3)       He was even obedient to the civil government - taxes


b.       The Son of God – God came down in the flesh (Emmanuel), so that any and all flesh could come up and be with God!


2.        Think of such a Title – the Son of God – who could claim such a title?


a.       God’s name is Jehovah – the great I AM – separate from sinners; the Creator; Almighty; all holy

b.       Who could be HIS son?

c.       Only God could become a man, a Son, and be named Jesus

d.       No one can just decide to be a son, a child of God (Jn 1:10-12)


1)       Yet most everybody you meet think they are “Christians” (children of God) – yuk!

2)       No! The only way to become a son, is by birth – the new birth


e.       Now what do you think of that title? If you are a child of God? Wow!

f.        If you are NOT, then it is YOU who has missed out!


D.      The Name Jesus Means THE Standard (Heb 12:2) – a straight line, pattern


1.        How do we know how much a pound weighs, or how long a metre is? There is a standard set, established – so it is with faith, and truth and right

2.        He authored what we believe - makes up for what we cannot accomplish

3.        It is HE who is all that God demands!

4.        He is the standard for:


a.       Entrance into heaven – think about it! What gets a person into heaven? Good works? Religion? Prayers? Money? Only JESUS!

b.       Our church – how should a church function? like the body of Jesus

c.       Our homes – what should our homes be like? As if Jesus were there

d.       Our jobs – how should we conduct business? As Jesus does

e.       Our own personal thought lives and actions! “How should I act?” As Jesus did!


5.        When you think of Jesus, or when someone mentions that name, remember, they are not saying, “Oh Budda, or Allah, or Kiva” People know what name has meaning. They know the standard! They just need to come in line with it – as do we all!


E.       The Name Jesus Means Somebody Special (1 Pet 2:6-8)


1.        Like just the mention of Grandma, or Grand-dad

2.        Like the name of your “sweetheart”

3.        The name of Jesus is something so special to a true believer – if it has no significance in your heart, you are either severely backslidden (and should run to this altar and repent right now), or you are not even saved!!!

4.        That name is Pure, Holy, Clean, Precious, Different – never a curse

5.        In Bible believing countries, nobody names their son ‘Jesus’ because it is a super special name


F.       The Name Jesus Means Succourer – Helper (Heb 2:18; Mt 4:23; Lk 7:20-22) – Thank God for this!


1.        That name ought to be on your lips in prayer for EVERY thing you need

2.        Not the last word you pray, but the first word!!!

3.        We say, “In Jesus’ NAME” don’t we? Well, WHY?


a.       Because that name is our authority for getting ANY answer to prayer

b.       Because THAT name is the source of all our supply (Philp 4:19)


4.        Every hour of every day, that name should be quick to flow from our hearts in praise for past help, and in petition for present need!

5.        Oh that everyone in this room thought of Jesus as the Succourer at every mention! It would sure change some attitudes in this room!


G.       The Name Jesus means Always the Same (Heb 13:8). This is great. Jesus never changes – Oh I am glad for the name JESUS!


1.        His name ought to be as precious, special if not more each day of your life because He doesn’t change – doesn’t wear out, get corrupted

2.        His name ought to be ALWAYS thought of as your helper and succourer – He never fails you

3.        His name is the standard of our lives, always look to Him for what is right

4.        His name always is the Son – even in heaven now, Jesus is known as the Son. He took upon Himself the form of a human, and retained that flesh, showing us the way to heaven is through HIM!

5.        His name is forever Sovereign. He IS Lord. You may  not think so right now, and a huge proportion of this world has a problem with Jesus being Lord, but He IS the One whom we will answer to one day soon!

6.        His name forever is Saviour. There is no one throughout all of time, who will ever be able to say that they got to heaven through any other way than through THE WAY, Jesus

7.        Oh how sweet the name of Jesus!


III.     Conclusion -