Don't Miss His Second Advent

We Missed It the First Time - Don't Miss it the Second!

Luke 21:34

I.                     Introduction ()


II.                   Message - Don't Miss His Advent (Luke 21:34)


A.      Who Was At Jesus' First Coming? Who got to see it? (Luke 2:4-15)


1.        Joseph and Mary (Luke 2:4-7)

2.        Some shepherds (Luke 2:8-12, 15)

3.        The Angels (Luke 2:13,14)

4.        And some barn animals

5.        The rest of the world missed it. Not because it was hidden from their eyes, or particularly confusing, of because people were ill-informed (everybody knew to the day and hour when Messiah would be born, and would ultimately walk into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, etc). It was because they were:


a.       Too busy

b.       Distracted with life's struggles and attractions

c.       Uninterested


B.      The Question this morning is: Who is going to miss His Second Coming?


1.        The same situation exists today


a.       Too busy

b.       Distractions galore - video games, walkmans, cinemas, video shops, shopping centres, telephones, computers, etc.

c.       No interest (Luke 18:8)!


2.        But I'm here to tell you that He is coming AGAIN (Heb 9:28), and to ask you, ARE YOU READY?

3.        We all put a lot of preparation into Christmas


a.       The planning

b.       The searching

c.       The scrimping and saving together to afford the right gifts, and tree, and decorations, and lights

d.       The cooking

e.       The expectations - everybody builds up in anticipation of the day - even counting the minutes!


4.        Well and good, but are you preparing for His Return?


a.       Just a few references


1)       John 14:3

2)       Matt 24:44

3)       Titus 2:13


b.       There are over 10 times more information in the Bible about Christ's second coming than His first!

c.       I love Christmas, but I know that I will love His return better!

d.       We really have no excuse to get caught off-guard (Lk 21:34)


1)       Have you done ANY soul-searching?

2)       Have you done ANY planning - or do you leave everything to the last minute?

3)       Is there ANY expectation, looking forward to seeing Jesus, as the "blessed hope" that it is?!


e.       If you have done any of that you would be saved, busy living for God instead of toys anymore!

f.        But if you are NOT ready…


1)       You need not put off getting saved any longer! Don't miss the glory of Christ's return

2)       Get the gift of eternal life today - by repenting and receiving Jesus Christ yourself