A True Portrait of The Crucifixion

What Did Christ’s Death Really Look Like?

Isaiah 53:1-11

I.      Introduction - Matt 27:24-36


A.    The Roman soldiers have just sat down in front of the cross and begun watching the three men hanging there, to see how it all comes out (like a boxing match) - they already know, but there is something special about the Man in the middle. So they wait, and they watch. Let’s find out what they see!

B.    If there is something that this world needs this time of the year, it is a true picture of what happened at this “place of a skull!”


II.    Message - A True Portrait of The Crucifixion (Isaiah 53:1-11)


There are Three Views of the Cross - Three Dimensions


A.    Our View (53:1-3) - The View from the Ground


1.        People See The Events as Unbelievable (53:1) - Astonishing


a.     The Scriptures of the Old Testament reported the events BEFORE they ever took place - and no one believed them

b.     The same Scriptures in the New Testament reported the same, and still no one could believe it

c.     All across this globe, people declare the Gospel, and you have to ask yourself: Who is believing this “report” anymore? It is just TOO unbelievable - too horrifying if true!


2.        People Saw The Man as Undesirable (53:2; 52:13-14) - There just was nothing about Him that was fantastic, or brilliant


a.     Either in Life - No form, comeliness, or beauty (Luke 4:28-30). Jesus was not this “gorgeous hunk of a man,” but rather a simple carpenter, who worked hard all His life, who cared about and served people, who had nothing going for Him other than God! No prosperity, no material success!

b.     Or in Death (52:13,14) - We are dealing with the crucifixion!


1)        Visage - Outward appearance

2)        So marred - ruined, destroyed, ripped-apart from the beatings, whippings, mockings, and now the crucifixion!


3.        People Saw The Death as Unimportant (53:3,4)


a.     No one really cared then, nor NOW - “despised and rejected”

b.     To people, He was only a man of sorrows - well acquainted with grief - a loser as far as people measured!

c.     People turned away, hiding their faces- as if they didn’t notice

d.     No matter for what reason, people thought that the crucifixion was all because HE deserved it!

B.    Christ’s View (53:5-9) - The View from the Cross


1.     He was Concerned only with Us (53:5)- He had ME on His Heart!


a.     But it was US who deserved the judgment of God - don’t ever forget this! WE are the sinners in need of Christ!

b.     Make the Bible personal - put your name in vs 5

c.     He was not just interested in a few sheep - but with ALL (John 3:16)

d.     He definitely was not concerned with Himself


2.     He was busy Clearing Us of every sin (53:5,6)


a.     A spiritual healing - More important than any physical one

b.     Talking about FORGIVENESS - the sins were transferred from sinful mankind, one at a time, to a sinless Saviour! And He saw it all coming, and endured both the sin, and the punishment for the sin - EACH and EVERY one!


3.     He was Confident of winning Us (53:7,8,9) He had come to WIN!


a.     In spite of ALL the sin, and ALL the judgment...

b.     “Yet...” He didn’t say a word! He didn’t defend Himself - It wouldn’t have done any good for the rest of us then!

c.     He wouldn’t let anyone defend Him - He was going in, and was going into the battle ALONE!

d.     He did not call on His Father to intervene - His father couldn’t - if any of US were to be saved!!!

e.     He knew it all would work! Even though He ended up dead - you see, DEATH is not the END! Even then, God can raise you back up! Oh I wish you could get this! Rom 8:37!!!


C.    God’s View (53:10,11) - The View from Heaven


1.     God was Pleased, Satisfied, and Singing - Why?


a.     Our sins were now completely paid for - somebody had to pay for them:


1)        Sin is STILL sin (going against GOD) - we have the devaluation of sin today, and it is wicked!

2)        God still keeps the record and still demands full payment

3)        So, Christ Jesus paid for EVERY last one

4)        That is, unless YOU want to try and pay yourself?!


b.     What Satan had destroyed through a man in the Garden at a tree - Christ had now restored fully, just outside of a garden, on a tree!

c.     God had His eyes on His Son (“his seed”), and not on us anymore! He had made His Father PROUD (53:10)!

d.     Sinners had direct access BACK to God - “justified!”

e.     There was singing in heaven once again - there had not been since the creation! But now, it would never stop (Luke 15:7)!


III.   Conclusion - What Should We Do Now?


A.    If you have now seen the View from the Ground, the View from the Cross, and the View from Heaven, you can’t just leave here the SAME

B.    If you are not saved? See that Christ is your ONLY hope - He alone is SAVIOUR! Will you let Him save you today?

C.    If you are born-again? Stop looking for God to be a Genie, and starting living your life as a servant for such a great Saviour! You are FREE because of Christ! Don’t go back under the bondage of sin - the very sin that He died to pay for!!!

D.    If you are not sure? Don’t wait until it is too late! Don’t put off turning to the Saviour and repenting of your sins, and asking for salvation - complete forgiveness - all because of Christ!!!


Pastor Craig Ledbetter
Bible Baptist Church Blarney

29 Westcourt Heights

Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland