The Lordís Supper - Part 2

How To Honour The Lordís Death As Christians

1 Cor 11:23-34


I.      Introduction - Luke 22:15,19


A.    Our Lord Jesus really looked forward to that last Passover meal that He was about to enjoy with His disciples - because, that meal was the blueprint for what was about to happen on the cross for sinners - sacrificial death of Christ, for sinners (1 Pet 3:18)

B.    Every Bible-believing Christian ought to look forward to the opportunity to refresh their memory of what Jesus Christ did for their forgiveness, and salvation!

C.    The Lordís Supper is Godís way of reminding us that Christianity is not all fun and games - but that it had a high price tag - and that we should NEVER take our salvation for granted!!!


II.    Review - The Lordís Supper - Part 1 (Matthew 26:17-30)


A.    The Lordís Supper is a Passover Meal (Mt 26:17-19)


1.     The Feast (celebration) of Unleavened Bread (Exodus 12:3-13) - A memorial of what God had already done before

2.        Every Jew repeated a memorial of that event in Mar/Apr called Passover (12:14). That memorial would continue to remind the Jews of their exodus from Egypt, and salvation from judgment!

3.        Jesus now has come to Jerusalem with disciples for the Passover meal - this would turn out to be His Last Supper - most important!


B.    The Lordís Supper is a Serious Meal (Mt 26:20-25) - A presentation of what God is about to do now at the cross - being the FINAL Lamb (John 1:29), and FINAL sacrifice (John 19:30; Heb 10:11,12,14,26)

C.    The Lordís Supper is a Symbolic Meal (Mt 26:26-29)


1.        Jesus took the BREAD - not the lamb meat


a.     Unleavened bread - leaven pictures sin (1Cor 5:6-8)

b.     Broken bread - Broken by the punishment of God for sin!

c.     Given bread - given freely- didnít cost disciples- cost God!

d.     Eaten bread - no good if people donít take it themselves

e.     Symbolic bread - ďthis is my bodyĒ - a PICTURE! Not a ďsacramentĒ - not a ďsacred means of salvationĒ - but only a picture of the type of death He was about to die


3.        Jesus next takes the CUP (Mt 26:27-29)


a.     This cup only represents (pictures) His blood shed for sin. God forbids drinking blood (Lev 17:10-12; Act 15:28,29)

b.     This cup represents the New Testament! The bringing in of eternal life - salvation!

c.     This cup is only the fruit of the vine - NEW WINE - not fermented/alcoholic (leavened) wine.


4.     All this symbolism is there so that we as Christians can keep fresh in our hearts, what Christ did for us to be saved! (Luke 22:19)


III.   Message - The Lordís Supper - Part 2 (1 Cor 11:23-34)


A.    A Simple Procedure (11:23-26)


1.        Based upon the Bible alone - as first given by Christ - recorded in Scripture - continued by Bible-believing Christians

2.        Christ took simple bread (11:23,24)


a.     Gave thanks - thankful to be able to give

b.     Broke the bread - The price of our sin (Isa 53:5,6) Suffering

c.     Gave the bread out - must be received (John 1:12)

d.     Explained that this bread pictures His BODY which was ďbrokenĒ for sinners

e.     Encourages Christains to best remember His death this way! NOT to re-sacrifice him (Heb 10:11,12,14,26) - Donít try and re-crucify Him!


3.        Christ then took a simple cup (11:25)


a.     Explains that the New Testament is found IN His blood (Heb 10:16-20)

b.     Drink the cup - the contents representing PURE blood

c.     Again encourages Christians to remember the shedding of His blood for you this was - donít go and try and shed His blood again!


4.     So - all this is so that you can remember Christ Jesusí death until He returns (11:26) - ďout of sight can mean out of mindĒ


a.     It keeps His death fresh in our hearts and minds - why do we need this? Remember - our sin caused all this (Ex 32:19,20)

b.     It tells us that there is coming a time when our Saviour will be back with us - and not having to be reminded of Him!!!


5.        NOTE: Paul tells us in 11:26 that as often as we eat this BODY? - NO! Eat this BREAD - It remains bread - it is only a reminder!!


B.    A Serious Memorial (11:27,29,30)


1.     For REAL Christians ONLY! It would only be a mockery if someone tries and remembers an event that has no meaning to them - like remembering the day you got married, when you never got married!

2.     For Christians who are ďworthyĒ - serious about the Lord in their life - Compare to Olympic athelete, election of politician


a.     Unworthiness - All of us are unworthy of Godís love. But here, dealing with Christians who are ďunfitĒ as servants of the Lord. Living for the world, and not for Christ

b.     When you treat Christ flippantly, or without fear, you are acting just like those who CRUCIFIED Him!

c.     God wants the Christian to participate - but not when they are not serious about their Christian life

d.     You reap what you sow - Gal 6:7 - damnation to SELF (11:29,30)


1)        Brings sickness

2)        Brings an early death


C.    A Time of Examination (11:28; Ps 66:18) - Let the word of God, and Spirit of God speak instead of YOU always talking - let God show you where YOU are a mess, and then REPENT!


1.     Are you living a lie? Calling yourself a Christian, but not honest? not saved yet? Donít eat until you settle your own eternity!

2.     Are you living in sin as a Christian? Rejecting what you know God has said, and holding on to something that you know is against God? Donít eat unless you are willing to turn away from it

3.     Are you serious about the Lord? Or, is He just a convenient Genie that you turn to for impossible situations? Become His servant!

4.        Donít feel like you have to put on a show here. If you canít participate, you have my respect because you are being honest!

5.     But every Christian ought to use this time as an opportunity to get their life cleaned up right here and now, and then start fresh for this week - walking with the only God and Saviour Jesus Christ


D.    A Time to Remember (11:24,25) - So Letís Remember Him Now


1.        Letís take bread together (11:23,24)


a.     Give thanks for it - time of silence

b.     Brake it - remembering His suffering

c.     Eat it - YOU are the reason for His death - HE is the reason for your life!


2.        Letís take the cup together (11:25)


a.     Give thanks for it - the precious, sinless blood of Christ

b.     Remember it brought us the New Testament - Salvation

c.     Drink it


IV.   Conclusion - Sing a Hymn


Pastor Craig Ledbetter
Bible Baptist Church Blarney

29 Westcourt Heights

Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland