When Jesus Increases in Your Life

What Happens As a Christian Magnifies the Lord

John 3

DATE: 21 Jan, 2001   PM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (John 3:23-36, 30)


A.      Introduction: In Matt. 11:1, Jesus said that "among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist." One of the reasons for his greatness, I believe, was his attitude, expressed in our text, when he said of the Lord Jesus, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

B.       That was not only a statement of the transition between the ministries of John and the Lord, but it was also a statement of John's perception of his Lord and of himself.

C.       The Psalmist wrote by inspiration of God, Psalms 34:3 O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.

D.      Actually, you and I cannot make the Lord any bigger or greater than He already is, EXCEPT ... in our own sight! A magnifying glass doesn't affect the actual size of its subject. It just affects the perception of the beholder!

E.       When we perceive how great the Lord Jesus Christ really is, we will perceive how small, sinful, and insignificant we really are. When the Lord increases in your life, you and everything else will become smaller. Let me mention a few things that will decrease when Jesus increases in YOUR life:


1.        Pride

2.        Personalities

3.        Possessiveness

4.        Pollution – not world pollution, but the pollution OF the world in me!


II.       Message – When Jesus Increases in your Life


A.      Pride Will Decrease (John 1:27). One of the greatest marks of the change that takes place at salvation, is the demotion of self, and accomplishment


1.        What is self like? The “I”


a.       It is what Eve thought of when she disobeyed God – couldn’t live without “it”

b.       It is what Adam thought of when he disobeyed God – couldn’t live without “her”

c.       It is what religion is all about – making ME feel better

d.       Salvation is about pleasing God, and I get blessed as a by-product


2.        So, what about my pride, decreases as Jesus increases?


a.       Pride in self will decrease – talk less and less about myself, and my thoughts, and my wishes – man, just learn to be quiet (1Thes 4:11)

b.       Pride in our speech will decrease


1)       Most people live by their ability to smooth talk others

2)       Impressing on a job interview

3)       Smoothing-talking a date

4)       Selling stuff

5)       A Christian let’s God’s word do the talking. That’s what PREACHING is – the proclaiming what God says!


c.       Pride in our own sanctification (holiness) will decrease


1)       People won’t boast about their spirituality

2)       A person’s spirituality is revealed by their acknowledging the power, and grace of God for sinners such as we (1Ti 1:15)


B.       Personalities Will Decrease (Ps 8:3,4; 1Cor 3:1-7)


1.        You will see men as dead in their sins - Eph. 2:1 – it will cause you to overlook a lot of problems between you and others

2.        You will see men as dependent upon the Saviour - Jn. 15:5 – even Christians, who are STILL constantly needing Jesus – that’s why we got saved

3.        You will see Christians as drawing from the Spirit of God - 1 Cor. 12:4-6


a.       They may not be drawing regularly, or faithfully

b.       But they all are now living by his Spirit

c.       And if you are as well, you would do well to over-look personalities, and focus on YOURSELF having the mind of Christ


C.       Possessiveness Will Decrease (1John 2:15,16)


1.        You will see possessions as temporary – quite making them your joy, your goal, your life (materialism)

2.        You will see possessions as temptations – guard against THINGS

3.        You will see possessions as tools - To serve the Lord


a.       Like your family – work as a team to win the world

b.       Like your job – use it for God’s glory

c.       Like your car – use it for God

d.       Like your computer – use if for God


D.      Pollution Will Decrease (Isa 6:1-5)


1.        Not talking about oil or air pollution

2.        But instead, the pollution of the world in me! By magnifying the Lord in your life


a.       You will have a greater consciousness of sin in your life (light reveals things that darkness covered)

b.       You will have a greater confession of sin (wanting to be clean, and stay clean)

c.       You will have a greater cleansing of sin – The more Jesus has of you, the better He cleans up your life


III.     Application – How to Make Jesus Bigger in our Lives


A.      Hear Him (John 3:31-34) – everyday – memorise Scripture

B.       Love Him (3:35) – spend time just loving Him


1.        This is where so many of us don’t make it

2.        We only use words, and not our hearts

3.        O love the Lord (Ps 31:23)


C.       Follow Him – implicitly (3:36) – “believe ON Him” means:


1.        Obey EVERYTHING he says – stop cherry-picking

2.        Live like He commands, not what is convenient

3.        Not on again off again, but faithfully


D.      And watch as the following starts dropping away from your life


1.        Pride

2.        Personalities

3.        Possessiveness

4.        Pollution