Hidden Idols

Seven Things We Need to Stop Worshipping

Selected Scriptures

DATE: 7 Jan, 2001 PM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (Genesis 31:17-19, 34, 35)


A.      Rachel had idols, but her husband was not aware of them. She HID the idols she stole from her father. One of the crimes of the Old Testament was the fact that God's people were given to idolatry during their history.

B.       Many of God's people today practice idolatry, but they have hidden it. The hidden idol I want to talk about tonight is covetousness! The Bible says:

Colossians 3:5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:

C.       Anything that you desire, lust after, or want that is more than the Lord and what HE wants you to have is an idol.

D.      In that case, the following things can be idols in every one of our lives!


II.       Message


A.      Pleasure Can Be An Idol (2Tim 3:1-4)


1.        The heart of the Christian is to be dominated not by feelings, but by the Lord Jesus Himself.


a.       What is FUN, could be BITTER at the last

b.       What FEELS good, could be BAD

c.       Why? Because my belly yells louder than Jesus does (Phil;p 3:19)

d.       This world’s emphasis is on SEX, and PLEASURE

1)       Education has to be FUN

2)       Even going to the DOCTOR now has to be fun

3)       So, I guess CHURCH has to be FUN too, huh?;-)


2.        So, look at your “pleasures” and see which ones have more importance to you than your life for Jesus


a.       Computer games

b.       Holidays

c.       Fishing, Hunting

d.       Reading these stupid “romance” novels!

e.       Talking even about good things that you like to do, that actually take you away from reading the Bible, and talking to sinners, and spending time with your family, and being in church


B.       Profit Can Be An Idol (1Tim 6:10)


1.        If we sacrifice our wives and children to obtain it – most do, and even MOST CHRISTIANS DO!

2.        If we sacrifice our ways of consecration to obtain it


a.       Faithful church attendance

b.       Work in the church – a ministry, prayer meeting, bible Study on Wednesday evening


3.        If we sacrifice the will of Christ to obtain it


a.       Many won’t preach because there is no money in it

b.       Many won’t surrender to go to the missionary field because no profit

c.       God send us revival!


C.       Popularity Can Be An Idol (Luke 6:26; Acts 12:20-24)


1.        Don’t follow the crowd


a.       The majority is almost always wrong folks –

b.       The multitudes are going to hell


2.        Most saved people have little discernment about popularity


a.       They have little walk with God, so HIS praise means little

b.       They have a BIG walk with this world, so THEIR praise means most (Jn 12:42,43)


3.        Folks, let’s destroy our idolatry of popularity – worrying what others think about us, and find out what GOD thinks. Otherwise:


a.       Noah would never have built the Ark

b.       Abraham never would have left his home for the Promised Land

c.       Moses never would have stayed at it, pressing Pharaoh to let Israel go free (even the Israelites disagreed over how to handle the situation)

d.       Paul wouldn’t have won most of the First Century world to God


D.      Peace Can Be An Idol (Mt 10:34-36)


1.        If it is at the expense of separation (Ps 28:3)


a.       People allow all sorts of rubbish into their lives so that the kids “will be happy”

b.       People go along with all sorts of sin at work, or with the buddies so that “the peace” can be maintained

c.       Families will never talk about heaven and hell issues in the interest of PEACE!


2.        If it is at the expense of the scriptures


a.       Oh, don’t try and show folks the issue of Bible Versions – No, no, no

b.       Don’t talk about how kids ought to dress

c.       Don’t correct foul-mouths, and bad attitudes

d.       No – not if we want PEACE


3.        If it is at the expense of service to God


a.       Your family will think you have “flipped”

b.       Sometimes, the will of God causes great strife – even in your own heart (Lk 9:57-62)


1)       All these men were called of God

2)       Yet none of them had perfect peace about it

3)       Perfect peace only comes through trusting obedience


E.       Power Can Be An Idol (Isa 14:13)


1.        The world makes “success” their idol

2.        But, Service is the supreme attitude in God’s Book - humility


a.       Serving the Lord

b.       Serving Christians

c.       Serving the Lost

d.       Serving your family

e.       Not CONTROLLING anybody by your “abilities” and superiority


3.        Service is the secret to leadership


a.       A real leader, ministers

b.       The devil’s lie is that you have to keep people under your thumb

c.       No! Just minister to them, and preach the truth


4.        Service is success


a.       When a person begins to serve the Lord, doing God’s will, they already are successful

b.       When GOD is your God, you can’t help but give, serve, sacrifice, suffer, and love!


F.       Possessions Can Be An Idol (Mt 19:21-22)


1.        If you love them


a.       Possessions are to be tools


1)       To help you raise your family

2)       To help you serve God

3)       To help you accomplish God’s will


b.       When your possessions become God


1)       You spend all your time with them, instead of your family

2)       You spend all your money on THEM instead of tithing, and giving to missions

3)       You talk only about bigger toys, and more powerful THINGS


2.        If you live for them


a.       People seem to LIVE for


1)       Bigger car – showing off

2)       Bigger computers

3)       Fancier mobile phones

4)       Better clothes


b.       So few seem to even WANT to live for Jesus (Philp 4:11; 1Tim 6:6,8; Heb 13:5)


3.        If you leave God and His will, for them


a.       Like leaving your wife for another woman

b.       Like leaving your kids for a “better” life without kids

c.       People leave church all the time for just the same reasons


1)       To be in a church where there are “people of distinction”

2)       To be able to spend more time earning money to buy bigger toys

3)       Oh GOD help deliver us!


G.       People Can Be An Idol (Luke 14:26; Mt 10:37)


1.        This is exhibited at funerals


a.       Do you remember how the Lord responded to the man who wanted to wait until after the funeral of his father to travel in the Lord's service?

b.       His dad was more important to him than Jesus

c.       Peter left ALL (Lk 18:28-30)


2.        This is exhibited at family reunions


a.       Do you know why family reunions are so often held on Sundays? -- because HEATHEN are the ones holding the reunions!

b.       THEY want to be GOD!

c.       Don’t let them. YOU set the pace, and tell them you will be there AFTER church, and invite them come instead FIRST to Church!


3.        This is exhibited at free time – vacations, or even just visits (too much time spent with someone at the expense of others)!


a.       Christians should witness while on vacation.

b.       Christians should be in church while on vacation.

c.       Christians should walk with God while on vacation! Take your Bible, and have devotions! AMEN!


III.     Conclusion – Idols We have hidden Away


A.      The Idols WE ALL have hidden away


1.        Pleasure Can Be An Idol (2Tim 3:1-4)

2.        Profit Can Be An Idol (1Tim 6:10)

3.        Popularity Can Be An Idol (Luke 6:26; Acts 12:20-24)

4.        Peace Can Be An Idol (Mt 10:34-36)

5.        Power Can Be An Idol (Isa 14:13)

6.        Possessions Can Be An Idol (Mt 19:21-22)

7.        People Can Be An Idol (Luke 14:26; Mt 10:37)


B.       The Right Response to Idolatry in a Church


1.        Ex 32:19,20 – Hate it, burn it out with repentance

2.        Acts 17:16 – preach against it – take SIDES!

3.        1 Cor 10:14 – Flee from all forms of idolatry

4.        1Thes 1:9 – Fill your life up instead with service for God

5.        1John 5:21 – Keep yourself from ever going back under their bondage