How To Worship The King!

Matthew 2:1-11


I.      Introduction -


A.    Worship has changed. People so easily worship anybody and anything these days - I’ve seen the Rock concerts, and the religious processions. I’ve seen people worship their cars, their houses, bodies, their minds

B.    At the end of the 20th century, we seem to have lost the Majesty, and the Glory of true worship

C.    Our pattern for how to worship THE KING at this Christmas season is found in Matthew 2. Let’s learn how WE are to daily worship this King of kings - our Saviour, Jesus Christ!


II.    Message - How To Worship The King (Matthew 2:1-11)


A.    Worship Him Pre-emminentely - Above All Other Kings (2:1)


1.        There are lots of “kings” in this world - all demanding worship: Rock stars (‘Prince,’ Elvis the ‘king’), heads of govt, employers

2.        These ‘wise’ men correctly overlooked all other ‘kings’ in order to worship THE King of kings


B.    Worship Him Personally (2:2) - Don’t expect others to do it for you!


1.        Seek the King of the Jews YOURSELF- don’t put off seeking Him

2.     He came to this planet looking for you (Lk 19:10), but He can only go so far - He waits on YOU to have the desire to know Him and worship Him

3.        Christ Jesus came to be your very own Personal Saviour - not a ‘generic’ brand Saviour

4.        These ‘wise’ men knew that THE King was making a personal visit to this earth, and should therefore be personally worshipped


C.    Worship Him Persistently - At All Costs (2:3-10)


1.        These ‘wise’ men had travelled from Babylon - a distance of about 600 miles by foot and on camels - hadn’t given-up

2.        When the star disappeared, they didn’t give-up. They went to the only logical place for a king to be born - in a royal palace!

3.     But when they came to the wrong ‘king’s’ palace and didn’t find Him there they didn’t give-up

4.        They searched the Scriptures and found out He would be waiting for them in a little village called Bethlehem - and so, off they went

5.        They rejoiced when the star re-appeared, and kept going, determined to meet the King and worship Him

6.        They knew that lots of time had passed since the birth (over a year) - but they were not giving up! As long as you have breath, live your life for the Lord!


D.    Worship Him Humbly (2:11) - Really, we are only dust!


1.        Here are several grown men - academics, noblemen, important people, coming before a young child and falling down on their faces in true worship! REAL MEN worship Jesus Christ!

2.        They knew this little boy child was Emmanuel - God in the flesh!

3.        They knew that only GOD is to be ‘worshipped!’

4.     It is about time that we learned how to humble ourselves and worship Christ Jesus as King ourselves!! At home, in church!


E.     Worship Him With Your Best (2:11)- Not your left-overs!


1.        These men had brought TREASURES - not trash

2.     The Lord Jesus Christ deserves only our best - the same is true for your family isn’t it?!

3.     If you want to truly worship the King, worship Him with the best of your:


a.     Years - don’t wait until you get a little older before you start living for Him - give Him the best of your strength!

b.     Time - don’t wait until the end of the day before you worship the Lord in your home!

c.     Money - don’t wait until you have no money before you think of honouring the Saviour of your soul with an offering!

d.     Heart - don’t give the Lord just your bodily presence in some church service - give Him your heart - let Him save you!!!


III.   Conclusion -


A.    Worship Him Pre-emminentely - Above All Other Kings (2:1)

B.    Worship Him Personally (2:2) - Don’t expect others to do it for you!

C.    Worship Him Persistently - At All Costs (2:3-10)

D.    Worship Him Humbly (2:11)

E.     Worship Him With Your Best (2:11)- Not your left-overs!