What God Does for the Christian

The Great Things that God Does in the Life of a Christian

2 Corinthians 1:3-21

DATE: 2 June, 2002   PM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction ()


A.      In 1st Corinthians, the key words are: sorrow, grief, out-of-order, rebuke

B.       In 2nd Corinthians, Paul writes using different words: comfort, conolation, praise, rejoicing, thankfulness, etc.

C.       What happened between the two books?


1.        The Christians repented and got right

2.        God started to be able to bless them again!

3.        And Paul took the time to explain what God was doing


D.      These are things God wants to do in every life – but can only do it in the life of someone who is saved

E.       The world throws


1.        Sorrow our way

2.        Weakness

3.        Sadness

4.        Failures


F.       God makes up for it all 100 times more than we can imagine


II.       Message


A.      He Comforts Us (2Cor 1:3,4)


1.        Where would you be without the comfort of God?

2.        I love the comfort of


a.       The word of God – written to ME, and for ME!

b.       The mercy of God (Mic 7:18) – I should have been discarded!

c.       The Holy Spirit of God – there is a wonderful PERSON in my life

d.       The people of God – they are part of God’s balm – they have the ability to know what you are going through because if they are honest, they either have already been through


3.        I know that God shall wipe away all tears in heaven, but I have learned to allow Him to wipe some away here as well!

4.        Notice the comfort is not always the keeping you out of troubles, but the giving of comfort IN the troubles

5.        How to be comforted


a.       Stay in place – don’t run from the tribulations – He is the Lily IN the valley

b.       Shut up – LET the peace of God rule in your heart (Col 3:15)

c.       Start praising – God inhabits the praises of His people – quit complaining!

d.       Draw from the well that Jesus placed in you (Jn 4)

6.       Why is this so important? In this search of the Scriptures for encouragement in adversity, we have found three main facts: ( 1 ) that adversity is inevitable but that (2) adversity is invaluable, and (3) that adversity is not invincible.


a.      Out of Joseph's imprisonment came the preservation of a nation.

b.      Out of John's imprisonment emerged the book of Revelation.

c.      Out of Paul's imprisonment flowed the highest revelation of the Scriptures-the prison epistles.

d.      Out of Bunyan's imprisonment came Pilgrim's Progress.

e.      Truly, they were more than conquerors, even though captives. So, likewise, we shall find that although adversity is inevitable, it is invaluable, and that it is not invincible because we are, literally,… "more than conquerors through him that loved us" (Rom. 8:37).


7.       That comforts me!


B.       He Challenges Us (2Cor 1:4-9)


1.        To Endure times of sufferings – hardships (Jn 16:33)


a.       Go on through the tribulations, burdens – they are part of the work

b.       The harder the trial, the more grace there is to get you through


2.        To Trust completely and confidently in the Lord to get you through

3.        To be there for others – not just enjoy the blessings on yourself


a.       There are plenty of people going through bad times

b.       We need to remember it is but for the grace of God that any of us are not in the hospital dying of cancer!

c.       If God has EVER comforted you, then He did it so that you can be there for Him to use to be a blessing to someone else!


4.        To Rejoice – notice Paul’s whole attitude


a.       In the troubles of life

b.       He enjoys some things


1)       God’s comfort – he gets excited about taking the joy he got from God, and giving it away to someone else who may need it

2)       He enjoys the ABUNDANCE of the consolation, the comfort

3)       He enjoys the fact that when he gets through tough times, it encourages so many others!


5.        To have Confidence – none of this is hit and miss


a.       He is confident about God’s hand in his life

b.       He knows that the things were for good

c.       He allows the events to make him a better Christian – instead of running from it


6.        Notice what we could end up facing being (1:8) pressed out of measure – think you are going to die!

7.        But because of Calvary


a.       A Christian is already dead – died the day we trusted Jesus

b.       No longer trusted in themselves (2Cor 3:5)

c.       But in God that raises back up the dead – I.E., Even if a Christian dies and it seems like a failure, God will raise them up and give the victory!


C.       Commits Himself to Us (2Cor 1:10, 19) In two ways:


1.        By conquering death and sin


a.       By delivering us once and for all from so great a death – hell – the penalty of sin

b.       By delivering us right now from the power of sin

c.       By delivering us one day from the very presence of sin


2.        By giving us ALREADY the fulfilment of ALL God’s promises in Jesus Christ (1Jn 5:12)!


D.      Stablishes Us – Secures Us (2Cor 1:21) – stabilizes us – steadies us


1.        It’s no good to be up on a rock when there is nothing holding you against the winds, and even the earthquakes

2.        Jesus HOLDS us tight (Jn 10:27-29)

3.        To stablish is to root us IN Him


E.       Anoints Us – this is the setting of us aside for special use


1.        Like putting perfume on someone – for a special reason

2.        Aaron was anointed high priest

3.        David was anointed king

4.        Prophets were anointed to preach

5.        Christians are anointed to soul-win

6.        Sunday School teachers are anointed to teach

7.        Godly dads and moms are anointed to lead their families

8.        WE HAVE AN ANOINTING by the Holy Spirit’s presence

9.        Let’s keep ourselves PURE for that purpose


F.       Seals Us – in Himself – a LOCK-TIGHT relationship! Never will we be apart (Heb 13:5).

G.       Tantalises Us


1.        Gave us just the first taste of the Holy Spirit

2.        Gives us just a taste of heaven here right now

3.        It is like a sweet smell – and Mom saying get out of the kitchen and wait till you are called!


III.     Application and Conclusion


A.      In light of all that God does for us since saving us

B.       What should we be doing? – taking what God has done for us and extending it beyond us!


1.        Supporting Each Other – that what makes us a church


a.       Comforting each other – you will not notice the comfort of God on your life until you attempt to comfort someone else

b.       Challenge each other – quite tearing down everything that God is trying to do in us – gossip, back-biting, bad attitudes

c.       Commit yourself to the work of God, AND the people in the work


2.        Stand by Faith – that’s what makes us Christian


a.       Trusting that God is and will stablish you solidly in your place of service for Him

b.       Trusting His anointing, His enablement

c.       Trusting the work of the Holy Spirit in your life sealing you so that you can’t do too much wrong now that you have been made right!

d.       Asking and yielding to God’s filling in your life