Terms of Endearment

Learning to Be Who We Ought to Be

Colossians 4:6-15

DATE: 6 Feb, 2000   PM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (Philp 4:1; 2Pet 3:11)


A.      Terms of Endearment are words that show our love and affection

B.       Biblical Christianity has a whole different language than the world


1.        Not a secretive, obscure language

2.        But a different language especially about ourselves, and our Lord

3.        A language that does not curse, or use foul-language, but rather edifies, and blesses the hearer

4.        And it begins when we realise the blessing that is gathered right here!


C.       The New Testament Christian Church is a FAMILY! We are to be closer than blood-kin, because of the blood of Christ!

D.      How should we speak of one another? How should we address each other? What kind of persons ought we to be?


II.       Message - Terms of Endearment (Colossians 4:6-15)


A.      True Yoke-Fellow (Philp 4:3) A real friend and companion


1.        That's what we need to be - to each other - not good-time Charlies!

2.        Gets into the yoke of life with you!

3.        Jesus does that first (Mt 11:28-30)

4.        We ought to do that with each other!


B.       Look at Tychicus


1.        A Beloved brother - one of the greatest blessings of being saved is the family of God (1Jn 3:1)! With brothers and sisters - all adopted!


a.       When Saul of Tarsus got saved, guess what Ananias called him Acts 9:10-17)? Brother! He had been his enemy, and was known as a murderer, and killer, and hunter, and torturer - but now Saul (Paul) was his brother! WOW! God can do great things - AMEN!

b.       Phoebe was known as a sister (Rom 16:1)

c.       We need to get our hearts right so that we have this kind of a close relationship with each other (1Jn 3:13-16) - greatly loved


2.        A Faithful minister - not a pastor, or preacher, but a care-er. Someone who spiritually cares for others, and does it faithfully, dependably, consistently. To help out on occasion does not cut the mustard so to speak!

3.        A fellow-servant in the Lord - my companion in service to Christ!


a.       Here is the great Apostle Paul saying that Tychicus was on the same level as he was - just a fellow servant in the Lord's work

b.       To be known as a fellow-servant meant you were three things:

1)       A servant of the Lord (Rom 1:1; Acts 13:1)

2)       A servant of others

3)       A servant WITH Christians - a team - not lone rangers, serving "alone" - pride in operation - trying to make a name!


4.        A Comforter - like Barnabas - Consoler


a.       Tychicus was a comfort to be around, and to listen to

b.       So was Titus, and most of the Christians Paul lists, here, and in Romans 16, and Philp 4

c.       To say it is such a spiritual comfort, and blessing to be around someone is a great testimony to their walk with the Lord!


C.       Meet Onesimus (Cf the Book of Philemon)


1.        A Faithful and Beloved Brother (Cf Pr 20:6; Eph 1:1). Here was a run-away slave, who Paul had led to Christ. He had shed the label "runaway" and become known as a faithful and beloved brother. Someone that Paul counted dear until him

2.        An Explainer - He and Tychicus were well capable of making things known, and clear, and plain. Paul evidently loved and entrusted Onesimus with the task of keeping people informed of God's work (1 Pet 3:15)


D.      Aristarcus - a Fellowprisoner (4:10)


1.        This is a hard name to embrace and want to have. Paul's life, and that of the sold-out Christian is not a normally envious one (2Cor 11:22-28).


a.       Meant that Aristarcus was there with Paul in the darkest of nights - in the prison with him - not just a Christian spectator - but a team member

b.       A fellow-prisoner actually wears your shoes with you as you serve the Lord - like a marriage is supposed to be - sorry to the feminists - it is two captives to a new life that could take you anywhere, always having time for one another, and wearing the other's shoes (Heb 13:3)!


2.        Silas was a fellow-prisoner with Paul (Acts 16). Probably not by desire, but by default - it comes with the territory sometimes (Mk 13:9; Acts 5:17-21),

3.        To become a fellowprisoner, you first had to become known as a fellowsoldier (Philp 2:25) - determined to fish, plough, plant, fight, contend, pray, and battle for souls, and for right (2Tim 2:1-4)!!!


E.       Marcus - Profitable (4:10; 2Tim 4:10-12)


1.        Do people meet you and get benefited by talking with you, and hearing from you (Eph 4:29)? Or do people get drained?

2.        To be profitable means that you go out of your way spiritually to make their day.

3.        This is John Mark who wanted to be a help, but was not strong enough to be there fore others yet - he still needed some growing. But there came a day where he was all profitable to Christians, and to the lost!


F.       Jesus, called Justus (4:11) - the righteous, the Saint of God


1.        Here was a Jew, that gotten saved, and was standing with Paul

2.        This man had come to be known as Justus - righteous

3.        Not known as the sinner - couldn't with a name like Jesus!!!


G.       Epaphras - a servant of Christ (4:12,13)


1.        Even though he served Paul (Cf 1 Kgs 19:21)

2.        Even though he served many many others


a.       In fervent prayers

b.       In zeal, and excitement


3.        He was just serving the Lord (Col 3:23;) - a great example to…


a.       Wives - do everything as to the Lord (Col 3:18)

b.       Husbands - do everything in your home as Christ does to his church (Col 3:19)

c.       Children - do everything so to please YOUR Lord too (Col 3:20)

d.       Workers - do everything as a servant to the Lord (Col 3:22)

e.       Bosses - do everything as if Jesus was working for you


H.      Luke - the beloved Physician (4:14)


1.        Luke was a doctor. But he was known as the beloved physician

2.        Whatever you are, be beloved


a.       A beloved engineer, accountant - use your talents for others

b.       A beloved husband, wife

c.       A beloved church member


III.     Conclusion - How do we Become What God Intends for us to be?


1.        True Yoke-Fellow - a real companion at all times!

2.        A Beloved brother - Get into the family of God - be born again!

3.        A Faithful minister - start caring for one another, and for the lost - CARE, LOVE, have COMPASSION!

4.        A fellowservant in the Lord - have to commit yourself to teamwork. Serving the Lord; Serving others; Serving WITH Christians - a team

5.        A Comforter - be a help, and blessing

6.        A Faithful and Beloved Brother - focus on the faithful part again - one of the greatest marks of Christianity is faithfulness, dependability of us

7.        An Explainer - Study to have answers

8.        A Fellowprisoner - A fellow-prisoner actually wears your shoes with you as you serve the Lord. To become a fellowprisoner, you first had to become known as a fellowsoldier - determined to fight for right!!!

9.        Profitable - To be profitable means that you go out of your way spiritually to make their day.

10.     Jesus, called Justus - the saint! Saint Paul, Saint means righteous!!!

11.     A servant of Christ - serving in prayer, and zeal

12.     The beloved Physician - Whatever you are, be beloved - be loved!