The Lord is Still On His Throne

The Faithfulness of God

2 Kings 2

DATE: 13 May, 2001   AM          PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (2Kings 2:11-14)


A.      Elisha asked a very important question – Where is the Lord?


1.        After the passing of the life of a man of God like Elijah, you might be tempted to think that God left as well – that things could not go the same or better

2.        But within an instant, Elisha discovered that Elijah might have left, but God was still on His throne!


B.       Sometimes, you think He has gone on vacation, or fell asleep Ps 44:22-26)

C.       But Elisha quickly discovered that the Lord was still on His throne


1.        Came to the river Jordan, and trusted the Lord God of Elijah to split it

2.        Then went on to change a nation for God

3.        All because Elisha’s confidence was established in the faithfulness of God (Dt 7:9)


II.       Background - The Throne of God


A.      There are two thrones the Lord occupies, right now


1.        The throne in heaven (Isa 57:15)

2.        The throne in my heart (Eph 3:17) – since June 15, 1980 – and in every heart that has repented and been saved


B.       There is a third throne, that the Lord deserves


1.        The throne of all the lives of His creation (Rev 4:11)

2.        Most thrones are already occupied though! With this world, its burdens and worries, its saviours and gods


C.       Well, this world needs to be reminded, just as all of us need it too, that God is STILL on His Throne!


III.     Message – The Lord is Still on His Throne (2Kings 2 – 3)


A.      If the Lord is On His Throne, it Means, Miracles Still Happen (2:14)


1.        Two great principles


a.       James 4 – we have not because we ASK not

b.       John 15 – we haven’t yet learned how to abide in Christ


2.        God’s people should be going forward


a.       Trusting God’s ability, not their own

b.       Looking at making their life count for God – matter, make a diff


3.        We need to pray about everything, and challenge our feet to trust the Lord


a.       In going out soul-winning

b.       In fulfilling God’s call in our lives – teaching a Sunday School class, or helping with Bible Clubs, or leading the music in church - miracles

c.       In living the Christian life – not just a Joe Soap’s life!


1)       We are more than just pardoned criminals

2)       We are children of the Most high God

3)       We ought to be living like it!


B.       If the Lord is On His Throne, it Means, He Knows What He is Doing (2:15-18)


1.        God is not God by accident

2.        People want to always try and figure out God – where did Elijah go?

3.        These were prophets – yet they thought possibly a mistake had occurred, and wanted to go and find Elijah – what a sad faith!

4.        The greatest fact is, God knows what he is doing – follow HIM!


C.       If the Lord is On His Throne, it Means, There is a Job for us Still to Do (2:23 – 6)


1.        There is a generation of kids that know not the Lord – mock the man of God, and the word of God, and the throne of God

2.        There are some wicked men in government (Jehoram, Herod)

3.        There are some hurting people (4) – woman with the oil

4.        There are some Naaman’s who need to get saved (5)

5.        There are some armies to conquer (6) – by spiritual warfare – not guns!

6.        The list goes on, and on


D.      If the Lord is On His Throne, it Means, He is Busy (Rom 8:34) – on the job


1.        He is On the throne, where He is supposed to be, not on vacation (Ps 121)


a.       You think about it – God is right where you left Him!

b.       The wonder of such a Being – he is ALWAYS “there!”

c.       You can always look to Him


2.        He is working His plan


a.       Eccl 3:10

b.       Rom 8:28

c.       Gen 50:20  with Joseph in prison


3.        Ever since day one, our Lord has been busy (Col 1:16,17)


a.       We are Created, yes

b.       We are Maintained, also! We take it for granted that the Lord holds us together, our cars, our minds, our health, our futures! AMEN!


4.        Every time you pray, or when reading and studying your Bible, remember that the Lord is holding you together, sustaining you – for a purpose!


E.       If the Lord is On His Throne, it Means, He is at Rest - not worried about anything. Our Lord is certainly very busy - but he is at rest - relaxed


1.        Not worried about your sins – if they have been paid for (Isa 38:17; Ps 103:12)

2.        Not worried about the devil


a.       The devil can’t upset the Lord’s day

b.       No matter how much the devil tries, he can’t ruin God’s plan


3.        He is not worried about Christians – as much as they upset each other


a.       He fixed our disposition the moment we looked to Christ – sweet surrender – true Christians can never enjoy rebellion anymore

b.       He fixed our destination the moment we got saved – predestination

c.       He fixed our constitution – our make up


1)       He placed Jesus Christ IN us – let Him reign!

2)       He has given us His perfect word – not constant editing, and correcting – not like other writers and authors! Let it command!


4.        He is completely at rest – not pacing all of heaven’s streets. Why?


a.       Because He has taken care of everything


1)       That’s what a great God we have does

2)       He has our every answer

3)       Scratch that – He IS our every answer!


b.       Because of His so great love (Zeph 3:17)


5.        If the Lord Jesus is not worried, then neither should you be (Philp 4:6)


F.       If the Lord is On His Throne, it Means, He is Ready (Ps 86:5):


1.        Ready to save (2Cor 6:2)


a.       He was ready in the garden of Eden with two lambs

b.       He was ready in the Temple with the publican and sinner

c.       He was ready on the cross – father forgive

d.       He was ready on the day of Pentecost

e.       He is ready today!


2.        Ready to help (Heb 4:16)


a.       Doesn’t expect us to get our lives together

b.       He expects us to come always to Him

c.       He never tires of being our strength and our song


3.        Ready to guide – that cloud by day and fire by night


a.       Shown by the existence of the Bible

b.       Shown by the existence of the Holy Spirit

c.       Shown by the successes of faithful men who let God be their guide


4.        Ready to judge (1Pet 4:5) – He is ready to call it quits with individuals that don’t hear, and follow Him


G.       If the Lord is On His Throne, it Means, every person can trust Him, and look to Him, and love Him


1.        Trust Him for full pardon and forgiveness

2.        Look to Him for life, and that more abundant

3.        Love Him with all your heart – without worry, distress, or distraction