The Seven Resurrections in Scripture


I.         Introduction (Dan 12:1,2)


A.      There were many people who were raised up from the dead throughout the Scriptures

B.       But all of them died again..

C.       There are plenty of people who may die due to car accidents, or cardiac arrest, and are brought back to life by a shot of adrenaline or a blast from those cardiac shock pads – but all of them eventually die again

D.      There are not just two resurrections - There are SEVEN.

E.       A true Bible resurrection is one where a person resurrects from the dead, never to die again.

F.       It is called a quickening, making alive


II.       Message


A.      Jesus Christ (Mt 28)


1.        He is the foundation of all resurrections.  He is the FIRST to be raised, never to die again (1Cor 15:20,23; Rev 1:5; Acts 26:23).

2.        All previous people who resurrected before Christ had to die again, if Christ was to be the first that never died again.

3.        The people resurrected prior to Christ, and even by Christ were always given back their old bodies.


a.       Widow woman’s son by Elijah (1Kgs 17:17-24)

b.       The Shunammite’s son by Elisha (2Kgs 4)

c.       The dead man who was touched by the dead body of Elisha (2Kgs 13:20,21)

d.       Lazarus (John 11) – called up by Jesus

e.       Jarius’s daughter (Mk 5:21-43) – touched by Jesus

f.        The widow woman’s son (Lk 7:11-15) – in a coffin being carried out to the cemetery – touched by Jesus


4.        All of these people got their lives back, but still in their old, sin-cursed bodies that would die again.

5.        No one could have gotten to heaven ahead of Christ. He had to be first to rise from the dead, never to die again (John 14:6).


B.       Old Testament Saints (Mt 27:51-54).


1.        This resurrection occurs after Christ’s resurrection, and is the carrying away captive all the Old Testament believers who had been held captive in “paradise” until that time (Eph 4:8-10).

2.        The thief on the cross went to “paradise” with Christ the day he died until Christ arose, at which time, that same thief arose with a new body and ascended to heaven with Christ. He, like Abraham, and Adam and Eve are in heaven right now!


C.       The New Birth (John 3:3-7; Eph 2:1)


1.        This is the resurrection of our previously DEAD spirit (Gen 2:17).

2.        All humans are born with a dead spirit.

3.        At salvation, God regenerates (gives life to) our spirit, giving it a whole new life, and allowing us to fellowship with God, who Himself is not flesh and bones, but spirit (John 4:24)!

4.        So, each sinner who gets born again, experiences a resurrection of their spirit that from birth had been dead.


D.      The Rapture (1 Thes 4:13-18; 1 Cor 15:52-58)


1.        This involves the resurrection of the dead bodies of the Christians preceding the Rapture (Christ's secret "catching away" of His bride) just before the Tribulation!

2.        Those bodies of Christians that died are said to only be “asleep”. It is the BODY that is asleep, not the soul.

3.        The bodies of the New Testament Christian are resurrected all in a moment to be caught away by Christ.

4.        All the Old Testament believers are already with Christ. If a Christian happens to be alive at this moment, then he or she will NEVER die, but will just be changed into Christ’s likeness!


E.       The Tribulation Saints (Rev 6:9-11)


1.        Those believers who get saved during the Tribulation and yet died during the Tribulation, are resurrected at the very END of the Tribulation, right when Jesus Christ returns.

2.        These people who die in the Tribulation are referred to as souls in heaven who are waiting for God to avenge their death at the Second Coming of Christ.

3.        It is at this time period that the Lord Jesus is referring when He says that whosoever believes on Him shall be raised up at the “last day” (John 6:40). The “last day” is referring to His Return at the end of the Tribulation.


F.       The Two Witnesses (Rev 11:3).


1.        Moses and Elijah will show up again on earth and will die right in the middle of the Tribulation, and will lie in the middle of a street for three and a half days.

2.        Then, Moses and Elijah will resurrect and will be caught-up by the Lord (raptured) to heaven.

3.        They will never die again.


G.       The Unsaved Dead (Rev 20:6,11-15).


1.        These are ALL the people from Cain onward who died “in their sins” and have been in hell until this resurrection.

2.        Notice how that this resurrection is never called a resurrection because even though these people come back up, they are still “dead,” and are only going to the “lake of fire” where they will die eternally - just like a Christian will live eternally.

3.        These folks resurrect and obtain the new body that they could have enjoyed all eternity in with God in heaven, but must die in it for all eternity in the lake of fire with the devil!

4.        These folks have been raised from the dead, and live in a body that cannot die, and will forever be tormented in hell – simply because they rejected Jesus, and believed a lie instead!


III.     Conclusion


A.      What are you looking forward to?

B.       I am looking forward to a changing – in the twinkling of an eye

C.       Every born again, blood-bought believer is going to live eternally

D.      Even if we die, this old body you see placed into a casket, and then lowered into a grave, will come back up again – supernaturally

E.       And it will never die again!

F.       But it only will work for Christians – people who have repented of their sinfulness, and called upon Jesus their Saviour TO SAVE THEM!


Pastor Craig Ledbetter
Bible Baptist Church Blarney

29 Westcourt Heights

Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland