How To Have Spiritual Heart-Burn!

What The resurrection of Jesus Christ Can Do IN You!

Luke 24:13-34


I.      Introduction and Background (Luke 23:44-24:12)


A.    The Death of Christ (23:44-46)

B.    The Burial of Christ (23:50-53)

C.    The Resurrection of Christ (24:1-12) - Just as He said He would!

D.    The Confusion!


1.     This changed everything! This just threw everyone for a loop!

2.        They were coping very well with a funerial, but when the body shows up missing, it is just over the top!

3.        Instead of excitement, they were all devastated.

4.     All except for two insignificant disciples (24:32) who had left on a journey of confusion , and returned with a heart on fire!


E.     Let’s find out what was it that set their hearts burning!


II.    Message - How To Have Spiritual Heart Burn! (Luke 24:13-34)


A.                Consider the Crucifixion (13-15a) Never Get Over It!


1.        These two disciples were “talking”, “communing”, and “reasoning” - this was no casual driscussion, but some intense consideration (Cf scientists discussing when they face a problem vs normal people who just “go numb”)

2.     This is where the Jews had gone wrong - they had had a knowledge of the Scriptures, but they didn’t stop to consider what was going on right before them - they were totally driven by ENVY to get this innocent man out of the way (Mk 15:9,10)

3.     This is where the unsaved go wrong - they see nothing in Christ’s death other than just another travesty of justice - so what!

4.     This is where the Christian goes wrong as well:


a.     Sure they realize that Christ died, and that He died for THEM

b.     Sure they repented of their sin, and trusted Christ alone

c.     But, they don’t hunger to know just what Christ did to pay for their freedom - very selfish attitude!


5.     You can’t understand the power of the resurrection without understanding the events of the crucifixion

6.        Don’t tell me you don’t like thinking about the crucifixion - Most people would rather watch horrible deaths on TV that are fake, and unreal, instead of know the truth about the cross!


B.    Realize Your Blindness to the Real Jesus of this Bible (15,16)


1.        These disciples had Christ still in the tomb, and therefore, when they saw Him, they WOULDN’T recognize Him!

2.        Remember - the last time they saw Him, He was just a mangled peice of flesh barely hanging on the cross

3.        People come to this Bible, and to God having already made up their minds about what they will find - highest form of bigotry

4.     If you want a burning heart for God, then realize that you DON’T know it all, and that you need to come to this Book EMPTY - let it and IT alone provide the answers!

5.     If you come with your own prejudices, you will miss Christ!


C.    Share What You DO Know About the Lord Jesus (17-24)


1.        Even though these two disciples knew very little about the Lord, at least they were willing to share it, to express what they DID know with someone else WHO HADN’T heard!

2.     You don’t have to know a lot, to know enough! People would give their right arm to be able to have a whole Bible, and to be in a meeting like this, and to know what “little” that you think you know! Why don’t you go and SHARE what you DO know!!!?

3.     Be real and honest with the people that you deal with - they can “read” you already, so why try and act differently than you believe

4.     Go as far as you can with what you know, and let God take over from there!


D.    Accept Rebuke from the Lord (25-27)


1.        Question: Who was the one rebuking? But did they know that it was Jesus? Did they know this man at all? Yet they accepted rebuke from Him! Gone is the humble attitude!

2.        Issue: People hate to be humbled! But if you want a hot and burning heart for the Lord, then get off your “high-horse” and start accepting your medicine!


a.     Called “fools”- have you ever allowed anyone to call you that?

b.     Slow of heart to believe - too skeptical toward God

c.     Not just slow to believe, but slow to believe ALL that is written - this ENTIRE Book (easy to believe in “love your neighbour as yourself,” but a lot harder to believe it all)


E.     Look For Fellowship with Christ, not just Each Other (28-31)


1.     Real Bible preaching will produce a desire by the Christian to get away and get alone with their Saviour instead of their friends!

2.        Notice that Jesus “made as though he would go on further” to see if they REALLY wanted Him around!

3.        Most people are glad to get rid of anything that has to do with Him

4.     But the person who yearns for a burning heart for God yearns for time WITH God - “ABIDE with us” (John 15:7)

5.     Not just time on Sunday, or even once a day for 5 or 10 minutes in their Quiet Time, but throughout the day

6.        Take the time to “dine” with your Lord!


F.     Start Living the Different Life that God Gave You (32-34; 2 Cor 5:17) -


1.     Quit waiting for something to happen - something already has - it is GOD now who is waiting on YOU to get living (John 10:10)!!!

2.     Be Mature - start STANDING instead of just “leaning” on Christ

3.        Prioritize your life around a living Saviour (33a)

4.     Get with some other Christians faithfully (33b) - we need Church, group Bible Study - just about ruined by these cults today!

5.        Encourage other Christians to believe God’s promises - that He CAN be trusted. There is nothing like a new Christian who just believes God! Some of you “old timers” have grown cold - it is great to get back to just believing God and His word!


III.   Conclusion - How To Have a Burning Heart for God!


A.    Never Get Over the Crucifixion - Ponder, Consider it, Understand it!

B.    Set Out to Get to Know the Real Jesus of this Bible- Not of “TIME”

C.    Share What You DO Know About the Lord Jesus - Be busy passing on what you do know to those who may be very religious, but know NOTHING of the Christ of this BOOK! There is nothing like a little soul-winning to set your own heart a flame for God!

D.    Accept Rebuke from the Lord - Seek to be Correcyed so that you can be exactly what HE wants you to be! Keep humble. A humble heart burns best!

E.     Look For Fellowship with Christ, not just Each Other - set aside a time to have a Quiet Time with Christ EVERY day and ABIDE!

F.     Start Living the Different Life that God Gave You - Be bold and courageous enough to forget about the things that don’t matter, and start living for the things that do matter, now that you serve a Living Saviour! God only gives a burning heart to those who will use it - He will not waste His time otherwise!


Pastor Craig Ledbetter
Bible Baptist Church Blarney

29 Westcourt Heights

Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland