Five Things Christ Wants To Be This Christmas

Isaiah 9:6


I.      The Five Things That Christ Wants To Be This Christmas (Isa 9:6)

A.    To be called “Wonderful” - To be the Wonder of Christmas, your Joy

1.        Many don’t enjoy Christmas: Few gifts, Family troubles, Fears

2.        What makes my marriage Wonderful, is not the house, or the car, or the gifts we got when we were married - it is a person - NITA!

3.        Don’t waste time looking for the Wonder of Christmas in a Dept Store - The true wonder of Christmas can only be found in Jesus!

4.        What really makes Christmas “wonderful” is a Person! That He would step down from heaven and become like me! Then die for me! And now He lives IN ME! Oh the WONDER of Christmas!

5.     But let me say this - like a meal, you cannot say that it is Wonderful until you have eaten it yourself - Christ can only be wonderful to the person who has been born again (Ps 34:8)!

B.    To be called “Counsellor” - Your Best Friend - the One you lean on!

1.     Can you honestly say, that Christ Jesus is your counsellor? The one whom you trust in for wisdom and guidance, and direction?

2.        Christmas is very sad when it is not shared with someone. The Lord Jesus wishes more than anything to be the One with whom you share the joys of this season, and that you lean on through every trial - your best friend! Don’t leave Jesus out of Christmas!

C.    To be called YOUR “Mighty God” - Your Strength, Refuge, Trust!

1.        What is Jesus Christ to you? A “good man” who lived long ago?

2.     Or have you found Him to be the Mighty God that He really is?!

3.        Christ Jesus wants so much to not just be the sweet baby in a manger, but the Mighty God of your life - the One who fights your battles, and provides strong refuge in times of trouble!

D.    To be called YOUR “Everlasting Father” - The One who will never let you down, and who wishes to be what no earthly father could ever be! Always being there for you, Always working things out for our best - not just for convenience, Always giving His best for us

E.     To be called YOUR “Prince of Peace” - Your Saviour! Notice that Christ was born “unto us” - we needed Him - someone who could reconcile God and sinner together - to make real Peace

1.        Christ, the Lamb of God coming to earth to pay my sin-debt

2.        Dying a cruel death on the cross in my place

3.        Making peace by His blood on the cross - we couldn’t do it

4.        Christ now awaits you to repent of your sin, and receive the greatest gift ever given - eternal life in Jesus Christ!