Some Things to Be Zealous About

Where is the Shout in Christianity Today?

Galatians 4:18

DATE: 2 Apr, 2000   PM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (Gal 4:18) - A Bible Study Tonight


A.      It is good to be zealous for the Lord

B.       To be zealous means full of excitement, and energy in what we do for Him. Enthusiastic, passionate, even fanatical


1.        We used to pour all our energy into the world's kind of "life"


a.       Whether it was religion (Rom 10:1,2; Acts 22:1-3)

b.       Or it was fulfilling lust of the flesh - sports, and even spiritual gifts (1Cor 14:12)


2.        But, when we got saved, we then put all our energy into reading our Bible, and getting out to church, and learning in a Bible Study the wonderful truths of God (Josh 6:16,20)

3.        But then, for most of us, we started to fade - we lost our "zeal"


C.       The Lord has Zeal (2 Kings 19:31; Isa 9:7)

D.      Tonight, I am calling upon ALL of us to put the FIRE back into our walk with God - a right attitude back into motion (2Kings 10:16). Five things we need to be zealous about


II.       Message - Some Things to Be Zealous About (Galatians 4:18)


A.      Be Zealous About Getting and Staying Right (2Cor 7:11; Rev 3:14-19)


1.        Corinth put zeal into their determination to get right

2.        And Paul was amazed! Amen!

3.        The church at Laodicea was luke-warm - no zeal! God called them to have zeal about getting right… OR ELSE! AMEN!

4.        We need zeal back in our


a.       Prayer life

b.       Church time - not allowing anything to interfere

c.       Bible reading and study

d.       Repentance - fervently pray (Jam 5:16)!


B.       Be Zealous About Church-Wide Maturity (1Cor 14:12; Ps 69:9; Jn 2:17)


1.        For everyone to grow up

2.        For us all to produce fruit

3.        For us all to reflect Christ by our lives - leads to my next point

4.        It begins when we all begin to take this Book seriously


a.       Not an option - truth is not an option!

b.       Not an opinion

c.       We all need to be different than we are - to grow up (Eph 4:11-15)


C.       Be Zealous About Good Works (Titus 2:14; Eph 2:8-10)


1.        Works of righteousness - zealous about doing right, and good, when it is more fun to do wrong!


a.       Excited about being early and on time for work

b.       Excited about paying your bills

c.       Excited about ministering to someone's need


2.        Works that count for eternity


a.       Works in the home


1)       Raising our kids with zeal

2)       Loving your mate


b.       Works in our church


1)       Teaching SS with zeal

2)       Cleaning Sat evening WITH ZEAL

3)       Praying on Sat evening with ZEAL

4)       Loving each other with great excitement - realizing what we have here (1 Pet 4:8)!


c.       Good Works on the job (Eccl 9:10)


3.        Works even when you don't quite know all you need to know (Act 18:25)


D.      Be Zealous About Soul-Winning (Num 25:11,13)


1.        Fanatical should be what the world calls us

2.        Knowing the truth, and the destiny of all humans everywhere!

3.        Taking the truth and compelling people to repent (Lk 14:23)

4.        Consistent in our witnessing - make it a natural part of our walk

5.        Burdened about the lost - missions every day!


E.       Be Zealous About being Zealous (Isa 59:17; Col 3:23; Rom 12:11)


1.        It is going to take a whole lot of effort to keep our zeal bright for the Lord

2.        There are a whole lot of people just waiting for us to "return to normal" - don't give them the satisfaction by ever being "normal" again!

3.        Keep excited for the Lord - there is no better reason to be excited than Jesus!


III.     Conclusion -