Why Christians Don’t Reach the World

Are We Fooling Ourselves, or Just Blind?

Acts 26:15-18

DATE: 18 Mar, 2001   AM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (Psalm 16:8; Acts 2:25; Heb 11:27; 12:2)


A.     The key to the abundant life of the Christian is found in those three verses. This is probably the most important message you will ever hear.

B.     If you will let me lay the ground-work, you will soon see just what it is that is hindering Christians from turning this world upside down. And it is not our lack of education, or our financial limitations, or our status in society. It all just depends upon how “blind” you are.


II.    Message – Why Christians Don’t Reach the World


A.     We Were Saved to Turn the World Around


1.       That may be news to you, but it is so, so true!

2.       God created everything with purpose


a.      The sun, moon (Gen 1:14-16) to regulate our lives and days

b.      Food (Gen 1:29) be eaten

c.      Man (Gen 2:15) to work

d.      Everything has a purpose


3.       Well, I’ve got news for you - the Christian was also created for a purpose – not talking about the first birth, but the new-birth!


a.      We are called a new creature (2Cor 5:17)

b.      But, what is the purpose of this new creature?


1)      1Pet 2:9 to show forth praise! Everyday, in every situation!

2)      Acts 26:15-18  to turn people from religion to Jesus!


c.      You get to the place where you are doing those two things in life, you will be a great success! That is where I want to focus


4.       So, How do we fulfil our great purpose? It begins in Acts 22:11.


The apostle Paul was probably the greatest traveller of his day. He visited dozens and dozens of countries and traversed the entire Roman Empire, even up to Spain, and probably to Britain. He wrote much along the way, where God used him to pen 14 New Testament books. And yet, as you read those inspired Scriptures, there is something lacking – the scenery! No mention of architecture, lakes, mountain ranges. There is a profound reason for it – Paul was “blind.” As he travelled, he was “blind” to all else but one thing: Jesus! And from the time he met Jesus on the road to Damascus, he could see nothing but Him, and tell nothing but His Gospel! To follow our Lord as Paul did, let’s let the Lord BLIND us to the things of this world, so that we too can do the impossible


B.     Correcting Our Current Vision – wrong vision is just as bad as no vision. Lots of people besides just Paul have this problem (Mk 8:22-25)


1.       Quit seeing soul-winning as too big a task


a.      We see a whole world going to hell (too big to wrestle with), but we can’t see just one person we can, we ought to talk to!

b.      The task of soul-winning is not too big:


1)      Not when God used simple fishermen, carpenters and even county councillors (tax collectors) to win tens of thousands

2)      Soul-winning is simple farming, fishing, caring – that’s all

3)      We just don’t care!


2.       Ignore the fact that so few are involved (Mt 9:35-38) – always been


a.      A Christian church is a BODY

b.      That BODY must be assembled in a unique and functioning way for it to be really alive

c.      When only a few muscles and nerves are functioning, you have rapid decay and ultimately, death!

d.      Same with a church – we all must be involved


1)      Praying together for specific souls

2)      Going together talking to people – door-to-door

3)      Giving together so that families can go places we never could get to – supporting our missionaries


3.       Start listening for God’s call (Isa 6:8)


a.      We are moved by TV shows, and romance novels

b.      We care more about soaps and their cancellations than eternity

c.      We LEAP at the ring of our phone

d.      We care more about a DOG’S whimper than the souls of people – always listening for their whimper and whine!

e.      Jesus said over and over, “Does anyone have any ears to hear today?” Is anyone listening? If we were, we would be going!

f.       I want to encourage you to make a list – every time you read your Bible, list out what God is telling you to do, and then pray over that list, and do it!


4.       Quit seeing only the obstacles, and remembering only the defeats – this is so wicked


a.      Some see only the barriers; foes; obstacles. They give up!

b.      But thank God others see the blessings, friends, opportunities

c.      If you saw only the problems, the impossibilities, the attacks, the burdens, then you are NOT looking unto Jesus!


5.       Start seeing the rewards (2Cor 4:16-18) what can you take to heaven with you? Any of you going? What are you bringing with you?


a.      A soul – do you rejoice over the potential to win one?

b.      How about YOUR family? You whole family (Act 16:30,31)

c.      Your best efforts for Jesus – not one thing is over-looked!


6.       Keep a vision of hell! If there is one group that ought to believe in hell, it must be the Bible believing born-again Christian!


a.      He is still real!

b.      Hell is still painful

c.      Hell is still permanent

d.      But thank God, hell is preventable!


7.       These are things in our vision that get corrected when we have Jesus before our eyes


C.     What Would Happen if Every Christian Got Busy? (Rom 10:15)


1.       Christians would truly love one another


a.      See how important EACH and every one in here is to the work

b.      We don’t get along because we don’t see ourselves as a team – we think it doesn’t matter that Christians bind together in a local Bible preaching church to win the lost

c.      Let me tell you – IT DOES MATTER! It matters to the devil!


2.       Our problems would fade


a.      Problems get big simply because they have all our attention

b.      Put your attention on serving God, and the problems will magically fade – guaranteed!

c.      A church that is not busy for God is full of anger, bitterness, division, fornication, adultery, and back-biting (shall I go on?).

d.      A church that IS busy for God is growing, stable, maturing, caring, humble, loving, and like Jesus!!!


3.       Souls WOULD be saved (Matt 4:19)


a.      Jesus is a master instructor - He knows what He is teaching, and does not fail in His instruction.

b.      His ways are perfect (Ps 18:30). It will accomplish the work God has for it (Isa 55:11)!


4.       People would be called to preach (Acts 13:1,2). God is out for the hearts and LIVEs of people (Rom 12:1,2; 2 Cor 12:14)!

5.       Churches would be established – this is no game! We are here to multiply and win the world. But not through rebellious Christians who do their own thing, but through, local Bible believing churches that faithfully meet up and assemble together into a mighty army for God in their community!

6.       The world would be turn upside-down! (Acts 17:6)


III. Conclusion – Are You Ready to get Busy?


A.     Get you vision corrected


1.       Quit seeing soul-winning as too big a task

2.       Ignore the fact that so few are involved (Mt 9:35-38) – always been

3.       Start listening for God’s call (Isa 6:8)

4.       Quit seeing only the obstacles, and remembering only the defeats

5.       Start seeing the rewards (2Cor 4:16-18)

6.       Keep a vision of hell!


B.     Get your feet in motion – following Jesus into a lost world

C.     Watch the transformation


1.       Christians loving one another

2.       Our problems fading

3.       Souls getting be saved (Matt 4:19)

4.       People getting be called to preach (Acts 13:1,2).

5.       Churches getting be established

6.       The world getting turned upside-down! (Acts 17:6)