What Bartimaeus Saw in Jesus

A Blind Man Sometimes Sees More than People with Sight!

Mark 10:46-52

DATE: 7 July, 2002  AM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction ()

A.      Jesus is walking with His disciples on their way from Capernaum in the North of Israel to Jerusalem (Mark 9:33; 10:1; 11:1)

B.       They are discussing various topics


1.        His soon coming death, burial and resurrection (10:32-34) – which they didn’t believe would actually happen

2.        Who would be greatest (10:35-45) – things never change!


C.       They now come to a large city called Jericho (10:46). Population of 100,000 people! They don’t stay in Jericho, but just keep moving - Jesus is intent on getting to Jerusalem! It was His time!

D.      Some people, when they think of Jesus, they see only:


1.        Religion

2.        A way to make money off of poor people who don’t know better

3.        A man who failed to become a king

4.        Someone who lived a long time ago


E.       But just on the outskirts of that town, a blind man sees something that the majority of the crowd was blind to.

F.       It’s a man named Bartimaeus, and because of his simple, yet earnest faith, his life is transformed!

G.       The Condition of Bartimaeus (10:46,47a)


1.        Blind - relied on people to take him everywhere. A lot of people are “blind” and they don’t know it! Blind to God and His word!

2.        Begging - relied on people to provide for his needs – basically helpless

3.        Barren - he had no purpose in life but to just sit and waste away stranded by the side of a highway as people passed by! Empty life!

4.        Yet, Bartimaeus took time to inquire why the large crowd was passing by him that day! He found out the reason was one man - Jesus of Nazareth

H.      It was then that Bartimaeus SAW/PERCEIVED what the majority of people with sight never seem to be able to see!


II.       Message – What Bartimaeus Saw in Jesus (Mark 10:46-52)


A.      The End of His Begging (10:46,47)


1.        To stoop to begging was the lowest thing a person could do

2.        This man was as low as you can go – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

3.        But to hear the name JESUS can signal the end of:


a.       Looking to people for all your supply (Philp 4:19)

b.       Griping and complaining about how life is treating you

c.       Trusting in your own abilities, or giving up because you DON’T have any abilities


4.        What a life to be freed from – so many even in here have a bit of this:


a.       Living like beggars


1)       Waiting on the government to get you another entitlement

2)       Looking to people to meet your emotional and even physical needs


b.       Not that we can ignore our needs – our needs are intended to bring us closer to God

c.       But that we can learn to rest in God’s care


1)       God is SOVEREIGN – in control

2)       God’s supply will always be enough

3)       God’s heaven will make up for anything you have to do without down here

5.        When you have a need, or a problem – quit griping, and learn to pray and trust in the Lord, and cast upon HIM your every care!


B.       The Promised Messiah (10:47)


1.        Doesn’t call Him Jesus of Nazareth – that was His common name

2.        Calls Jesus, The Son of David - The promised descendant of king David who would be King of kings

3.        The Messiah (Isa 35:3-6; 42:6,7)

4.        So few people saw Jesus for who He really was


a.       They only looked for a Lion, when they needed Him to be their Lamb

b.       They only looked for a Sovereign, when they first needed Him to be their Saviour

c.       They only looked for a Judge when they needed a Mediator


5.        It is still true today


a.       People see a wimp, when he was restrained from showing His wrath

b.       People only see a religious teacher, when He was the Lawgiver

c.       People only see a good Man, but miss the fact he was the only perfect Man who ever lived

d.       People only see and unfortunate death on the cross, when we should see a triumphant cry of IT IS FINISHED!


C.       A Merciful Saviour (10:48)


1.        Notice the words, “HAVE MERCY ON ME!”

2.        Those are the words of a sinner – he knows he is unworthy (Lk 18:13,14)

3.        The reason a majority of this world is going to hell is because they really believe they are unworthy of hell, instead of realizing they are unworthy of heaven!

4.        This was the cry of David in Psalm 51 after the sin with Bathsheba

5.        Oh the greatness of God’s mercy


a.       To NOT give us what we deserve

b.       Bartimaeus knew he deserved to die lost and blind

c.       But he counted on God having mercy towards him


6.        Mercy makes a way for GRACE to provide our need (Titus 3:5)


D.      Someone Who Would Hear Him (10:47-49)


1.        There is a large crowd of people around Jesus

2.        It had been growing as Jesus passed through Jericho

3.        There were also 12 apostles walking closely alongside Jesus

4.        And here is this beggar along the side of the road

5.        And he cries out


a.       Not to Peter, St Jude, Mary, pastor Craig, or Bertie Ahern!

b.       Not to just anyone to get just SOMEONE to hear

c.       But called specifically to Jesus – that NAME!

d.       As if Jesus could actually hear his little voice! AMEN!


6.        Now, the nearby people only heard Bartimaeus as a distraction, as a nuisance, or even an irritation


a.       The world goes through motions of prayer but doesn’t really believe they are heard

b.       That’s why they repeat their prayers over and over (Mt 6:7,8)

c.       And they hate people praying out-loud passionately


7.        But Bartimaeus saw his cry as being heard by Jesus

8.        We need to believe this!


a.       In our prayer time (Ps 5:1-3) – how treasured is your prayer time? (Ps 116:1-4)

b.       In our needy time (Ps 34:6)

c.       In time for salvation (2Cor 6:2) – only a limited time

d.       God hears (Ps 3:4)


9.        You can call on Him


a.       All day long

b.       For ANY reason – pray about everything

c.       To ask for something

d.       To thank Him for something

e.       To seek wisdom

f.        To sing Him a song of praise


10.     Don’t neglect such a great gift – Bartimaeus didn’t – and he was blind!


E.       Someone Who Valued Faith Only (10:50,51)


1.        Faith is all that Bartimaeus had – and all that he needed


a.       He couldn’t find his way to God

b.       Going to church brought him no closer

c.       Faith comes by hearing the word of God (Rom 10:17)

d.       Faith is the only thing that pleases God!


2.        Notice the steps of his faith


a.       Called out to Jesus

b.       Cared nothing for the way the crowd reacted – peer pressure, and family displeasure

c.       Knew he was accepted and came near

d.       Cast away his old rags (Isa 64:6) knew he was going to get a new suit

e.       Clung simply to Jesus – waited for His work in his life (10:51; Lk 23:42)


3.        And that was all Bartimaeus needed


a.       Notice the miracles recorded


1)       Jesus was stopped by the voice of one blind man, when a whole city couldn’t stop Him (10:49)

2)       Jesus called – no Calvinism here – Jesus waits for our faith to act

3)       Bartimaeus followed the voice of God – couldn’t see Him, but knew His voice – by the words he spoke (Jn 7:46)

4)       Sight was given – proof that Jesus was the Messiah – God in flesh

5)       His LIFE was changed


b.       Faith in Christ not only gave Bartimaeus his sight, but made his life WHOLE, complete!


4.        That’s why FAITH must be sure – needs the absolute authority of the word of God to rest upon.

5.        Jesus is not impressed with ANY of our works before getting born again


F.       Someone Worth Following (10:52)


1.        When Jesus saves a person, it is for a purpose

2.        He is not a Convenience Shop – just go into and get what you need and get out again

3.        He is God, who made us, and seeks to make something out of us

4.        Bartimaeus is surrounded by people who are following Jesus for all the:


a.       Free food – 9,000 get fed

b.       Entertainment – able to walk on water

c.       Blessings


5.        But Bartimaeus is now going to follow Jesus because He is worthy


a.       Could have gone his own way

b.       Decided to go whatever way Jesus went – even into Jerusalem


6.        Is Jesus worthy of following – all the way he leads? Even into the valley of the shadow of death (Ps 23)?

7.        If Jesus is only worthy of a Sunday, then you are still blind!

8.        If He is worthy of every moment of every day, then something must have happened to your eyes!


III.     Conclusion – What Can YOU “See” in Jesus?


A.      The End of a Life of Begging?

B.       The Promised Messiah?

C.       A Merciful Saviour?

D.      Someone Who Would Hear You?

E.       Someone Who Values Faith Only

F.       Someone Worth Following?

G.       Have you SEEN Jesus like Bartimaeus did? Not with the eyes of sight, but in faith, hearing God’s word? Do you trust Him fully?