What Happens When Christians Sin?

Understanding Just What happens When a Child of God Sins

1 John 1:6 – 2:2

DATE: 4 Feb, 2001   AM         PLACE: BBC Blarney

DATE: 18 Feb, 2001           PLACE: BBC Mallow


I.         Introduction (1 John 1:6 – 2:2)


A.      It is a fact - Christians sin.

B.       But do we realise just what happens when we do sin?

C.       So many believers become dominated, discouraged, and defeated by sin in their lives. Sometimes they are so ashamed they no longer profess to be saved (they can’t bear being the hypocrites they know they have become). Sometimes they are so confused they no longer even KNOW if they are saved.

D.      Oh that we all wanted to be free from sin’s dominance

E.       Let us consider this morning, what happens when Christians sin. I believe it will help us immensely as we learn to battle its presence in our lives.


II.       Message - What Happens When Christians Sin? (1 John 1:6 – 2:2)


A.      What Does Not Happen


1.        You are never disowned (2Tim 2:13). Oh blessed truth!


a.       When a person is saved, they becomes a child of God (Jn. 1:12) by a supernatural birth (1 Pet. 1:23) on the inside.

b.       And since nothing can change the fact that a child was born into my PHYSICAL family, nothing changes the fact that you are God's child if you have been spiritually born again. You have eternal life and you are secured for heaven. That is settled. According to God (Heb 13:5)!


2.        You are not damned (John 5:24). God has written FORGIVEN all over every act and thought you ever committed, or ever will commit!

3.        HOWEVER ... even though a believer's sins have been paid for, the sins he commits in his daily life after he is saved DO have consequences. This is why we need to fear God, and change our attitude towards sin.


B.       What Does Happen?


1.        Closeness to God suffers (1John 1:6) – Oh learn this folks!


a.       Although my child is still my child, we don't get along when they are disobedient. So is fellowship with God hindered when a believer sins.

b.       Sweet fellowship can almost become nonexistent, which can make the person feel that he is not even part of God's family.

c.       Not only do you feel it. But God is grieved, as well (Eph. 4:30).

d.       Our closeness to God is connected with how much sin we hold on to. Hey! No longer is sin holding onto us! Sin’s power has died!

e.       That’s why God’s word loses its attraction – the small voice can’t be heard from a distance – you have to be close to the heart of God!


2.        Calmness of spirit is hindered (Isa 57:21). Restlessness is often a result of spiritual rebellion. A Christian who doesn't live for God will not have the same peace of mind as does an obedient believer.


a.       Maybe people don’t understand just what a Christian is – a new person. Different than before. Hey. Different than last year

b.       A follower of Jesus Christ yearns to be obedient to God’s word

c.       A Christian loves the calmness of God’s presence and grace in his or her life. When we only have anger, and restlessness, we have sinned.


3.        Cheerfulness in Jesus fades (Ps 51:12) When a believer sins, he will begin losing the joy of church going, Bible reading, soul-winning, praying, and other Christian activities. He may finally lose the joy of living. Sad!


a.       People in this room are backslidden

b.       Used to go soul-winning

c.       Used to come to prayer meeting on Saturday night

d.       Used to come to Wed night Bible Study

e.       Used to love church

f.        Folks – none of those things have changed

g.       The problem is SIN has crept between you and God! And it shows on your face!


4.        Capability of witnessing suffers (Matt 5:16) No Christian is perfect, but a disobedient Christian is not likely to be very convincing when he tries to tell someone how to be saved. It is a spiritual law:

a.       A sinning Christian is 100% powerless to bear fruit

5.        Confidence in prayer departs (Ps 66:18) When fellowship is broken between you and God, you lose the confidence and the willingness to talk to Him. Likewise, He loses the desire to hear from you, unless you repent.

6.        Companions in the Church body know it (1Cor 12:26; Gal 2:9-14). Because no one of us lives alone – we affect others. Oh that we would be burdened to affect each other for Good (Heb 10:24,25)!

7.        Crowns are lost (Rev 3:11; Heb 11:24-ff) Salvation is a gift. However, the Bible teaches that in heaven REWARDS, or crowns, are given out, which are based on SERVICE, and our efforts for the Lord. God's gift of eternal life cannot be lost, but rewards CAN be lost, to the shame of the believer who sacrificed heavenly praise and privileges for earthly pleasure.

8.        Chastisement is experienced (Heb 12:5). God slaps His disobedient children, every one of them. No believer who does wrong "gets by" with it. If he does, he is not saved. And, let me tell you, GOD knows how to give a spanking! Maybe some of YOUR troubles are the chastisement of God!


C.       What To Do. Are you a Christian who has gotten away from God? Are you out of fellowship with God due to your sin?


1.        Here's what people normally do:


a.       They get mad – at the preacher, their husband, their wife, kids, boss – everything except themselves

b.       They get out – decide it is better not to deal with sin in their own life and just blame the sins in everyone else’s life

c.       They just get harder and harder until they finally crumble.


2.        Here is what you should do:


a.       Confront it (Pr 28:13) Don't try to cover it up. Don't try to deny it. Realize you have a problem: a SIN problem. And it is only in your heart – most painful place to work on! If you don’t sense sinful desires, and thoughts, then there are only two possibilities


1)       Either they aren’t there – which I doubt

2)       Or you are blind to them – hardened towards them. It is time to pray Psalm 139:23,24, and then “batten down the hatches!”


b.       Confess it (1Jn 1:9) To confess your sin means you recognize that what you have done is rebellion against God. To confess is NOT to tell God that you want to get right IF you have sinned. It means that you name what you have done wrong, and accept responsibility for it.


1)       When was the last time you NAMED some sin in your life?

2)       When did you see a wicked WAY (habit) and realise just how filthy that habit must be to God’s sight?

3)       Today is a good day to do some heart searching, and pouring out of our hearts the sorrow for the sins in there!


c.       Consecrate (Pr 28:13; Ps 51:12,13)


1)       Confess your sin, forsake it, and begin immediately working to do right. Replace the sin! If you're saved, that means such things as: get baptized; join the church; attend it every service; tithe; read your Bible; pray; go soul-winning; and other such activities.

2)       If you stumble, go through the above steps again. Don't ever stay down. Keep getting up! Consecration is Godly determination!


III.     Conclusion


A.      What Does Not Happen When a Christian Sins. Never disowned or damned

B.       What Does Happen?


1.        Closeness to God suffers (1John 1:6)

2.        Calmness of spirit is hindered (Isa 57:21).

3.        Cheerfulness in Jesus fades (Ps 51:12)

4.        Capability of witnessing suffers (Matt 5:16)

5.        Confidence in prayer departs (Ps 66:18)

6.        Companions in church know it – no good trying to hide it

7.        Crowns are lost (Rev 3:11)

8.        Chastisement is experienced (Heb 12:5)


C.       What To Do. Are you a Christian who has gotten away from God? Are you out of fellowship with God due to your sin? Here's what to do:


1.        You must Confront it!

2.        You must Confess it

3.        You must Consecrate your life – make it stay on the strait and narrow! Otherwise you will constantly be discouraged – never full of the joy that is intended for the life and heart of the Christian!


D.      If you are not saved, then none of these great truths are for you! Oh, don’t walk away from this meeting still lost – still damned.


1.        You must heed the command, to be born again!

2.        You MUST see your goodnesses as nothing compared to the perfection of the life of Christ! Religion has blinded most people into worrying only about bad sins. God says you better worry about your good sins as well!

3.        You must repent of those good acts just as much as you might repent of sinful acts

4.        You must ask to be saved – ask and ye shall receive thank God!