Wrong Ways to Win Souls – Part 2

Misunderstandings About Soul-Winning

Acts 5:42

DATE: 11 Mar, 2001   PM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (Acts 19:13-16)


A.     There are a number of other wrong ideas people have when the subject of soul-winning comes to mind. Let me give some truths about soul-winning this morning that will correct some of those misconceptions.

B.     I gave a small list last week, but want to build upon that list of misunderstandings, so that every believer is firmly settled just how this thing called SOUL-WINNING is supposed to work!

C.     Some wise quotes:


1.       Leaders are more trained than born. And evangelism is more caught than taught.  The average person can no more learn to evangelise in a classroom, than he can learn to fly an airplane in his living room. There is no substitute for On-The-Job Training!

2.       A preacher named Dr. T.C. Horton entered an elevator one day and called for the floor he was going to. Always ready to seize an opportunity to tell what God had done for a world of lost sinners, he turned to the elevator boy and asked, “Are you heading for heaven, or hell son?” The boy replied, “I don’t know, sir.” When the elevator arrived at the desired floor, the door opened but Dr. Horton did not move. The young lad said, “The door is open for you sir.” To which Dr Horton replied, “So is the door of heaven to you dear lad – all because of Jesus!” And he left him with a Gospel leaflet!

3.       Every atom in the universe can act on every other atom, but only through the atom next to it. If a person would desire to act upon every other person, he can do it best by acting, one at a time, upon those beside him.

4.       A genuine Christian is the best evidence of the genuineness of Christianity!


II.    Message – The Wrong Way to Win Souls – Part 2


A.     Do it Impatiently (2Tim 2:24-26) – We All Need Lots of Patience!


1.       This salvation work is not an “instant creation” thing – just add water (sorry, that’s catholic, and protestant rubbish)

2.       The work of God takes years due to its nature in the heart of a man


a.      Cleansing

b.      Convicting

c.      Compelling

d.      Conquering


3.       None of that happens overnight because of


a.      Massive amounts of pride that is being instilled in people today

b.      Massive amounts of sin that is being built up in people – too painful to deal with all at once

c.      Massive amounts of brain-washing (Romans 1)


4.       The work of a farmer is one of patience (James 5:7,8)


a.      Pick your field

b.      Plough it – God is usually already doing this with troubles

c.      Choose your seed carefully – only good seed will do

d.      Plant your seed carefully – must go deep

e.      Water the seed regularly

f.       Weed the sprouts

g.      Wait for God to bring forth life!


B.     Be Uncertain (Mt 7:28,29) – This is the reason for Church, Bible Study, Discipleship – so very important, or you will give off signals of being uncertain, and the world hates uncertainty, especially in religion!


1.       Uncertain of your own salvation – just try and win souls when you yourself are uncertain of where you are going when YOU die!

2.       Uncertain of the truthfulness of the Bible! Hear so many people cringing at the thought of defending the truths of the Bible:


a.      The Bible needs no defence – it is an offensive weapon

b.      We make the mistake that people are looking for reasons to believe the Bible, when the truth is that people just need the truths of the Bible – the Word of God does ALL the work!


3.       Uncertain of the need of this world – our biggest uncertainty


a.      We get lulled into a kind of sleep


1)      Thinking things are bad, but not that bad

2)      Seeing all the GOOD things we have today

3)      We need to wake up to the filth still dominate (1Cor 15:34)


b.      The MAJORITY of people are still going to hell


1)      Good people.

2)      Religion is still sending folks to hell with a false hope

3)      Socialism is still softening the “curse of God on this world” and therefore convincing people that God’s commandments don’t matter!


c.      We need to WAKE UP to the certainty of the course of this world – headed for hell, and the only ones who know which direction is right is the Bible believing Christian! We need to be certain that we have the ONLY cure! AMEN! Shout it!


C.     Do it Without the Bible (Heb 4:12; 2Tim 4:2; 1 Pet 1:23)


1.       Modern “christianity” has no Bible. They have been talking to people about “jesus” but without a standard so much so that there are at least as many different views about Jesus as there are people who go to church! There is not one Jesus anymore folks, and it is the fault of Christians!

2.       People hate the offence of the Cross, and so they change it!


a.      Use “christian” rock concerts - “christian” discos and dances

b.      Use modern terminology – forget:


1)      Sin – call it a mistake

2)      Hell – call it hades

3)      God’s judgment – only talk about God’s love

4)      Naming sins – no, we wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings – especially of homosexuals, and sodomites, and fornicators, and adulterers – oh, sorry!


3.       When you start going by the Bible, and preaching the Bible, you are going to get right results – AMEN (1Cor 1:10)! But it will also cost you dearly! AMEN!


D.     Do it Without a Broken Heart (Psalm 126:5,6)


1.       A heart that has been fashioned to feel like Jesus’ did (Mt 23:37; Ezek 33:11). You want to know what emotions are right to have, study HIS emotions!

2.       There is no way to professionalise the Gospel ministry – it is NOT just a task we do – that would make it religion. We MUST go out soul-winning, but we MUST go out with weeping

3.       The only way the Gospel works is when well oiled with tears of believers who KNOW this world is going to hell, and that we have never done enough (Rom 10:1-3)

4.       If you haven’t cried in several years, ask God for a broken heart, and for a view of sinners headed for hell, and I believe He will answer that prayer!

III. Conclusion


A.     Do it Impatiently (2Tim 2:24-26) – We All Need Lots of Patience!

B.     Be Uncertain

C.     Do it Without the Bible (Heb 4:12; 2Tim 4:2; 1 Pet 1:23)

D.     Do it Without a Broken Heart (Psalm 126:5,6)