What God Wants To Do In the Life of the Christian

Hebrews 10:16-25


I.      Introduction - Ps 37:23,24


A.    The steps of a Christian’s life are not based upon “do as you please”

B.    There is a definite pattern, and plan behind the life that God has for the Christian - and it is such a way, that the true Christian without hesitation DELIGHTS in the way that God lays out!

C.    Why? Because the same Saviour that died in their place to save them, wants to USE them in this life as well! God not only gave eternal life at the cross, but a real life NOW!

D.    The question is: What does that life consist of? What is it that God would want to do in this life of mine and your? Let’s find out!


II.    What God Wants To Do in the Life of the Christian (Heb 10:16-25)


A.    He Wants to Get His Word, Into your Life (10:16)


1.     God went to a lot of effort to get His very words onto paper, and into the hands of people all over this planet. But, it is not enough to have it on paper, or even in someone’s hands. He wants it IN the hearts! For only there does it have the desired effect!

2.     God wants a truly LIVING Bible (2 Cor 3:2,3). EVERY Christian a walking talking living word of God! Not just the pastor! My purpose is solely to show you how to get into that Book

3.        Why? What will this old Book do for you?


a.     It will save your soul (1 Pet 1:23)

b.     It will keep you from sin! That’s what you try and enable your children to do - stay away from sin and trouble - That’s God’s desire (“Be ye holy as I am holy!”)

c.     It will change your life


1)        Make you more and more like Jesus Christ!

2)        Give you peace (Ps 119:165), courage, comfort, joy

3)        Give you a real purpose


d.     It will effect the world around you - save your family, neighbours, co-workers, friends! If you will let it have you!!


B.    He Wants To Get You Over Your Sin (10:17,18)


1.        When a person trusts Christ to have paid for ALL their sin - it's because:


a.     They find out that they are going to hell! Do you understand? Rom 6:23! Sin kills!

b.     They find out that they don’t deserve heaven

c.     They find out that they NEED a Saviour! From our sin!


2.     So, we REPENTED of our sin, so that we could be saved - God’s not going to save someone who doesn’t WANT to be saved!!!

3.     God then forgives, but more importantly FORGETS! AMEN!

4.        There is no more need for payment (10:11-14) - don’t try and make up a religious system that has to keep paying for sins!

5.        Here’s the problem: Once a person has gotten saved/forgiven


a.     Don’t hold onto it! God doesn’t want the Christian “holding onto” the sin that was killing him or her!

b.     Don’t miss the old sin (2 Cor 5:17) - let it all go! That was the problem with the children of Israel coming out of Egypt - they came out of Egypt, but Egypt had not come out of them!

c.     And, don’t let the devil get you to constantly worrying about your sin - God doesn’t worry about it! You can’t remind Him about your sin - HE DOES NOT REMEMBER IT! AMEN!


C.    He Wants To Get You On Your Knees - Teach You How To Pray (10:19-22) - Really pray!


1.        Most people treat God as one of two ways:


a.     As an emergency surgeon at the casualty - I need help NOW!

b.     As a genie - I want this, this, and this, and oh yeah, that too!


2.     God so desires to develop each Christian’s prayer life into a walk:


a.     God made a way right to Him - where God dwells

b.     He made it by means of the shed blood of Jesus

c.     It is a new and living way - always fresh, and ALIVE

d.     So, go ahead, draw near unto HIM - with your heart, BE HONEST, FULL OF FAITH, CONFIDENT, and CLEAN!

e.     Yes, Praying is “asking”, but praying is sharing every joy and heartache, every need and blessing with God your Saviour


D.    He Wants to Get You To Trust Him for Everything (10:23)


1.        Hold fast your profession - Are you trusting Him for heaven? If He can be trusted to get you to heaven, can He not be trusted for everything else that you cannot do?

2.     God is faithful - you can trust HIM! Learn to trust Him! The things going on in your life may just be to get you to learn to trust Jesus your Saviour like you have never before!!! Driving you to your knees to rely upon Him! Amen!

3.     Let God prove Himself faithful, over and over!

4.        Hold fast - don’t let your confidence in Christ waver! Let it grow! Grow in your faith, and confidence - not in self, but in Christ!

E.     He Wants To Get Us To Care About Each Another (10:24)


1.        Why is that such a foreign concept? Get off of yourself! The best therapy is OTHERS! OTHERS! OTHERS!

2.     We all have a need to be “provoked” (encouraged, compelled, prompted, pushed, “kicked”)


a.     Unto love - of each other, of God, of the LOST

b.     Unto good works - things done just for Christ - Ministering, SERVING - learn to become a servant of all!


F.     He Wants To Get You Faithful in a Church Fellowship (10:25)


1.     A Bible believing church is not built at the edge of a sword!

2.     A Bible believing church is built however by grace, through the preaching of the Gospel! Sinners getting saved the Bible way

3.     A Bible believing church is a hospital, not a fashion show!

4.        God’s church IS not meant to be INVISIBLE - what a waste! You cannot build a building without bricks that are going to be there faithfully in that building - it would be UNSAFE if bricks just came and went as they pleased! Amen? Look at 1 Pet 2:3-5!!!

5.        Don’t just look at the church-building, or at the programs for the people (are they exciting). God looks for us to be faithful to His word, and to each other! We’re here so that you can be faithful, assembling yourself with other Christians, and serve!


G.    He Wants to Get You “Hooked” on Heaven (10:25)


1.        Every day, we are closer to heaven! Exciting being a Christian!

2.     I have a home in heaven! I’m going home! How about you?

3.        What are you looking forward to? For me, it is Jesus (Heb 12:2)

4.        Heaven balances out all the heartaches, and struggles

5.        Keep your heart looking up (Ro 8:16-18)!


III.   Conclusion -


It all starts with a surrendered heart - repenting of sin, and turning to Christ Jesus for salvation! Are you saved? Saved from sin and hell?

Why not let Jesus Christ save you RIGHT NOW!

If you are saved, are you allowing God to do these things in your life?


A.    Get His Word, Into your Life - Spend time everyday in it!

B.    Get You Over Your Sin - Quite looking back, and go forward!

C.    Get You On Your Knees - Learn to pray - Really pray!

D.    Get You to Depend Upon Him for Everything

E.     Get You Caring About Each Another - Minster, Serve!!!

F.     Get You Faithful in a Church fellowship - Growing and serving!

G.    Get You “Hooked” on Heaven!