What Can’t Go Wrong!

The Eternal Security of a Christian


DATE: 16 June, 2002  PM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.                     Introduction ()


A.      There are a lot of things that can go wrong in life

B.       Murphy’s law is still in operation – what can go wrong, will go wrong

C.       But there are some things that can never go wrong for the Christian

D.      Satan has stolen the joy of Christians for too long by getting them to look on things that CAN go wrong, so that they miss the eternal things that can never go wrong, and totally outweigh everything else!

E.       Things that DO go wrong


1.        Our plans – can’t guarantee anything to work these days

2.        Our health

3.        Our imaginations

4.        Our families

5.        Our


II.       Message


A.      Your Saviour Can’t Go Wrong (Gen 18:25)


1.        Jesus will always be faithful – ever the same (Heb 13:8)

2.        He ever liveth to protect you and intercede for you and love you and He will never stop – He CAN’T stop (Heb 7:25) – He is our perpetual High Priest


B.       Your Salvation Can’t Go Wrong (Rom 8:35-39)


1.        Nothing could be plainer that salvation, obtained by surrendered faith in Jesus Christ, can never be lost or taken away

2.        A person is saved by grace through faith only (Eph 2:8,9) – not works

3.        A person is therefore kept by grace- and we live by faith only

4.        Jesus said in John 3:16, that “whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” What could be plainer

5.        When a person gets born again, they have passed already from death unto life (Jn 5:24) – no need to wait until heaven

6.        AND there is NO MORE CONDEMNATION (Rom 8:1)

7.        Salvation is a work of God, and it is not flawed, or imperfect, or in need of ANY help (Jn 10:27-30) – all you need is to just receive it (Jn 1:11,12)

8.        It is eternal


C.       Your Scriptures Can’t Go Wrong (Mt 24:35)


1.        Settled, fixed in heaven (Ps 119:89)

2.        true from the very first verse (Ps 119:160)

3.        Written by the Holy Spirit

4.        Under constant attack by the devil (2Cor 2:17)

5.        Preserved by God Himself

6.        They are eternal

7.        Now,


a.       You may get the wrong idea from the Scriptures

b.       People may start entire religions based on wrong approaches to the Bible – i.e., the JW’s, the Charismatics, etc.

c.       But the Scriptures are not wrong, and they will never go wrong

d.       And by study, and allowing yourself to be wrong, you will never go wrong with this Book!


D.      Your Standing Can’t Go Wrong (Rom 8:14-18)


1.        Your are His Child – born again into His family

2.        You are an heir – in line to receive inheritance

3.        Your inheritance IS related to your faithfulness, but not your relationship

4.        You cannot be spiritually aborted

5.        AND, you cannot die – your standing as a member of God’s family is fixed for all eternity!


E.       Your Sins Can’t Go Wrong (Heb 10:17, 14)


1.        There is no sin that Christ didn’t die for and completely pay off

2.        There is nothing you will do that God didn’t already know that you were going to do, that he didn’t already take care of – you can’t surprise God

3.        Your past is under the blood

4.        Your present is under the blood

5.        Your future is under the blood

6.        The only things that are not under the blood is


a.       Your conscience – it has to be placed their daily

b.       Your flesh – mortify it – put it on the cross, and plead the blood over your will and works

c.       This world – you can’t cleanse it, so you have to keep yourself cleansed


F.       Your Soul Can’t Go Wrong


1.        The flesh, the body is all wrong (Rom 7:18; Philp 3:21)

2.        The soul that sinneth – it shall die (Ezek 18:4)

3.        Salvation separated the soul from the flesh (Col 2:10-14)

4.        Your flesh will die, but your soul is secure


III.     Conclusion