The Discoveries of Christmas

What You Find IN Christmas is Far Greater than ON Christmas

Philippians 2:5-11


I.                     Introduction ()


A.      On Christmas day, there is a lot of discovery going on - discovering what gifts we received, and from whom they came - discovering such joy and thrill in hearts that we wish it could really stay Christmas all the time!

B.       Our Christmas traditions include the whole family entering the sitting room, and together discovering what each other has under the Christmas tree. There is a great joy in the discovery - not all the gifts are always under the tree - sometimes there is one IN the tree, or hidden away, and brought out later, after everyone thinks there are no more gifts - great excitement!

C.       I believe that is God's way for people to really enjoy Christmas - looking for, and discovering just what is IN Christmas itself!

D.      The Christmas story, the incarnation of God, the love of our Saviour has endless depth, and intensity - it begs us to look, and search, and discover the wonder and greatness of  Jesus - and that is what I would like to do this morning together, as a family - a Christian family


II.                   Message - The Discoveries of Christmas (Philippians 2:5-11)


A.      The Coming - God has been here (Philp 2:5-7)


1.        His fingerprints are all over creation - his handiwork!

2.        In most homes, "Santa was here" will be shouted

3.        But in those who know the Bible, the shout is that GOD has come in the flesh - GOD became MAN - a HUMAN - with a name


a.       Without reputation though - what a reputation to have, and yet discard it

b.       Without comeliness - no special wrapping - or fancy clothes, makeup

c.       Without freedom - a servant - not His own life to live


B.      The Cross - Jesus has been to the Cross (Philp 2:8)


1.        All throughout the joy of the Christmas story is interwoven the purpose and plan of God to redeem a sinful world

2.        God had already humbled Himself in becoming a MAN

3.        But now, Jesus the man continued, and humbled Himself even further, by:


a.       Ministering to others - everyone He met - did nothing but Good


1)       From healing, feeding, teaching

2)       To even straight-preaching to the Pharisees - good for them

3)       Listening - even though He knows the thoughts and intentions of every heart, He patiently listens

4)       Waiting - He didn't just die - but waited for everyone to learn, and consider what was going on, and for just the right time


b.       He became obedient


1)       Knew obedience, but now, knew it as a Man


a)       Obeyed His parents - even at 12 years old!

b)       Obeyed God's will, all the way to the cross


2)       Obeyed unto the death of the cross - not just "death" but the cruelest form of torturous death imaginable


c.       Finished the job - when everyone else gave up, and quit, Jesus, like the lowest of servants, finished every last requirement for ME, and EVERY sinner to be forgiven! AMEN! Proven by the fact that He is in HEAVEN now, and never to die again!


C.      The Crowning - Every knee should bow (Philp 2:9,10)


1.        Not just the wise men, or the shepherds, or children

2.        But every person on this planet


a.       Bow in awe - at such a God, such a perfect life, and such a gift

b.       Bow in surrender - no competition

c.       Bow in acceptance - the gift is at your fingertips - at the tip of your tongue - just accept it

d.       Bow in thankfulness - A true believer does not live in fear, or uncertainty, but rather in thankfulness, and anticipation!

e.       Bow in worship - that's what we need to do today - we know how to worship everyone else, but Jesus is the KING - at least He is MINE


D.      The Cry - Every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Philp 2:11)


1.        One last thing we should find IN Christmas

2.        It is a Cry - a shout - an explosion of emotion, full of joy and love

3.        A cry of the lips - directed at Jesus, not just the Saviour, but even more importantly, Jesus the LORD - master, decision maker, possessing all authority and power over your life - all because you have given it to Him


a.       A cry made to God

b.       A cry made to yourself - ok to talk to yourself especially when out of line

c.       A cry made to your family

d.       A cry made to the whole world around you


4.        A cry that Jesus is MY Lord

5.        A cry that I am servant


III.                 Conclusion -